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    Changing the Guard in Black America

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    It’s been so long since Black America has experienced a grassroots movement, most folks don’t have a clue how to measure its success. The Black Lives Matter campaign has already accomplished a fundamental task, despite the lack of indictment against Michael Brown’s killer. “The movement has unmasked Obama as the Oppressor-in-Chief and exposed the Black Misleadership Class as fawning accomplices to the dehumanization of the rest of us.”

    Freedom Rider: Chris Kyle and Media Propaganda

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    America, the historical mass murder machine, remains unrepentant, as verified by the phenomenal box office success of American Sniper. The real life Iraq War psychopath, who died by another veteran’s bullet in 2013, was accorded hero status by reporters, “none of them asked hard questions about what he and our political leaders did to Iraqis.”

    Holder’s Final Betraying Kiss to the People of Ferguson: The Wholesale Abandonment of Decency

    by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, and Kevin Berends

    Eric Holder’s Justice Department has definitively leaked that it will not indict the former Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown. That also means “the families of John Crawford III, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and all the other victims around the country must let go of any illusions that DOJ is in their corner.” Black America has reached the point of no return. “We now know what to expect from the Obama administration – nothing.”

    Our Girls are Still Not Home: Boko Haram and the Politics of Death

    by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

    Nigeria’s neighbors have pledged military help in the fight against Boko Haram, which continues its offensive in the northeastern corner of the country. The civil war threatens to destabilize Africa’s most populous nation. Boko Haram certainly does engage in terror, but folks should not “ignore the social/economic conditions and religious ideological factors that still provide the foundation for Boko Haram’s recruitment and popular support.”

    I am Charlie…

    by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

    Slaughtering Vietnamese,
    Torturing Tunisians, murdering
    Moroccans and Algerians? Yeah,
    We know where West African bodies
    Are buried

    Mass Killings of Blacks by Cops: An Absence of Outrage

    by Paul Street

    After two generations of mass Black incarceration, hyper-surveillance and police militarization as national policy, a nascent movement has finally arisen to demand that Black Lives Matter. But most whites feel no compassion for the victims of state carnage in the ghetto. “Where is the outrage outside the Black community over such atrocious police killings of Black people in the US?”

    Expanding on Selma and the Politics of Martin Luther King Jr.

    by Danny Haiphong

    “It should come as no surprise that Selma concluded by promoting King as a peaceful pacifist who led a movement that gave individual leaders like John Lewis a seat at the table of US imperialism.” At core, the screenplay must be viewed as Hollywood-scale historical revisionism. “Selma completely evades the existence of the Black liberation movement.”

    The Decadent Veil: Black America's Wealth Illusion

    by Antonio Moore

    The constant flashing of Black celebrity wealth – much of it earned in sports, entertainment and media – “has allowed for a broad swath of America to become not just desensitized to black poverty, but also hypnotized by black celebrity.” But, the real Black economic condition ranges from bad to hopeless. “Thirty-five percent of Black households have Negative or No Net Worth. Another 15 percent have less than $6,000 in total household worth.”

    Charlie Hebdo and the “Wild West”

    by Dr. T P Wilkinson

    Charlie Hebdo propagandists are sending a cowboys-and-Indians media message. “The image of the fanatical Muslim ‘Indians’ – on the warpath – attacking a tiny, helpless intellectual family in the Parisian prairie is pure fantasy cultivated by the mass media presentation of events.” The cartoonists may have been civilians, but they were hardly non-combatants.

    State of the Union 2015: Lethal, Predatory, Delusional

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    President Obama says things are looking up for America – which is exactly how Wall Street sees it. For the seventh time, Obama assessed the state of the nation from the perspective of a “center-right presidency whose real accomplishment has been to re-inflate the Wall Street casino, flush the last vestiges of secure employment out of the economy, and put the imperial war machine back on the offensive.”

