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    Haiti, Obstacles to healthcare on the frontline of HIV

    by Sokari Ekine

    Haiti’s AIDS rate has been in decline in recent decades, but extreme poverty and other forms of structural violence have put those infected on the razor’s edge of existence. The author follows the desperate lives of three families caught in the medical/social/political vortex.

    Haiti: US to Re-Write Haiti Constitution to Better Service the One Percent

    by Ezili Dantò

    When the U.S. overthrew Haiti’s government in 2004, Washington proclaimed the invasion a “humanitarian” enterprise. Now it turns out that Haiti’s earth and waters are filled with gold and oil. The U.S.-controlled World Bank has volunteered to help rewrite the Haitian constitution, to allow easier access for foreign extraction corporations. Haitians must, as always, “look out for themselves.”

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 1

    Part 1 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 2

    Part 2 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    Economic & Ecological Transformation of Jamaica & Haiti Pt 3

    Part 3 of Ecological & Economic Transformation in Haiti & Jamaica, a Left Forum panel discussion featuring Haitian Labor Activist Kiki Makandal, Teamsters Union 808 leader Christophe Silvera, Colia LaFayette Clark, of HUERA, and BAR contributor Pascal Robert, moderated by Cecile Lawrence, from the Green Party of New York.

    U.S. Gives Haiti the Gift of Prisons

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    The United States, in its infinite kindness, is making Haiti a gift of two penal institutions. It's actually the most back-handed kind of charity. In order to keep Haiti a failed state, the occupiers deny the Haitian government funds for even the most basic functions of government: law and order.”

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    U.S. issues Haiti Travel Warning: How Dare They!

    by Malaika Kambon

    In a monumental perversion of truth and morality the U.S. warns its citizens that Haiti is a land of criminality and disease. Yet, it is the U.S. and its allies who are committing “robbery, lawlessness, the spread of infectious disease and the destruction of proper medical facilities to destroy any hope of democracy in Haiti.”

    Hundreds of Thousands Homeless in Haiti Three Years After Earthquake

    by Bill Quigley and Amber Ramanauskas

    The military occupation of Haiti could not possibly have been intended to help the Haitian people, whose material conditions have dramatically worsened under foreign rule. Most dramatically, “360,000 Haitians are still displaced and living hand to mouth in 496 tent camps across the country.” “How can a nation be expected to grow unless it leads its own reconstruction?”

    US Africa Policy Will Remain Imperialistic


    by Abayomi Azikiwe

    U.S. imperialism is escalating its aggressions around the world, especially in Africa. A system in general crisis tends to lash out in all directions.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton: “Friends of Haiti?”

    by Marty Goodman

    The Clintons’ crimes against Haiti go back two decades, making Bill singularly unsuitable to act as United Nations envoy to Haiti. “Bill’s friendly relations with Haiti’s current President Michael Martelly, who is linked to Duvalier-era thugs and their kin, is well known.”

    Bill Clinton Loves Haiti


    by Jemima Pierre

    If there’s one American export that Haiti needs no more of, it’s Bill Clinton. The former U.S. president, now the United Nations “viceroy” to Haiti, has arguably done more harm to the first Black Republic than any person in history. “It is Haiti that needs to be liberated from Bill.”

    Haiti: The Streets Come Alive


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The pace of protest in Haiti is accelerating, with demonstrations in every large city and town. Haitians demand jobs and government services, and the departure of United Nations occupation forces. “Washington’s goal is to keep Haitians desperately poor, so that they will take any job, at any wage.”

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    Don’t Blame Republicans for Obama’s Actions in Haiti


    by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre

    Nobody forced President Obama to further oppress the proud people of Haiti. “Obama’s actions in Haiti prove that a Black president is as effective at preserving U.S empire and white supremacy.” Obama allowed mass murderer “Baby Doc” Duvalier to return, but he “personally called President Jacob Zuma, twice, to stop” democratically elected former president Aristide’s return from South African exile.

    Massacre at La Visite


    by Dady Chery

    In a nation that has been robbed of its sovereignty, lives can easily be stolen. When a small community stands in the way of tourism development, blood is bound to flow.

