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    Malcolm X’s Internationalism and the Struggle for Liberation in Haiti Today

    by Ajamu Nangwaya

    Malcolm X sought international unity among the non-white world based on the “common experience of colonialism and white supremacy.” If he were alive today, Malcolm “would encourage people outside of Haiti to stand with the people of Haiti.”

    Haiti Carnival Tragedy: What Was Planned, What Was An Accident?

    by Ezili Danto

    Even national celebrations turn out badly in occupied Haiti. Officials say a Mardis Gras electrocution accident left 17 dead, but as many as 100 are feared to have perished in panic. Haiti needs infrastructure and, most of all, the return of its national sovereignty. “But the Martelly regime prioritizes carnival drinking, dancing and singing.”

    A Barbaric Lynching In the Dominican Republic

    by Ezili Danto

    Many citizens of the Dominican Republic appear to define their national identity largely in opposition to the Blackness of Haiti, with which it shares the island of Hispaniola. Both nations have also been repeatedly invaded by the United States, whose influence has added another layer of pathology to Dominican racism: lynching.

    Haiti Continues To Resist Barack Obama Installed Dictatorship And Military Occupation

    by Ezili Danto

    Through 11 years of military occupation, the Haitian people have never stopped demanding the return of their national and human rights. “As world gas prices go down, and as the Haiti elites continue to block popular demands for sovereignty and participatory democracy, the demonstrators are boycotting businesses and agitating against the high cost of living, low wages and domestically high gas prices.”

    Black Agenda Radio – February 9, 2015

    How to Get Racism Out of the Criminal Justice System

    Michael Brown and Eric Garner died because of the actions of individual police officers, but “the broader issue is the excessive levels of contact that people of color have with the criminal justice system,” said Nazgol Ghandnoosh, research analyst for The Sentencing Project, in Washington. Ghandnoosh is author of the study, “Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System.” She said “excessive contact and excessive punishment happens at all stages” of the system, from arrest, trial, sentencing and incarceration.

    NYPD Goes Machine Gun Crazy

    Blacks and civil liberties advocates were shocked at New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton’s plans to establish a 350-man, machine-gun toting Strategic Response Group to deal with both terrorist attacks and peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Bratton has also endorsed raising the punishment for resisting arrest from a misdemeanor to a felony. Both measures are “public threats to protesters,” said Josmar Trujillo, of New Yorkers Against Bratton. If resisting arrest is made into a felony, it could act as “a checkmate” against claims of police brutality, said Trujillo, because it’s harder to sue cops for brutality when you’re facing felony charges.

    The Long Death Penalty

    “America’s prison problem isn’t going to be fixed by a few timid reforms around the edges,” said Kenneth Hartman, executive director of The Other Death Penalty Project, which advocates on behalf of the tens of thousands of men and women facing life in prison without possibility of parole. The nation must decide if it is wrong to dehumanize and torture human beings as a matter of policy, said Hartman. Nearly seven million Americans are under some form of criminal justice system control, a population larger than every U.S. city except New York.

    Remembering Phil Africa

    Memorial services were held for imprisoned Move Family member Phil Africa, who died under suspicious circumstances while serving a 30 to 100 year sentence in the 1978 death of a Philadelphia policeman. “His life is an example of true resistance,” said Pam Africa, a veteran organizer who is active with both the Move Family and the campaign to free political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Demonstrations are set for May 13 to mark the 30th anniversary of the police bombing of the Move Family home that killed 11 people, including women and children. “Stand up, continue to fight,” said Pam Africa. “We’re gonna shut this mother down” on May 13th.

    “Sweet Mickey” Should Step Down in Haiti

    U.S.-backed Haitian president Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly, who has been ruling mainly by decree, promises to hold elections by the end of the year. But, will they be free and fair? “He can’t hold even an honest carnival, much less an election,” said Kim Ives, an editor of Brooklyn-based Haiti Liberte newspaper, quoting Senator Moise Jean-Charles. Martelly was “shoe-horned” into the presidency by the United States and United Nations occupiers, in 2011. “That is why most of the opposition is calling for Martelly to step down and for the UN to leave before elections are held,” said Ives.

