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    Biometric smart ID cards: Dumb idea

    2014-07-17 - in the South have jumped on the biometric bandwagon, including South Africa, in spite of the many red flags about the technology. Citizens need to be aware that the ID cards allow governments to carry out surveillance of people considered to be a threat to the interests of the ruling classes

    The BRICS: A response to Yash Tandon

    2014-07-17 - the Pambazuka special edition on “Revisiting the sub-imperialist BRICS -,” Patrick Bond and other writers were critical of the role of BRICS . Later Yash Tandon wrote a rejoinder - to such BRICS bashing. Below is a piece that calls progressive forces to address the agency of local elites in colluding with capitalism and imperialism and oppose both global imperialism and local tyranny

    Inside or outside?

    The perpetual dilemma of what constitutes the best interests for children with mothers in prison 2014-07-17 - little children be allowed to stay with their mothers in prison or they should be separated? This is a difficult question, but there are some suggestions on what should be done for the best interests of the child

    Afro-Uruguay: A brief history

    2014-07-17 -,058_Candombe/afro_uruguay_candombe_33.htmAfro-Uruguayans have contributed to the construction of Uruguay as a consequence of enslavement. They have set up important organisations such as Mundo Afro to lobby the national government to recognise its black minority as an equal member of the national community

    Battling impunity

    What next after the AU undermines the jurisdiction of its own court? 2014-07-17 Leaders who fail to follow the law must be accountable for their actions before courts of law. But the Protocol adopted by African leaders on 4 July turned this basic legal principle on its head.

    When will Africa overcome the pitfalls of foreign investment growth?

    People want genuine development, as demonstrations, strikes spread across continent 2014-07-17 With Africa firmly integrated into the international financial order, there is almost no potential within the existing political arrangements for substantial advancements in the socio-economic status of workers, farmers and youth.

    Africa, climate change and low-carbon economies: Is there room?

    2014-07-17 Thinking about the problem of climate change in Africa from the angle of low-carbon economy can be useful as it addresses environmental, economic and technological matters of development all at the same time

    Ethiopia: The crime of extraordinary rendition

    2014-07-17 Extraordinary rendition violates every rule in the human rights book. The process invariably involves forceful abduction, detained incommunicado for an extended period, interrogation and torture

    Sobukwe: A leader who walked the political talk to the finish

    2014-07-17 - http://www.pamabzuka.orgMangaliso Robert Sobukwe is not as well known as he should. The founding president of the radical Pan African Congress, Sobukwe was the single most potent threat to apartheid. Without the fire in his breast and the unshakable conviction of his mind, it is unlikely that apartheid would have collapsed when it did.

    Civil society organisations condemn approval of EPAs by ECOWAS leaders

    2014-07-16 Many reputable organisations have over the years demonstrated that the EPAs are against the fundamental developmental needs of the economies of West Africa. The EPAs will lead to the collapse of the domestic manufacturing and other productive sectors due to undue pressure from the subsidized goods from Europe and loss of revenue from trade taxes

    Draft Appeal to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    A Call for Assistance in the Efforts to Halt Racism, Racial Discrimination and Acts of Genocide Directed Towards the People of the City of Detroit in the United States of America 2014-07-16 Two organizations allege that deliberate actions by the State of Michigan through its Governor Rick Snyder and majority right-wing legislative bodies are calculated and well-planned to foster the disempowerment of the African American people

    Our struggle to be counted as part of the public continues

    2014-07-16 The cases of two women who were arrested for protesting against the demolition of their homes were dismissed last week. It is a positive sign, but the struggles of the shack-dwellers against state neglect and violence continue

    Protest letter to PCEA Moderator Rt. Rev. David Gathanju on Destruction of Kibagare Wetland

    2014-07-16 Two members of civil society were attacked and wounded by goons hired by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa last Saturday when they visited Kibagare wetland where PCEA has begun construction of luxury apartments. Now civil society wants the PCEA leadership to stop the destruction of the wetland

    Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!

    2014-07-16 Numerous Palestinian civil society organisations are calling on people and nations of the world to demand and end to the orgy of brutal violence conducted by the Israeli government in Gaza. Without international pressure, Israel will continue the massacres

    Young women stand up against violence and discrimination

    2014-07-16 Eradicating violence and discrimination against women in Zimbabwe is an arduous task that demands hands-on training and mobilization in the rural areas where the violence is most prevalent. Not by a well-meaning Western NGO, mind you, but by the women themselves.
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