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    Pambazuka News 700: Strategies for change: Build solidarity, confront power
    Updated: 55 min 31 sec ago

    Western Sahara: Moroccan shame at UN human rights council

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 - UN has over the past decades appeared to pursue a just solution to the crisis in Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony still illegally occupied by Morocco. But it now emerges that Moroccan diplomacy at the world body has employed corruption to push its agenda against Western Sahara.

    LUCHA: Youth movement in Congo demands social justice

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 - Iñiguez de Heredia, from the University of Cambridge, interviews three members of Lutte pour le Changement (Struggle for Change, or LUCHA), which self-identifies as a citizens’ movement. Their members speak about their ideas and the trajectory of this movement since its creation in 2012.

    Haiti: Transform your global justice sentiments into action

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 - UN has extended the presence of its deeply resented occupation force in Haiti for another year. Progressive forces need to organise in a global solidarity campaign to end the occupation and to restore the right of self-determination to the Haitian people.

    Haiti membership in the UN needs to be reconsidered

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-28 - UN is a by-product of a murderous war started by European powers vying for supremacy. It has become the epitome of what it was set up, in theory, to eradicate: the predatory behavior of powerful entities. Haitians should now review their membership.

    Indebted to death

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 - 11 million South African citizens are currently in debt, due to the entrenchment of aggressive capitalist policies. Most debt experiences, such as the author’s, are extremely painful. It is time for the country to rise up against big banking and end the cycle of debt.

    The meaning of protest art to society

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 - art may not necessarily spur revolutions, but as a change agent its immense value lies in speaking truth to power. It is also educational, cathartic and empowering in situations of injustice.

    Ebola’s villain and victim

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 - http://www.reuters.comVarying Western mainstream media styles of reporting on Ebola confirm how narratives are spaces of domination. The African Ebola patient is classically “othered” and portrayed as a villain and perpetrator, while the American Ebola patient is depicted as a victim.

    Ebola in Africa: A product of history, not a natural phenomenon

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 - is nothing inevitable about the Ebola epidemic now devastating parts of Africa. Like other disasters, it too is the product of history, of the decisions that governments have made in the past as well as the present.

    For a moment, world embraces the Cuba model – and slaps Empire

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 Cuba’s exemplary conduct in the world has made the yearly UN vote on the U.S. embargo a singular opportunity for all the world body’s members, except Israel, to chastise the superpower that seeks full domination of the planet. It is the rarest of occasions, a time of virtual global unanimity on an evil in which the Empire is engaged.

    The great Ethiopian famine of 1984 remembered

    55 min 31 sec ago
    There is famine in Ethiopia in 2014, but it is known by other fancy names 2014-10-29 With the connivance of the ‘international community’ and a phalanx of aid people, successive Ethiopian regimes have succeeded to hide the reality of famine facing millions of its people every year. The regimes have also prevented critical interrogation of the political dimensions of these recurrent food crises.

    30 years on: Ethiopia and the business of hunger

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 30 years after images of Ethiopian famine haunted British TV screens, they still shape how we see Africa - and ensure we fail to understand.

    ANC and SACP are behind attempts to split Cosatu

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 Under the guise of ‘mediation’ the ANC is seeking to split Cosatu and weaken the workers’ movement. For the ANC and the SACP, the prospect of Numsa and its radical proposals gaining dominance in Cosatu is an intolerable threat to imperial capitalism and the electoral dominance of the alliance itself.

    Lindiwe Sisulu and the new denialism

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 The assertion that people under 40 have lost nothing to apartheid is one of the most extraordinary statements from the mouth of a cabinet minister since 1994. The pretense that apartheid’s consequences came to an end in 1994 is sheer denialism that is so out of touch with reality.

    Contextualising Nyerere’s Ujamaa as a liberating political philosophy

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 In his role as a philosopher, intellectual, political figure and teacher, Nyerere’s philosophy was centered on humanity and unity of the African people to achieve liberation and build African societies. His legacy remains highly relevant in today’s struggles for unity, justice and peace.

    Somalia’s future befouled by failed initiatives

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 Nearly two decades of foreign interventions have failed to build peace or a viable state. International engagement has served to deepen the humanitarian and political crisis in Somalia.

    Ebola: A shocker to Kenya's tourism

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-30 No case of Ebola has been reported in Kenya, despite several scares. But that is not how tourists see it. The numbers of arrivals are going down.

    Declaration of the Extraordinary ALBA-TCP Summit on Ebola

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-28 Last week, heads of state from Latin America and the Caribean met in Cuba explore ways to help the fight against the Ebola outbreak in Africa and to avoid its propagation to other regions.

    Equal Rights Trust urges President of the Gambia not to sign homophobic bill

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-28 The Bill discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation, denying them equal rights to which they are entitled under international law. It will have a devastating impact upon the lives of LGBT people in the Gambia

    Stoning in Lower Shebelle: Recent incidents highlight continued brutality

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-28 SIHA is calling for action from both parties within and outside Somalia to prevent stoning and other form of torture and violence from continuing to cripple the ability of Somali people to lead viable lives

    Ali Mazrui, 1933-2014: A tribute

    55 min 31 sec ago
    2014-10-29 Mazrui was a Creolite, that is, one who had the capacity to mix languages, and became entangled in the cultures as well as the identities of these languages. He was a language bargainer, shopping for the appropriate genre in which to negotiate in the marketplace of ideas.
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