    Freedom Rider: Jeffrey Sterling: A Black Man and the CIA

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Former New York Times reporter James Risen got most of the coverage in the Obama administration’s latest espionage trial, but the defendant is a Black man. Jeffrey Sterling is not guilty of espionage – none of the defendants in Obama’s cases are – but he is an accessory to the crimes of his former employer, the CIA. “ Sterling lay down with dogs and got up with fleas.

    Kymone Freeman: #DC Ferguson, Poet, Playwright and Guerilla Artist

    by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

    As prime mover at Washington DC’s independent We ACT Radio station, Kymone Freeman wrestles with the burning issues of Black life, daily. “How do we enforce demands? How do we escalate the calls for justice? How do we protect ourselves? Who are our allies? How do we force the police to share power with the community? How do we fund an organization truly committed to these values?” Being a poet helps, too.

    Movement Ferguson, Beware the Nonprofit Industrial Complex

    by Netfa Freeman

    A recent, but deeply flawed, article on George Soro’s foundation’s support of some organizations involved in anti-police violence campaigns nevertheless raises important questions about movement dependency on “philanthropic” funding. “No one – particularly those of us working in the non-profit industry – can deny the influence funders have on what not-for-profit formations do or won’t do, what political positions they take or don’t take.”

    Police Unions VS the Public, Torture and Mass Incarceration VS Restorative Justice

    A radio interview by Chuck Mertz on This is Hell Radio.

    Flint Taylor, co-founder of the Peoples Law Office in Chicago, who has represented the victims of police and political violence for 45 years explains the role of police unions, public defenders, the problems of supposedly progressive candidates who claim more cops will solve problems, and what restorative justice might look like.

    Making Movements Matter

    by Michelle Renee Matisons

    People talk about building mass movements, but which “masses” do they actually intend to mobilize? It’s a difficult, but central, question for serious organizers. “How do we balance the particular (group identity) and the universal (broader agenda) tensions inherent in mass movement organizing?

    What is the Real Reason Behind Obama’s New Cuba Policy?

    by Pascal Robert

    There’s nothing “enlightened” about President Obama shift in policy on Cuba. Growing U.S. isolation from Latin America has opened opportunities for Washington’s global rivals. Russia has proposed a raft of agreements with Cuba and other Latin countries, and “China has now strongly entered the Latin nations with its plan to build a canal through Nicaragua to rival the Panama Canal.”

    Charlie Hebdo, the Free Press and Racism

    by Sara Flounders

    If France is a citadel of freedom of the press, then why does it ban demonstrations against Israel and in support of Palestinians? “Charlie Hebdo is protected because it hardens the population against Muslim people in order to divide the population.” For its service to French imperialism, the government awarded Charlie Hebdo a million euros. But, non-white lives count for nothing in France.

    Another Round of Imperial Lies on Kagame’s Crimes in Rwanda

    by Christopher Black

    There is no shortage of imperial operatives eager to defend Paul Kagame’s dictatorial Tutsi regime in Rwanda. Kagame’s role in the Rwandan slaughter and the Congo genocide that followed is thoroughly documented in the book, Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System, 20 Years Later. But facts mean nothing to Kagame apologist Alex Obote-Odora, whose arguments are shredded by the author.

    The Moment of Truth: African Americans’ Nonsensical  Support for Barack Obama

    by Solomon Comissiong 

    After January, 2017, “the delusional fantasy will be over for most African/black people in this country.” What will Black folks have to show for their near-absolute loyalty to Barack Obama? Nothing more than, maybe, a historically revisionist t-shirt “with Obama’s face wedged in between Malcolm X and MLK.”

    Freedom Rider: Charlie Hebdo: “Je Suis White People"

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    Millions of citizens of one of the bloodiest empires known to man – the French colonial state – this weekend pretended to be the most enlightened, yet maligned, people on earth. “The convenient selective amnesia of the French people is as stunning as their sense of feeling more aggrieved than anyone else in the world.” Tell that to the Haitians, Libyans, Algerians, Vietnamese and the peoples still dominated by France in sub-Saharan African.

