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    Obama’s Mideast Policy Burns


    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The U.S. believes it can manipulate jihadi fighters in a holy war against the West’s enemies in the Muslim world. However, “Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza threatens to unravel the Salafist-Qatari-Saudi-NATO axis, for one simple and irreducible reason: there is no place for the racist settler state in this post-Arab Spring equation.”

    Lesson of the Arab Counter-Revolution: Syria Must Allow No Benghazis


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The Arab Spring was not allowed to get very far before the Arab Counter-Revolution pounced, first on Libya, now on Syria, to reconfigure the region by military means and, thus, make it safe for the various members of the imperial club. The Americans and their European and Arab allies are seeking Syrian territory to place under their “humanitarian” shield – a “liberated” city like Libya’s Benghazi for them to “defend.”

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    African Migrants Targeted in Libya


    from Al Jazeera

    Anti-Khadafi forces have already killed hundreds of sub-Saharan Blacks, supposed because Black “mercenaries” are fighting for Khadafi. About 1.5m Sub-Saharan African migrants work in Libya as low-paid laborers. Said one man from Mali, “"The most dangerous situation is for foreigners like us – and also us black people – because Gaddafi brought soldiers from Chad and Niger who reportedly killed Arabs."

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