Congressional Black Caucus

Congressional Black Caucus Report Card for 2015, the 114th Congress

by Glen Ford with Patrice Johnson for CBC Monitor

It's been several years since the Black Agenda Report team issued what used to be our annual report card on the Congressional Black Caucus, the cream of our glittering and prosperous black political class.  We apologize, and promise you that will not happen again.

Boasting, Roasting, Coasting & Toasting: The Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference

 by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Later this month, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation will hold its annual star-studded affair in DC, commemorating old victories it mostly had nothing to do with, celebrating past accomplishments it would like to take credit for, congratulating each other, hosting “workshops” for corporate sponsors and throwing one “legendary” party. Is this all our black political class is about these days?


The Congressional Black Caucus Fails Afro-Colombians

by Nikolas KozloffAfroColombianKids
Sometimes it seems the bigger the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) becomes, the worse it gets. Gone are the not-so-long-ago days when the CBC could be counted on to present a virtually unified, progressive front on domestic and foreign policy issues. While Black activists increasingly embrace the Latin American sector of the global African Diaspora, the CBC as a body remains parochial, as if unaware that millions of Blacks live in South America. Most shameful is the CBC's failure to take a firm stand on behalf of Afro-Colombians, targeted by rightwing death squads allied with the U.S.-backed government. A significant faction in the CBC supports corporate-written trade deals with Colombia that would displace and further impoverish much of the Black population, whose representatives have repeatedly beseeched the Black Caucus for help.  


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