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Emmett Till

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    What’s Really on Trial in George Zimmerman’s Case?

    by Eric Mann

    There is a subscript to the Trayvon Martin murder trial: the impossibility of Black innocence. Instead, the system itself must be placed on trial. “We have to roll back the endless web of laws that have put one million black people in prison and millions more in probation and parole.”

    From Paul Robeson to Dwayne Carter, Jr. “Lil’ Wayne”

    by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

    Lil' Wayne may be a big name in hip hop music, but he's a moral and intellectual lilliputian who trivialized the murder of Emmett Till “ by using it to make sick, caviler, sexist, and misogynistic references to women.” If you are in need of a strong Black male role model, Paul Robeson is your man.

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