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    The Honey Obadger: He Don’t Give a Shit

    by Randy Shields

    “Honey obadger has a silver tongue, really big ears for hearing everything said everywhere in the world, lives (politically) almost exclusively on killing Muslims and blends in well with whatever people want to believe they’re seeing.”

    Racist Verdicts Are About the Future Not the Past: A Perfect Symmetry

    by Randy Shields

    Barack Obama calls the murder of Trayvon Martin an incident of gun violence, as if the victim “was caught in some random crossfire of bullets instead of being caught in hundreds of years of calculated racist state-sanctioned murder.” The courts have spoken, and so has the president: “Forget about justice, you fucking slaves.”

    A Plague of Desolationists on the “Left”

    by Randy Shields

    “Desolationists believe that America’s non-stop bombing of other nations is either no issue at all or not nearly as important as being pro-choice or supporting gun control or marriage equality.” They are worse than useless. Plus, “with blacks standing down indefinitely, the working class doesn’t have the rage to stop Obama from taking the first swings of the wrecking ball to Social Security.”

    Your Brain on Obama: Waiting for the Man


    by Randy Shields

    The “Obama Phenomenon” is a world-class consciousness-destroyer, guaranteed to burn a hole in your soul. Millions of once-progressive minds have fallen victim to the scourge. “Obama users have turned on friends and colleagues who kept their principles regardless of which capitalist flunky commits the crimes.”

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