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    High time to build a movement of solidarity to end UN occupation of Haiti

    2014-09-18 - October 15, the UN occupation force in Haiti will be up for renewal by the Security Council. Urgent and swift efforts are now needed to demand an immediate withdrawal of the decade-old army of occupation that has turned Haiti into a UN colony

    The BRICS remix climate damage and corporate collusion

    2014-09-17 - world leaders gather at the UN next week, the window to halt runaway climate change is closing fast this decade, with world-wide emissions cuts of 50 percent needed by 2020, and 90 percent by 2050. Not much can be expected to come out of the UN talk-shop. Emerging powers, on the other hand, are not pursuing any new strategies either

    New dawn for social activism in Ghana

    Public sector workers spark national movement for economic justice 2014-09-18 -'s failed economic trajectory of market liberalisation has trapped the country in a cycle of export dependency based on primary commodities while destroying the domestic industry. A crash in living standards fuelled by high inflation has hit the poorest hardest. Now a new spirit of activism has emerged as a result of this crisis

    Madagascar: The curse of economic growth

    2014-09-17 - its wealth of natural resources, Madagascar has the potential for healthy economic growth, yet remains mostly poor. The government must stop elites from fighting over national profits in a way that keeps plunging the country into turmoil and recession

    To hell with Economics

    2014-09-17 - was originally called political economy, concerned with scarce resources and how to ensure general welfare for everyone given that fact. But US President Nixon and UK Prime Minister Thatcher are responsible for launching the Age of Economist as God

    The US and global wars: Empire or vampire?

    2014-09-17 - American claim to ‘world leadership’ is based exclusively on failed-state empire building. US intervention fragments the conquered state, decimates its professionals, thus providing an entry for the most retrograde ethno-religious, regional, tribal and clan leaders to engage in intra-ethnic, sectarian wars against each other - in other words chaos.

    Critical notes on the legal system of Zambia

    Submission to the legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission in Zambia 2014-09-18 - whole Zambian legal system needs to be revamped. Still deeply rooted in its colonial origins, the system has stifled creativity and stunted the possible independent growth of the country’s legal institutions, law making, judicial decisions and legal scholarship.

    Save the date: Raising Her Voice Report Launch

    2014-09-18 Oxfam, Fahamu and the State of the Union Coalition (SOTU) have pleasure in inviting you to a breakfast celebrating the of the forst country report under the Raising Her Voice - project analysing the implementation in Kenya of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa. Please save the date in your diary. Further information will follow shortly. Please contact Moreen Majiwa: e-mail: tel: 0700932170 with any queries in the meantime. WHEN 30 September 2014 WHERE Villa Rosa Kempinski, Chiromo Rd. Nairobi, Kenya TIME 8.00AM -11.30AM Download the Maputo Protocol Compliance Report Here. -

    Taxation and organized state criminality: The case of Zambia

    2014-09-18 The serious allegations of tax fraud made against the publisher of a Zambian newspaper implicate a number of top ranking government officials and institutions, starting with President Michael Sata. These too should be held to account if there is full commitment to fighting corruption in Zambia

    The money box

    2014-09-18 Entitlement, fledgling institutions and a lack of accountability have yielded rampant corruption in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan

    Time to end academia's ivory trade

    Universities must shift their focus and explore better ways of fostering a more democratic society 2014-09-17 Universities in South Africa and the rest of the continent have tended to either remain aloof from society or follow government prescriptions dociley. Neither of these positions allows for these institutions to contribute to the democratic formation and critical capacity of the societies in which they exist. Universities need to assume a position of ‘embedded autonomy’ while enacting, within their own structures, the democratic values and practices which they teach

    Somalia faces famine amidst US-led war on terror and oil search

    Failure to reach political settlement hinders development and relief 2014-09-18 Some 2.9 people are threatened with starvation, but this alarming situation has not received any significant attention. Global focus is on the US-led war against al Shabaab militants and the quiet oil exploration by Western firms

    What's wrong with government's land holding policy, and what should it do instead?

    2014-09-18 South Africa urgently requires practical agrarian reform policies that transfer land to black farmers who can use it productively to sustain their livelihoods and to supply markets.

    Changing civil-military relations in Kenya

    2014-09-18 President Uhuru Kenyatta recently caused a national stir by appearing in public donning military uniform, something not done by any of his three predecessors. This comes at a time when there is evidence of growing militarization of the state in Kenya.

    Boko Haram and the war against terror

    2014-09-18 Nigerian security forces have killed as many people as the militant group Boko Haram in the ongoing war against terror. What must be appreciated is that Boko Haram is a symptom of serious economic and social problems and an indication of the level of despair that many poor people feel. Military force alone will not quash the insurgency

    21st century Middle East: New transnational jihad or sheer terrorism?

    2014-09-18 Scramble for fighter jets, panic among law enforcement agencies and the rush to introduce new legislation have been the order of the day for Western authorities in reaction to militant Islam since September 11, 2001. But these strategies are counter-productive as they are not based on a keen understanding of the spreading radicalism in the Muslim world

    Why do British socialists hope Scotland will vote for independence?

    2014-09-18 A vote for Scottish independence will be a vote against the inequality and all that the British state represents. However, independence, in reality, will bring little change for the poor and working class.

    Jewish Voices for a Just Peace condemns Archbishop Tutu being compared to Hitler

    2014-09-18 The group says Zionism is never equivalent to anti-Semitism. They also take issue with the distorted and dishonest representation of the Palestinian solidarity movement as a movement invested in the ‘destruction of Jews’.

    Mlungisi challenges anti-terror law in court

    2014-09-18 Swaziland’s Suppression of Terrorism Act is a “flawed” and “inherently repressive” piece of legislation, according to Amnesty International. Mlungisi Makhanya, who has been charged under the act for wearing a t-shirt, is challenging it in court.

    Mobilizing for a successful 8th Pan African Congress in Accra

    2014-09-18 The 8th Pan African Congress will be held at the Accra International Conference Centre. Its main objective is to galvanise Pan African efforts towards Africa’s renewal including its total socio-cultural and politico-economic independence, self-reliance and liberation
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