    Towards a Socialist South Africa!

    Irvin Jim, secretary general of South Africa’s metalworkers union, NUMSA, the nation’s largest union, recently granted a series of interviews with Paul Jay, of the Baltimore-based Real News Network. NUMSA is leading a campaign to form a genuinely socialist political party to challenge the pro-capitalist African National Congress government. “We need the full implementation of the Freedom Charter,” the 1955 document advocating collective ownership of basic industry and finance and redistribution of the country’s land, said Irvin Jim. The South African regime is becoming more repressive, he said. “We are championing the interests of the working class. Yes, there is a risk of being killed, but we can’t be preoccupied by that.”

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    Black Haitian Lives Matter: Haiti on the Fifth Anniversary of the Earthquake

    by Jesse Hagopian

    The author was a witness to the disaster that took hundreds of thousands of Haitian lives in 2010 – a catastrophe used by the U.S. as a pretext for massive military invasion. “I saw a virtual cornucopia of water and supplies piled up on the tarmac, none of it being transported to the people in need, who were seen as a threat by the US military.”

    Free Haiti: Impeach Martelly

    by Ezili Danto

    The clock is ticking for Haiti to cast off the U.S.-backed regime of Michel Martelly, who will soon rule by raw decree if he is not quickly impeached. Haiti’s senate has the “authority to indict, impeach and remove Martelly immediately to protect the population, avoid a bloodbath, reinforce democratic institutions, and assure some institutional continuity.”

    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 11/26/14

    Cornel West and Bob Avakian Dialogue at Riverside Church

    The nation’s foremost Black public intellectual shared the stage with the head of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) at New York’s historic Riverside Church. RCP leader Bob Avakian, an atheist “to the bone,” said: “The movement I envision is one in which people like Cornel and myself can walk together on the road of revolution and emancipation, uniting in struggle to bring about a world in which there will no longer be a wretched of the earth.” His “Christian revolutionary” interlocutor, Dr. Cornel West, of Union Theological Seminary, told the crowd: “This is a unique historical moment. Why? Because, historically, Black rage has always been the central threat to the status quo – not because Black people have a monopoly on truth, goodness or beauty, but because when Black folks wake up, all people who are subordinated and dominated can get in and wake up.”

    Roadblocks to Community Control of Police

    Activists have been trying to set up civilian boards to oversee police for almost 50 years, with only limited success, according to Larry Hamm, chairman of northern New Jersey’s People’s Organization for Progress (POP). “States must confer power on such boards, such as subpoena powers,” said Hamm. Would effective controls on police get through the state legislature in New Jersey and elsewhere? “I would dare say it would not. It’s gonna be a bumpy road.”

    Who Keeps Track of Killer Cops?

    The Black community lacks even the capacity to keep track of abuses committed against it by police departments across the nation, said author and activist Kevin Alexander Gray, of Columbia, South Carolina. “In the past, the NAACP in local areas was the place to report police abuse,” said Gray, an editor of the new book Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence. “Some organization needs to take on that role again. The way things are now, if a person has a complaint against the police department they’ve got to take it to – the police.”

    Haitians Protest Life Under Occupation

    Thousands demonstrated in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, last week, fueled by a variety of grievances, said Ezili Danto, of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network. “They were asking for an end to the U.S. occupation, behind UN guns and private military subcontractors; they were asking that the militarized, Ferguson-like police stop killing the people; and they were asking for mock elections not to continue in Haiti, but for real elections to be held.”

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    Transform your Global Justice Sentiments into Action to End the Military Occupation of Haiti

    by Ajamu Nangwaya

    On October 14, the UN Security Council extended the armed occupation of Haiti. The world body has been allowed to trample Haiti’s sovereignty and dignity “without significant mobilization and opposition from peace, global justice and international solidarity activists and organizations.” This article includes detailed instructions and advice on how to help end the UN’s crimes against the Haitian people.