    “This is How Duvalier Started”: Critics of Haitian President Imprisoned


    by Meena Jagannath and Fran Quigley

    Although the reviled United Nations occupation force remains the main muscle in Haiti, the farcically elected president, Michel Martelly, is a dictator-in-waiting. “Sweet Micky,” as he is known, is a fan of Papa and Baby “Doc” Duvalier, the father and son despots who slaughtered tens of thousands. “Martelly argued that Duvalier should receive amnesty for decades of human rights violations, including arresting, torturing, and killing political opponents in a notorious three-prison ‘Triangle of Death.’”

    Foreign Investment in Haiti Means Death and Repression, Part II: The Constant US Bait and Switch


    by Ezili Dantò

    The United States seems to have only one policy towards Haiti: force and exploitation. U.S. overseers market the captive republic as a low-wage paradise for foreign businesses. “The Obama Administration’s application of disaster capitalism and the shock doctrine is like pouring gasoline onto a fire already set by past US missteps in Haiti” over the past two hundred years.

    An Unwanted Army for Haiti

    by Dr. Nia Imara

    Armed men in uniform by the thousands are encamped around Haiti, claiming to be the national army, although the country has no military of its own – by choice. “The people have consistently expressed their desire for free and widespread access to education, employment, housing, an inclusive and democratic government, and an end to the UN/US occupation—not for an army.” But the U.S.-backed president wants to bring the military back. “Many in Haiti who are old enough to remember compare the period today with the Duvalier dictatorship, which used the army as an instrument of repression against the poor majority.”

    Poor Little Haiti to be Fleeced of its Riches


    by Dady Chery

    Haiti’s mineral wealth is marked for super-exploitation by a Canadian corporation that has already wreaked havoc in the neighboring Dominican Republic. Mining companies claim the gold and silver reserves were only recently discovered, but “the story could just as well be that the mining executives were biding their time and waiting for a non-nationalistic government to take effect before initiating their projects.” The operation requires construction of a deep-water port in Haiti’s northeast, threatening the country’s marine ecosystems.

    Not Voting for Obama: We're Not Even Buying a Voting Ticket to the Show


    by Ezili Dantò

    The author supported Obama in 2008, for the sake of Haiti, the U.S. and the world. But no more. “Under the Obama tenure, indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens is lawful in the land of the free and the brave and Haitians are saddled with George Bush and Bill Clinton.” When a duopoly rules, voting is a sham. Susan Rice takes over the role Colin Powell played for the Bushes while Cheryl Mills is out there pushing the Duvalierist agenda in Haiti previously championed by Bill Clinton's commerce secretary, the late Ron Brown.”

    Paramilitary Gangs Join UN Force in Preying on Haitian

    by Dady Chery

    Wannabe Tontons Macoutes have taken over the former bases of Haiti’s disbanded army – a force the U.S.-backed Haitian president was to restore. The appearance of the paramilitaries coincides with murderous attacks on supporters of ousted President Jean Bertrand-Aristide, & mounting popular demands that the hated UN occupation force, MINUSTAH, leave the country. A deadly dance seems to be in motion.

    The Puppet, the Dictator, and the President: Haiti Today and Tomorrow


    by BAR editor and columnist Jemima Pierre, PhD

    There they were, at the official ceremony: the living, breathing banes of Haiti’s existence. “Rubbing shoulders on stage, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries were Haitian President Michel Martelly, former US President and UN Special Envoy, Bill Clinton, and, Jean Claude Duvalier,” the mass murderer and former dictator. The dictator is hoping for some kind of comeback, and the puppet president “will open up Haiti to permanent US occupation and economic exploitation while terrorizing Haitians who fight back.” Clinton oversees the whole process on behalf of imperialism.

    Haiti, Raped by the U.S. Since 2004, and Still Bleeding


    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    The horrific squandering of Haitian lives and earthquake relief and aid dollars by the occupying powers over the past two years are direct consequences of previous imperial crimes. “Since 2004, Haiti has been methodically stripped of its sovereignty, made into a protectorate of the United Nations,” which is merely a front for the United States. “The earthquake of January 2010 was a natural phenomenon that happened to take place while a rape was in progress.”

