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    Book Review: Obama’s War Against Libya

    by Stephen Gowans

    For eight months in 2011, the U.S. and its NATO allies waged aggressive war against the sovereign state of Libya, to the cheers of much of what passes for the Left in the imperialist countries. Maximilian C. Forte’s book “presents a multi-factorial account, which invokes elements of the hunt for profits, economic competition with China and Russia, and establishing US hegemony in Africa.”

    Israel’s Secret Nuclear Alliance with Racist South Africa


    by Stephen Gowans

    In the mid-70s, the world’s two pariah states, Israel and South Africa, sought to seal their relationship with a nuclear kiss. A new book claims Israel tried to sell South Africa nuclear-tipped missiles – the price was too high. Israel denies the charge, but Tel Aviv has never told the truth about its atomic arsenal and activities, so why should anyone believe them.


    West Seeks to Intimidate Mugabe Supporters

    ZimbabweNewspaperby Stephen Gowans

    The corporate news media, especially in Britain,
    constantly rail against the state-owned press in Zimbabwe, charging The
    and The Sunday Mail with acting as "mouth-pieces" for
    President Robert Mugabe. But "coverage of foreign affairs in the West is almost
    wholly dominated by news media that are controlled by the wealthy, operating to
    amplify the views of the Council on Foreign Relations and high state officials
    who are either wealthy themselves or owe their position to the patronage of the
    wealthy." In southern Africa, so-called "independent" media are in fact funded
    by the British or U.S. governments. The Zimbabwean state has every right to
    defend itself, through media.

    Cholera Outbreak Outcome of West’s War on Zimbabwe

    ZimbabweCholeraby Stephen Gowans

    Zimbabwe is facing multiple crises because of
    savage western assaults on its economy and the viability of its state
    machinery. The goal is regime change. U.S.-British sanctions against Zimbabwe
    are a form of warfare, like the sanctions that led to a million deaths in
    pre-invasion Iraq. The cholera outbreak is useful to Washington and London,
    making "Zimbabwe's crisis international, because disease can cross borders." If
    the destabilization of Zimbabwe is successful, other African nations "will back
    away from their own land reform and economic indigenization demands" - a
    victory for imperial supremacy.

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