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    Pambazuka News 703: Transitional justice in Africa: Knowledge, narratives and practice
    Updated: 1 hour 54 min ago

    Africa’s dilemma: Transitioning from where to where?

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-19 - Justice seeks to enable societies to come to terms with legacies of large-scale past abuse, in order to secure accountability, serve justice and achieve reconciliation towards a future that is democratic and free from violence, but its groundings and mechanisms are fraught with multiple dilemmas.

    Beyond the TJ Industry: Transitional justice and changing international order

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - flashy branding of the transitional justice process as ‘TJ’ does more to keep oppressive systems in place than to bring real progress where it is needed. Transitional justice must be used as a catalyst to foment real, case-by-case systemic changes instead of as a one-size-fits-all neoliberal template.

    Transitional justice: Challenging contemporary knowledge, narratives and practice

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - Justice has rarely taken into account all forms of oppression, economic discrimination, globalized injustice and a wider understanding of dignity and freedom. African societies need to theorize on transitional justice holistically in order to create social transformation.

    Jurisprudential and political economic dimensions of transitional justice in Africa

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - and lasting peace in Africa’s conflict states would be better guaranteed if transitional justice included the rule of law, separation of powers, electoral reforms, decentralization and a democratic ethos nurtured by free media and a vibrant civil society.

    Exploring transitional (and other kinds of) justice in Zimbabwe

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - debate around how to deal with Zimbabwe’s violent past is currently dominated by the transitional justice model and the human rights discourse which accompanies it. But an analysis of the country’s history as well as its present moment presents different ways of considering ideas of justice and healing – ways that may be better suited to Zimbabwe’s particular circumstances.

    The transitional justice process in Kenya: Unfinished business?

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 -’s transitional justice processes have been crudely politicized to protect the interests of the powerful. The country typifies the dilemma that plagues most African countries today. While most of the regimes are beginning to acknowledge that there have been atrocities, human rights abuses and various forms of injustice, they simultanesouly appear to be perplexed by the demands for peace and justice.

    Transitional justice: Whose justice?

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - quest for justice for past wrongs is often hindered by restrictions on which violations to investigate and how far back to look into history. Across Africa, tjustice mechanisms tend to restrict themselves to uncontested periods and rarely probe into complex injustices.

    Somalia: Let’s just forget the past?

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-18 - will be impossible to reconstruct Somalia without addressing its complex past. Yet the current definition of transitional justice appears too narrow to be beneficial, since it limits the space for local-based procedures in favour of Western concepts like the state, rule of law and democracy.

    From the comfort zones to reality

    1 hour 54 min ago
    A reflection on the Tafakari oral narrative tour 2014-11-18 - http://www.fahamu.orgThe oral history tour took transitional justice practitioners, activists and scholars out of the comfort zone into reality: To engage directly with survivors, hear their personal stories and appreciate their lived experiences as they pursue justice and reconstruction within complex social, economic and political infrastructures.

    Shifting the discourse from victimhood to reconstruction

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - transitional justice to be relevant and effective it must be informed by local understandings of justice. The form of justice should be informed by local priorities as identified by victims and survivors.

    Situating transitional justice in the context of South Sudan

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-18 -’s newest nation has been engulfed in violent conflict for a year now. It is sad that the freedom struggle that lasted so long has not translated into quality life for the majority of the citizens. The root causes of this must be addressed – and they have everything to do with failed leadership.

    The site

    1 hour 54 min ago
    2014-11-21 - http://www.pambazuka.orgA reflective poem by a Kenyan activist who visited Mukura Massacre Memorial site in Soroti region of Uganda where on July 11, 1989, the 106th battalion of the National Resistance Army (NRA) allegedly rounded up 300 men from Mukura and other surrounding areas and incarcerated some of them in a train wagon. These men were suspected of being rebel collaborators against the NRA regime, but there is little evidence to suggest that most of them were anything other than innocent civilians.

    The Kagame-Power Lobby’s dishonest attack on BBC documentary on Rwanda

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-12 - has banned the BBC for airing a documentary that reveals the Big Lie told by Paul Kagame and his cronies about what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Kagame and his RPF have for 20 years concealed their primary role in setting off the genocide – in which most victims were Hutus and not Tutsis, contrary to State propaganda amplified by international media and powerful Kagame-Power enablers. With publication of a new book, this Big Lie is being dismantled.

    Thomas Sankara and the Black Spring in Burkina Faso

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-12 - overthrowing Blaise Compaoré, the people of Burkina Faso have revived the revolutionary dream of Thomas Sankara whom he killed. Their uprising was against the old ties to imperialist governments and financial institutions, the old relationships of exploitation and the abuse of public office to amass personal wealth at the expense of the people.

    Burkina Faso military leader trained by Pentagon

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    Lt. Col. Yocouba Isaac Zida follows pattern of other military officers who enter politics 2014-11-12 - the events in Burkina Faso have sparked hope among African workers, farmers and youth throughout the region and beyond, it remains to be seen whether the new leader, with his American links, will deliver a political program of anti-capitalist development for the gains of the popular struggle to win concrete results

    Burkina Faso: The downfall of another tyrant in Africa

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-12 - Compaoré, like many African Heads of State, was more interested in clinging to power than in the needs of his people. Modifying the constitution to stay in power became the ultimate goal for Compaoré. But the people reisted and won.

    The idea of ‘idling vast lands in Africa’ is dangerous

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-13 Western powers have been devastating Africa’s land, resources and populations for centuries. Africans must now throw off that legacy by first understanding it and then making the best use of their continent’s assets without the detrimental western intervention.

    Where is open democracy in South Africa today?

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-12 - order to assess the state of open democracy in Africa, one first needs to look at the very definition of democracy. The same countries which brought slavery and colonialism to Africa are now the aggressive champions of ‘democracy’ around the world. We need to acknowledge our own pre-colonial democratic processes and focus on the issue of economic capture of party politics.

    Call for Proposals

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    Strengthening Cameroonian Citizen’s Participation in Policy Development, Implementation and Monitoring within the African Union 2014-11-13 This call for proposals is open to NGOs, CSOs, NGO networks and social movements who seek to popularize, monitor and advocate for the ratification of key African Union legal instruments and implementation of policy standards in Cameroon. Find details in English here - The French version is here - For Proposal Application documents and other details, go here -

    They don't teach it in law school: White privilege and Oscar Pistorius

    Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:10
    2014-11-13 How did Oscar Pistorius get away with a slap on the wrist for killing another human being? The answer lies in the fact that Pistorius killed a white woman and subsequently, in his defence, appealed to white angst about crime, using mental images of the proverbial "native bogeyman".
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