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Occupy Harlem

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    Lying About the Harlem Protest Against Obama

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    It’s not enough that President Obama has Wall Street in his back pocket – or, is it the reverse? – but he also has loyal operatives among what passes for the Left. Daily Kos, In These Times and Democracy Now! misrepresented, and miscounted, last week’s Occupy Harlem-led protest at the Apollo Theater. In These Times writer Allison Kilkenny took a step backward in time, treating white Occupy Wall Street demonstrators like “outside agitators” for protesting Obama in Harlem. “Kilkenny doesn’t think Black progressives have the right to ask white and Latino progressives to attend Black-led demonstrations in Black neighborhoods.”

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    Occupy Harlem Sets Record Straight on Apollo Theater Protest

    by Nellie Hester Bailey

    Pro-Obama media claimed that last week’s highly successful protest in Harlem was a “white” affair, that “Blacks are incapable of critical thinking and analysis regarding Obama’s presidency,” says one of the organizers. The demonstration outside the Apollo Theater “was called by Occupy Harlem and lead by Occupy Harlem....” 

    The Occupy Movement, Gentrification and Black America’s Ancient Struggle


    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The Occupy Wall Street movement faces challenges of relevance, and permanence, that must be addressed this winter. Most importantly, and like all American social movements, it must come to grips with the overarching issue of race. “Black people require that white-dominated movements offer the hope of specific impacts on the African American condition.” Opportunities abound, especially in the nation’s Harlems. “As economic and racial targets of Wall Street’s predations, Black city-dwellers are the natural allies of Occupy Wall Street. They need to be convinced, through substantive and ongoing collaboration, that OWS is an ally of theirs.”

    Occupy All the Harlems, to Save Ourselves from the Dictatorship of Wall Street


    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The question for Black America is not what’s going on in the heads of young white people in Zuccotti Park, but how WE will organize in our own defense against Wall Street, which has “done more damage to Black people than anyone else” in the country. Barack Obama, “most of the traditional Black organizations, and the entire Black Misleadership Class” are all bought and paid for by finance capital. “Our job is to wake our people up, so that we don’t sleep through this moment.”

    Occupy Harlem Campaign Launched


    by Donna Lamb

    New York’s Harlem is in the process of occupying itself. "We need a radical transformation of the current status quo – the banks financing and controlling the political process, buying out politicians in both parties to protect the economic interest of the one percent.” The neighborhood that was once the nexus of Black political thought, and is now besieged by forces of gentrification, is making its own place in the national movement against corporate power. “Attendees eagerly came forward to propose a wide range of issues from the local to the international.”

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