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    South Africa and Zimbabwe: A Tale of Two Land Reforms

    by Harold Green


    When Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe attended the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, he “received the loudest cheers and applause” among the dignitaries. Zimbabwe’s successful land reform stands in stark contrast to South Africa, where “barely 10% of farm land has been redistributed,” and the wealth gap – which is a race gap – “has become one of the most unequal in the world.”

    Betraying Our Legacy: Barack Obama-Bathing his Hands in the Blood of Innocents


    by Harold Green

    African Americans have lost a great deal in the last four years: more Black household wealth has vanished than at any time in history, for example. Even more disastrously, Black America may have lost its moral and political moorings. “With Barack Obama at the helm, we seem not to be concerned about continuing our legacy of resistance and fighting for justice.” We risk becoming complicit in the most heinous crimes against humanity.

    NATO, AFRICOM and the New White Man's Burden

    by Harold Green

    With the era of formal colonialism only recently ended, and only 125 years after the Europeans and the United States formally divided Africa among themselves, NATO has begun the military reimposition of Euro-American rule of the Continent. The conquest of sovereign Libya has encouraged Washington, London and Paris to escalate their armed incursions under “humanitarian” guises, and with the eager participation of native collaborators. “The imperialist powers are obviously up to their old tricks of using treacherous Africans to help in doing their '’dirty work.’''

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