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    Pambazuka News 698: Haiti and Cuba: Separating heroes from villains
    Updated: 21 min 34 sec ago

    The United Nations fails Haiti once again

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-14 - https://www.britannica.comThis week the UN Security Council extended the mandate of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH. This deployment is not based on any principles of humanitarianism, but rather is an imperialist occupation which seeks to make sure that the island’s government can implement and maintain repressive policies favourable to international investors. The occupation force must be withdrawn.

    MINUSTAH’s occupation of Haiti: A structure of global complicity

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-14 - from countries around the world whose troops are stationed in Haiti under a UN mandate ought to wake up to the reality that this is an occupation force, serving imperialist interests and deeply hated by the Haitian people on account of serious, well-known human rights abuses over the past decade

    No to sham elections and US occupation

    21 min 34 sec ago
    Open letter from Haiti human rights activists to US Congress 2014-10-14 - http://www.haitian-truth.orgThe situation in Haiti is very bleak, and extremely serious, Haitian activists say. The current regime is very repressive and has refused to hold elections. But it continues to enjoy the support of the US and UN despite the cries of suffering Haitian people

    Reflections on the death of an unpunished dictator

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-14 - Duvalier, or ‘Baby Doc’, died on 4 October without facing justice for his wanton crimes against the Haitian people. Uneducated in the affairs of governance, he ran the country with an iron fist until the people deposed him.

    Heroes dressed in white

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-15 - recently sent a medical team of 165, consisting of 63 doctors and 102 nurses, to Sierra Leone to support efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak. It is a mission they were happy to undertake and it goes right into the heart of Cuba’s people-to-people solidarity.

    Heroes of our time

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-14 - departure of the first batch of Cuban medical personnel to fight the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone rekindles in the mind of Fidel Castro memories of Cuba’s military support for the liberation struggle in Angola. It is continuation of the Black revolutionary tradition

    Homage to Havana

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-15 -’s contribution to the development of post-independent Africa has always been based on solidarity, liberty and anti-white supremacy. By this principled stand, Cuba builds on and sustains the spirit of the Haitian revolution.

    38 years of injustice

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-15 - October is the anniversary of the first act of terrorism against civilian aviation in the Western hemisphere – the unparalleled Cubana air disaster on the coastline of Barbados on October 6, 1976. Cubana flight 455 was hit by two bombs just after take off from the then Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport) in Barbados

    Stop the U.S. blockade of Cuba now!

    21 min 34 sec ago
    U.S. imperialism remains unflinching in its campaign to crush the Cuban Revolution 2014-10-15 - Cuban government estimates that this economic war against their country has cost their nation one trillion, 112 billion, 534 million dollars [$1,112,534,000,000].

    Cosmic State Theory: An inquiry into the rationale and possibility of cosmopolitics

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 Evidently, the existing nation-state model does not successfully handle the global challenges facing humanity. Cosmic state theory proposes a different human organization: a supra-state transcending family, state, market, school, gender, race, party, religious and tribal affiliation. The cosmic state is founded upon the values of peace, justice and sustainable human progress.

    Scotland: Britain has never protected non-British interests

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 Britain has a long history of protecting its own interests over the interests of the nations it has occupied, most notably in Africa. This legacy has become relevant recently during Scotland’s referendum for independence. Did Britain adhere to history and intimidate Scotland into voting ‘No’?

    The reality of injustice

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 The most horrific police brutality targeting ordinary citizens is a deeply distressing reality in ‘liberated’ South Africa. There is no justice for those who fall victim to these agents of state terror –reminiscent of the dark days of apartheid. How long will this go on?

    Much ado about nothing: Kenya’s historic and costly non-event

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-14 President Kenyatta had invested over a year of his presidency badmouthing the ICC to only recently sit subdued in The Hague for his case proceedings. But this was only after much national ‘fanfare’ and grandiose but empty symbolisms and rhetoric that pretended to pursue and protect the sovereignty of the state and people of Kenya

    Can Kenya see its transformative constitution as a law of “maybe”?

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 Kenyans have vested much hope in their new constitution to bring about social justice and manifest the rule of law. Four years after its promulgation, questions arise as to how much that hope is justified

    Where can Kenyan women be at home?

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 To be a woman in Kenya is to be repeatedly un-homed. This society refuses the right of women to be at home, as the increasingly frightening statistics on domestic violence indicate

    Clan Federalism: The worst option for state building in Somalia

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 The much-canvassed clan-federalism as a strategy for state building in Somalia will yield disastrous results for the country. Clan federalism is not supported by the Constitution, which prescribes that Somali territory and sovereignty are inviolable and indivisible

    Caribana festival neatly packaged to misrepresent social inequality

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-15 The annual festival has been exploited and co-opted to promote Canada’s multicultural agenda that pushes an illusion of social cohesion and equal opportunity despite widespread discrimination against racialised communities

    Race and militarism from Ferguson to Syria: A letter to African Americans

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-15 The white supremacist, colonial/capitalist, patriarchal ruling classes of the U.S. and Europe are clear, even if we are not, that war and repression will be used with brutal efficiency to maintain their hegemony.

    Civil society calls for an end to discrimination against women in traditional leadership: A joint statement

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 On this International Day of Rural Women we, the undersigned organisations, call on African governments to end discrimination against rural women in Africa, especially in their access to traditional leadership roles and inheritance rights.

    Darfuri female students in Khartoum detained

    21 min 34 sec ago
    2014-10-16 Sudanese security forces are holding the students following a crackdown that raises many questions. Some of the students are reported to have been tortured.
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