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Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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    Ben Jealous’ Obscene “Truth and Reconciliation” Proposal

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    NAACP president Ben Jealous wants to start a “truth and reconciliation” process in the U.S. – before political prisoners are freed, while mass incarceration devastates Black families and communities, and when Blacks are murdered by the state every 28 hours. Jealous’ “talk of reconciliation is an obscene diversion from reality.”

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    Mutulu’s Call: Securing the Release of Our Captured Fighters

    by Kwasi Anokye

    How does a fractured movement fight for release of activists facing false charges, while simultaneously defending the rights of other imprisoned freedom fighters to resist oppression by any means necessary? “Standard leftist language would have us defend our freedom fighters merely as unjustly treated individuals, not as righteous insurgents.” But what about our inherent right to self-determination?

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