    A Real Socialist Party for South Africa?

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The rich Black capitalists of South Africa’s ruling party and their counterfeit communist partners will soon have to confront real socialists. The nation’s biggest union “is pressing ahead with a conference on creating a united front and, possibly, a political party to build socialism in South Africa.” “Political power without economic power is an empty shell,” says metalworkers union leader Irvin Jim.

    Je Suis Who? The Obama Administration’s Selective Grief and Mourning

    by BAR editor and columnist, Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

    In the Obama administration’s hierarchy of worthy victims, unarmed Blacks slain by U.S. police rank far below French cartoonists. “When will politicians like President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder condemn the murders of unarmed black boys, men and women with the same level of intensity and clamor that we have seen in Paris – followed by indictments of killer cops?” 

    The Charlie Hebdo White Power Rally in Paris: A Celebration of Western Hypocrisy

    By BAR editor and correspondent Ajamu Baraka

    As leaders of the Russia, China, and Western powers and their client states like Israel, all of whom persecute and lock up their own journalists, celebrated the protection of hate-speech cartoonists in France, the real deal as always was not freedom of the press or protection of dissenters, but white Western hypocrisy.

    Herr come Count Ghouliani

    by BAR poet-in-residence Raymond Nat Turner

    “Step right up,
    Get your 9-11 shirts and caps
    9-11 speeches, photos, maps
    Controlled demolition DVDs
    Why, I even sell 9-11 PhDs

    Why Are We Afraid of Naming and Confronting Capitalism?

    by Ajamu Nangwaya

    Lots of “leftists,” “progressives” and even folks that call themselves socialists refuse to undertake a direct assault on the capitalist system, limiting themselves to a narrower critique of “crony,” or “unfettered” capitalism – or, simply, “greedy rich people.” Which just goes to show that “the ruling-class has imposed its economic and political ideologies onto the consciousness of the oppressed as natural, self-evident ways of seeing reality.”

    Global Interlocking Oppressions from #Ferguson2Palestine

    by Dr. Johnny E. Williams

    Thanks to President Obama’s failures to defend Black rights and dignity, “black folks have taken to the streets because, for the first time since the modern civil rights era, we truly understand that ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’ to bring about permanent structural change.” We also understand “the importance of forging domestic and global alliances” – especially with the similarly oppressed Palestinian people.

    Where the #BlackLivesMatterMovement, Cuba, and the DPRK collide: Self-Determination and the Liberation Agenda

    by Danny Haiphong

    The new year portends great possibilities of change. “The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a spark that, with continued organization, has the potential to revive revolutionary political thought and action in the US for the first time in decades.” On the international scene, “the exploitative and murderous conditions of imperialism are moving the world's people to create a more just global order.”

    Mario Cuomo: Governor of Mass Incarceration

    by Pascal Robert

    Mario Cuomo, mourned as a quintessential liberal, was first and foremost a champion builder of prisons. Mass incarceration “was not simply an agenda of the evil Republicans, but also the imperative of bleeding heart liberals like Mario Cuomo, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden.”

    Stop Kidding Yourself: The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People

    by Sam Mitrani

    The cops have always worked for the rich and powerful. In the South, policing began with slave patrols. In Chicago, “businessmen donated money to buy the police rifles, artillery, Gatling guns, buildings, and money to establish a police pension out of their own pockets.”

    Black Haitian Lives Matter: Haiti on the Fifth Anniversary of the Earthquake

    by Jesse Hagopian

    The author was a witness to the disaster that took hundreds of thousands of Haitian lives in 2010 – a catastrophe used by the U.S. as a pretext for massive military invasion. “I saw a virtual cornucopia of water and supplies piled up on the tarmac, none of it being transported to the people in need, who were seen as a threat by the US military.”

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