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    Haiti: Seven Places Where the Earthquake Money Did and Did Not Go

    by Bill Quigley and Amber Ramanauskas

    Billions in public and private aid was earmarked, promised or thought to be on the way to the Haitian people, yet the the physical and human landscape of the country shows few signs that such treasure ever existed. In fact, “almost none of the money that the general public thought was going to Haiti actually went directly to Haiti.” Some went to the U.S. war machine. “Thirty three cents of each of these US dollars for Haiti was actually given directly back to the US to reimburse ourselves for sending in our military.” Less than a penny per dollar went to the Haitian government.

    Listen to Black Agenda Radio, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey, on the Progressive Radio Network – Week of January 2, 2012


    U.S. Waging Two-Prong War of Repression

    With the signing of preventive detention legislation, Washington is “upping the stakes, where the United States homeland is now part of this so-called global war on terror,” said Tony Monteiro, professor of African American Studies at Temple University, in Philadelphia. “All of us who are in one way or another in solidarity with the Cuban revolution, with 21st Century socialism in Venezuela, are now at the top of a hit list of ‘terrorist supporters’ who could be arrested an detained indefinitely.” He expects the emergence of a “great global movement that has to oppose this international thrust of finance capital and the Obama administration and the other NATO countries. They have to crush the rising class conflict in the United States and in other western capitalist countries,” said Prof. Monteiro. “So you have this two-sided project What they are proposing is a regime of domestic and global repression, of fascism.”

    Blacks Will Vote for Obama, But Without Enthusiasm

    Most Blacks will still vote for President Obama this year, “but it will be different, this time,” said Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. “Before, people thought they had a real champion who was going to make a difference in the lives of Black people, but it didn’t happen. We’re not going to see the same kind of enthusiasm for Obama this time around.” In 2008, “we heard many of our Black leftist friends and many nationalists who were predicting that if Obama didn’t get elected, we would see a police state – but people have experienced that with Obama. We were told there would be economic catastrophe, but that has occurred even with Obama there.” In a lot of ways, said the Black Is Back chairman, “Obama has outdone Bush,” including “the declaration of the right to kill even U.S. citizens any time he wants to.”

    UNAC Conference Against Preventive Detention

    Preventive detention without trial “is the most serious blow to the Bill of Rights that we have experienced, and it’s no accident that it is occurring while” the U.S. is ”expanding military adventures abroad,” said Chris Gavreau, a spokesperson for UNAC, the United National Anti-War Coalition. “The language is so broad, they will use these laws against anyone that they seriously think is a threat to their ability to implement foreign policy.” UNAC will hold a conference March 23-25 in Stanford, Connecticut, to plan “a broad campaign to fight around indefinite detention” and other civil liberties violations.

    For Whom The Whistle Blows

    While there is still a myth of freedom of speech, journalists’ voices worldwide are being drowned out” by imprisonment of those “that speak truth to power,” said veteran whistleblower Marsha Coleman-Adebayo. “We have a state-run media in this country – what we call the corporate media – that is influenced more by corporate pressures and by money and politics, than by a search for truth,” said the former Environmental Protection Agency official whose battle with the agency led to landmark protections for federal employees that speak out. “Journalists as whistleblowers, whistleblowers as journalists – at some point it would be lovely to see those communities merge.”

    UN Force Should Leave Haiti

    The United Nations has failed to acknowledge its responsibility for the cholera deaths of 6,000 Haitians and the sickening a half a million others, despite the fact that the world body’s “own report is the most persuasive evidence of the UN’s culpability,” said Fran Quigley, director of the Health and Human Rights Clinic at the University of Indiana Law School. Quigley recently returned from a fact-find trip to Haiti, where “a lot of people think its long past time for the peacekeepers to leave, even before this deadly cholera outbreak.” Haitians should have their rights protected, including from the United Nations,” said the law professor.

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    The Dominican Republic Hates Black People


    by BAR columnist Jemima Pierre

    The indefatigable Dominic-Haitian activist Sonia Pierre died recently, at age 48, outlived by the deep racism that poisons her homeland’s society. “Anti-Haitianism is deeply embedded in Dominican society and has spawned continued mob attacks and lynchings, as well as other sanctioned acts of violence against Haitians or Black Dominicans assumed to be Haitian.” Dominican national identity is entwined with anti-Blackness and anti-Haitianess – which are the same thing. “To be Dominican, then, was to be Hispanic and Catholic, and anything but Black.”

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