    On October 15, the United Nations Will Fail Haiti Once AgainOn October 15, the United Nations Will Fail Haiti Once Again

    by Kevin Edmonds and Ajamu Nangwaya

    MINUSTAH’s “record of engaging in acts of extrajudicial murder, sexual assault, suppressing peaceful political protests, undermining democracy and introducing cholera into Haiti are more than enough grounds to revoke its mandate.” However, the chances that the UN Security Council will withdraw the “peacekeeper’s” mandate, are slim. The imperial powers oppose the very concept the Haitian sovereignty.

    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 10/13/14

    “Baby Doc” is Dead, But Duvalierism Lives On in Haiti Regime

    Haiti’s elite flocked to the funeral of Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier who, along with father “Papa Doc” killed probably 20,000 people, terrorized the entire population and stole half a billion dollars over a period of two generations. Duvalier died of a heart attack at age 63, “but there are many others who were involved in the actual torture and arrests and stealing who supported that brutal system,” said Brian Concannon, executive director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. “The Duvalierist system has in many ways comes back” with the current government of Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly, who was closing associated with “Baby Doc’s” terror network.

    BBC Film Implicates Rwanda’s Kagame in Assassination of Two Presidents

    A recently release BBC documentary shows that Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame’s rebel forces shot down the airplane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, in 1994, setting the stage for mass killings. “Kagame’s complicity has been known for many years by the U.S. and the UN,” said Peter Erlinder, an international lawyer who has defended Kagame’s opponents and was himself jailed by the regime for questioning the prevailing narrative, that Kagame halted the Rwandan genocide. Once in power, Kagame’s forces invaded neighboring Congo, igniting yet another genocide that has killed six million people.

    Mumia Addresses Goddard College Grads

    In 1996, while still on Pennsylvania’s death row, Mumia Abu Jamal earned his bachelor’s degree from Vermont’s Goddard College. “Goddard allowed me to really study what interested and moved me: revolutionary movements,” the nation’s best known political prisoner told the college’s graduating class. Police organizations across the country fought furiously to prevent Abu Jamal from making the commencement speech, in which he advised students to “take what you know and apply it in the real world. Help be the change you’re seeking to make.”

    New Film on 1898 Wilmington Massacre

    The last vestiges of post-Civil War Reconstruction died in the flames and carnage of Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1898, when white supremacists mounted a military assault on the city’s alliance of Black Republicans and white Populists. Hundreds of Blacks may have died, half the Black population left the city, and the last Black Reconstruction congressman fled the state. Christopher Everett hopes to complete Wilmington on Fire, his new film on these historical events, by December. He said racist Democrats carried out the massacre “to put out a signal to the rest of North Carolina that, if they can take over Wilmington, the whole state will follow.”

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    Stop the Political Persecution of Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas Once and for All

    by Danny Glover

    In a case that “reeks of political persecution,” the U.S.-backed regime in Haiti holds Jean Bertrand Aristide, the country’s only popularly elected president, under house arrest. The curtailment of Aristide’s movements is part of parcel of the denial of basic democracy to Haiti’s people since the 2004 coup, first enforced at the point of U.S. Marine bayonets, and now backed by “peacekeepers” of the United Nations.

    High Time to Build a Movement of Solidarity to End the UN’s Occupation of Haiti

    by Ajamu Nangwaya

    For ten years the people of Haiti have been subjected to foreign rule and denial of their most basic human rights. Solidarity with Haiti must be expressed in action. “We need to be nimble and swift in putting together initiatives demanding an immediate withdrawal of the UN’s army of occupation.”

    15 US Lawmakers Ask Haiti Senate to Make Way for Mock Elections

    by Ezili Dantò

    As if overthrowing Haiti’s democratically elected government and stealing the country’s sovereignty were not enough, a gaggle of U.S. congresspersons are attempting to intervene directly in Haiti’s election processes. Haitian patriots totally reject their meddling. “The people of Haiti are LOUDLY and most democratically asking for an END to the US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns.”

