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Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition

by Chris Hedges

African Americans have historically been the most progressive U.S. constituency because of the Black prophetic tradition, best personified today by Dr. Cornel West. This tradition has also saved the United States from itself. “America without the black prophetic tradition, from Frederick Douglass to Fannie Lou Hamer, means an American authoritarian regime, American fascism.”

America’s Disappeared

by Chris Hedges

When three guys go missing in the ghetto, it’s an ordinary event. The criminal justice system is a body-snatcher. “In America, when you are poor, you can instantly disappear into the subterranean rabbit holes of our vast jail and prison complex.”

Rise Up or Die

by Chris Hedges

As more and more of the nation is transformed into “sacrifice zones” like Detroit and Camden, New Jersey, with civil liberties stripped bare, the biosphere pushed to the point of no return, and the corporate security estate triumphant, “it is time to employ the harsh language of open rebellion and class warfare.”

The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

by Chris Hedges

Lynne Stewart has served three years for the crime of zealously defending her client. Suffering stage 4 cancer, she sometimes sheds “a few tears at the love and intensity of those who have written to state their support.” Family and friends ask that she be allowed compassionate release, but “the Federal Bureau of Prisons rarely even bothers to submit compassionate release requests to the courts.”

The Shame of America’s Gulag

by Chris Hedges

The barbarity of solitary confinement was reintroduced into the U.S. prison system following the Black Freedom and anti-imperialist movements of the Sixties, part of the “seamless evolution of political and social incapacitation of poor people of color.” At root “is the predatory nature of corporate capitalism itself.

Preventive Detention and the Death of the Democratic State

by Chris Hedges

The author, a journalist and plaintiff in a suit contesting the constitutionality of President Obama’s preventive detention law, asks: “Could I be seen by the security and surveillance state, because I challenge the official narrative, as a collaborator with the enemy?” The answer is: Yes – and so could you.

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