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    California NAACP Sells Out to Big Ag on Genetically Modified Foods

    When black leadership gets its legitimacy from the oppressed, but its funding from the oppressor, this is what we get. We call it the Black Misleadership Class. And why was Davey D the only black media figure we heard even asking the question? Is this the Obama phenomenon trickling down --- we don't dare question our black “representatives” because.... because.... well.... why?

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    California Prison Hunger Strikes to Resume

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    After giving California prison officials weeks to demonstrate they were serious about negotiating five core demands, inmates at Pelican Bay state prison are preparing to go on hunger strike, again. The state seems intent on expanding its regime of torture and arbitrary solitary confinement. “Prison official Scott Kernan said the system planned to expand its solitary confinement regime to include all inmates categorized as being part of any ‘disruptive group.’”

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    Down Prison Roads

    by David Bacon

    It started out as a teachers’ action, but the “March for California's Future became a march through California's prison towns.” There, in the San Joaquin Valley, the connecting links of mass incarceration and massive defunding of education, are painfully obvious. “Small agricultural towns like Delano and McFarland are filled with workers who can't find jobs, while at the same time budget cuts reduce the social services for unemployed families, and shower teachers in the local schools with pink slips.” Prisons are the only dependable employment.

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