    Ebola, Cholera and the Epidemiology of Anti-Blackness – Or, Black Lives Don’t Matter

    by BAR editors and columnists Peter James Hudson and Jemima Pierre

    Mass Black death results from degrading diseases like cholera and ebola because the powerful white world believes Blacks deserve no better. “The response to cholera in Haiti and Ebola in West Africa has been strikingly similar”: feigned concern but substantive neglect and contempt for people brought low by historical and cotemporary global white supremacy.

    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 9/24/14

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    Obama Plans “Rebel” Assault on Damascus Under U.S. Air Cover

    The “real objective” of President Obama’s latest mobilization in the Middle East is to deploy U.S. air power to support a renewed “rebel” assault on Damascus, the Syrian capital, from the south, said veteran human rights activist Ajamu Baraka. Washington’s plan remains “to engage in regime change in Syria,” which is why it gave ISIS and other jihadist groups “the green light” to ravage that nation for the last three years. The U.S. is “playing with forces that they think they can control, but history has already proven that those forces have agendas of their own” and are not controllable, said Baraka, an editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report.

    Ohio Students Press for Federal Intervention in Police Killing of John Crawford III

    Twenty-three year-old John Crawford III was shopping at a local Wal-Mart in Green County, Ohio, examining a toy air rifle on display and talking on his cell phone, when police shot him dead, August 5. The Ohio Students Association and two other young people’s organizations, fearing a whitewash by an “old boys network,” have launched an extended campaign to compel the U.S. Justice Department to enter the case. The state attorney general was a prosecutor in Green County, as is his daughter, and the officer that shot Crawford killed another man in 2010, but was never indicted, said student organizer James Hayes. “Young people are coming of age at a time where this violence is so common, it’s predictable,” said Hayes. “We’re in this for the long haul; we’ve got our eyes on the prize.”

    U.S. Prison Population on the Rise Again

    The nation’s prison population increased slightly in 2013, after a three-year downward trend. Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, points out that the recent period of decline “only happened after nearly 40 years of record historic rises in the inmate population to more than two million people behind bars.” Three states – New Jersey, New York and California – were responsible for much of the previous decreases, with California under court order to reduce its prison population. Those who thought mass incarceration could be cured by “tinkering around the edges” of the system, were wrong, said Mauer. “This is the result of centuries of a racist history, particularly in the justice system.”

    “Rwanda Day”: Propaganda Based on Lies

    Thousands flocked to Atlanta to celebrate – or protest against – “Rwanda Day,” a yearly public relations event staged by the Rwandan government of dictator and warlord Paul Kagame. The minority, Tutsi-dominated regime and its western backers claim Kagame’s military stopped the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and then brought prosperity to the country. But the truth is far different, said Claude Gatebuke, a genocide survivor and executive director of the African Great Lakes Action Network. Rwanda’s relative prosperity is based on “billions of dollars in diamonds and coltan and other minerals stolen from” the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, where Rwandan and Ugandan troops unleashed a genocide that has claimed six million lives.

    Aristide Under House Arrest in Haiti

    Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide, who was overthrown by the U.S. in 2004, is under house arrest on orders of a judge allied with the U.S.-backed current president, Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly. The vague charges against Aristide – of stealing public funds while in office – are “completely bogus” and create a climate reminiscent of “the bad old days” under the Duvalier dictatorship, said Pierre Labossiere, co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee. Labossiere said it’s all part of a scheme to “smear Fanmi Lavalas,” Aristide’s political party, and once again “banish them from elections” – or to cancel elections altogether and allow Martelly to rule by decree.

    Mumia: The Lures of War

    The 2008 version of Barack Obama looked to many “like the antidote to the bellicosity of George W. Bush,” said Mumia Abu Jamal, the nation’s best known political prisoner. But, once in office, “the lures of war have been almost impossible to resist.” The U.S. has reportedly launched 94,000 drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. How many people have died? “We don’t know,” said Abu Jamal – and most Americans “don’t care.”

    Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. A new edition of the program airs every Monday at 11:00am ET on PRN. Length: One hour. Click here to download.

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    Haiti, Obstacles to healthcare on the frontline of HIV

    by Sokari Ekine

    Haiti’s AIDS rate has been in decline in recent decades, but extreme poverty and other forms of structural violence have put those infected on the razor’s edge of existence. The author follows the desperate lives of three families caught in the medical/social/political vortex.

    Haiti: US to Re-Write Haiti Constitution to Better Service the One Percent

    by Ezili Dantò

    When the U.S. overthrew Haiti’s government in 2004, Washington proclaimed the invasion a “humanitarian” enterprise. Now it turns out that Haiti’s earth and waters are filled with gold and oil. The U.S.-controlled World Bank has volunteered to help rewrite the Haitian constitution, to allow easier access for foreign extraction corporations. Haitians must, as always, “look out for themselves.”

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 1

    Part 1 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 2

    Part 2 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 3

    Part 3 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    U.S. Gives Haiti the Gift of Prisons

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    The United States, in its infinite kindness, is making Haiti a gift of two penal institutions. It's actually the most back-handed kind of charity. In order to keep Haiti a failed state, the occupiers deny the Haitian government funds for even the most basic functions of government: law and order.”

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    U.S. issues Haiti Travel Warning: How Dare They!

    by Malaika Kambon

    In a monumental perversion of truth and morality the U.S. warns its citizens that Haiti is a land of criminality and disease. Yet, it is the U.S. and its allies who are committing “robbery, lawlessness, the spread of infectious disease and the destruction of proper medical facilities to destroy any hope of democracy in Haiti.”

    Hundreds of Thousands Homeless in Haiti Three Years After Earthquake

    by Bill Quigley and Amber Ramanauskas

    The military occupation of Haiti could not possibly have been intended to help the Haitian people, whose material conditions have dramatically worsened under foreign rule. Most dramatically, “360,000 Haitians are still displaced and living hand to mouth in 496 tent camps across the country.” “How can a nation be expected to grow unless it leads its own reconstruction?”

    US Africa Policy Will Remain Imperialistic


    by Abayomi Azikiwe

    U.S. imperialism is escalating its aggressions around the world, especially in Africa. A system in general crisis tends to lash out in all directions.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton: “Friends of Haiti?”

    by Marty Goodman

    The Clintons’ crimes against Haiti go back two decades, making Bill singularly unsuitable to act as United Nations envoy to Haiti. “Bill’s friendly relations with Haiti’s current President Michael Martelly, who is linked to Duvalier-era thugs and their kin, is well known.”

    Bill Clinton Loves Haiti


    by Jemima Pierre

    If there’s one American export that Haiti needs no more of, it’s Bill Clinton. The former U.S. president, now the United Nations “viceroy” to Haiti, has arguably done more harm to the first Black Republic than any person in history. “It is Haiti that needs to be liberated from Bill.”

    Haiti: The Streets Come Alive


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The pace of protest in Haiti is accelerating, with demonstrations in every large city and town. Haitians demand jobs and government services, and the departure of United Nations occupation forces. “Washington’s goal is to keep Haitians desperately poor, so that they will take any job, at any wage.”

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    Don’t Blame Republicans for Obama’s Actions in Haiti


    by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

    Nobody forced President Obama to further oppress the proud people of Haiti. “Obama’s actions in Haiti prove that a Black president is as effective at preserving U.S empire and white supremacy.” Obama allowed mass murderer “Baby Doc” Duvalier to return, but he “personally called President Jacob Zuma, twice, to stop” democratically elected former president Aristide’s return from South African exile.

    Massacre at La Visite


    by Dady Chery

    In a nation that has been robbed of its sovereignty, lives can easily be stolen. When a small community stands in the way of tourism development, blood is bound to flow.

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