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    Blood on the streets: Understanding the popular uprising in Congo

    2015-01-29 - inspired by last year’s massive protests in Burkina Faso that ended the regime of President Blaise Compaore who wanted to extend his rule, Congolese citizens last week poured out into the streets to oppose perceived attempts by President Kabila to hold onto power. The people won. But will Kabila still pursue his ambition?

    Will the Greek elections strengthen the hands of the Global South?

    2015-01-27 - endorsement of a leftist party is a vote against global lenders imposing governance prescriptions on countries in crisis. If Greece successfully pushes back against its lenders, it will open the door to countries of the Global South to restructure their relationships with lenders such as the World Bank and IMF.

    SYRIZA's 40-point program

    2015-01-27 - is the official program of the Greek coalition of the radical left, SYRIZA, which won the elections this week.

    Why are we afraid of naming and confronting capitalism?

    2015-01-14 - critics of capitalism suggest that capitalism is not the main problem in the world. They do not want to appear, in the eyes of the people and the ruling elite, as too radical or ‘ideological’. But the forces for social change must embrace revolutionary engagement with robust ideological clarity: Capitalism is the problem.

    World Bank-ruptcy

    The moral bankruptcy of the World Bank in Ethiopia 2015-01-28 - World Bank proclaims its mission is to strive to end extreme poverty at the global level and promote shared prosperity. But a leaked report reveals a conspiracy of silence to cover up crimes against humanity committed against the Anuak people in Ethiopia with the complicity of the World Bank itself.

    Pope Francis’ soft power amidst the crisis of the international order

    2015-01-28 - Francis has used his soft power to speak progressively against an international system that creates and maintains economic inequality and poverty. This year the pope is expected to travel to Africa - a much needed visit for Africans of all faiths as it will once again remind the world of persistent injustices as well as the vast potential of the continent.

    Zambia’s election: Now President Lungu must address the serious issues

    2015-01-28 [][/url]The campaigns lacked any clarity about how the candidates would tackle the huge socio-economic problems bedeviling the Southern African nation. But now that there is a new president in office for the next 18 months, he must strive to heal the deep ethnic cleavages and craft and implement a programme that will improve the quality of life of the majority of Zambians.

    Ivory Coast: The impossible reconciliation

    2015-01-26 [][/url]The next elections are in October 2015 and President Outtara is already preparing to seek a second term. But the country is deeply divided by the violent crisis that brought him to power and ongoing repression of opponents. Ouattara has only achieved a shaky stability. The country needs complete disarmament of rebel soldiers, equitable justice and a true political dialogue.

    The beautiful people

    2015-01-29 - http://www.pambazuka.orgColonialism and capitalism have produced a profiundly unjust food regime, imposing on Southern Africans a diet that generates widespread malnutrition and obesity. The solution to this problem lies in a concerted government-led efforts to implement local solutions that prioritise people over profits.

    The Rwandan genocide: A reply to Herman and Peterson

    2015-01-28 [][/url]It is unfortunate that the professor of finance and the journalist have elected to promote a political posture and criticism in the guise of an ostensible legal analysis. In the end, their analysis contributes very little or nothing at all to the scholarship of international law, while at the same time generating unwarranted, misinformed controversy.

    Special Issue: Oppressions are interlinked in Africa - Can intersectionality be a political tool to inspire social justice organising?

    2015-01-27 Pambazuka News invites articles on the question of oppression in Africa to help readers make sense of the need to be critical in analysing the connectedness of African struggles and to reflect on the role this intersectionality can play in building collaboration in speaking truth to power in Africa.

    The need for Electoral Complaints Authority in Zambia

    2015-01-29 The two leading candidates in Zambia’s presidential by-election last week were in fact unfit to vie, given their record of activities that constitute elections offenses in the Zambian law. A complaints authority should be set up to investigate the claims.

    Fidel Castro: I do not trust the US

    2015-01-29 The 88-year-old revolutionary former President of Cuba does not “trust the US, nor have I exchanged any words with them,” he says in a letter addressed to the student federation at the University of Havana. This is the first time Castro has spoken publicly since the 17 December US push for a historic reconciliation between the two nations.

    Is development becoming a toxic term?

    2015-01-27 Development used to be a battle against deprivation and dependence. Nowadays it’s more about supporting the liberalisation of markets.

    A season of disclaimers

    2015-01-29 Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan is surrounded by discredited men who are doing his re-election campaign more harm than good.

    Sierra Leone: The wrong way to campaign

    2015-01-29 Sierra Leone’s elections are still two years away, but with the country rocked by the recent Ebola crisis, campaigning is already underway. Sankara Kamara looks closer at one presidential candidate, and what lies behind his predominantly online campaign.

    Toward the 8th Pan-African Congress, Accra, Ghana

    2015-01-21 The Local Organising Committee of the 8th Pan African Congress, Accra, Ghana wishes to inform the Pan African world that the 8th PAC will be held in Accra, 4 – 7 March, 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre. Pan-African organisations and Pan-Africanists who are interested in participating in the 8th Pan African Congress may contact Mr. Kwasi Adu on: For further information, interested participants should also visit the 8th PAC website at: - where registration can be done online. Other relevant information about the Congress will be published online on a regular basis. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. Chairman Local Organising Committee

    African Journalist Study Programme: Workshop in Nairobi 2015

    A call for applications 2015-01-15 The Fahamu Emerging Powers in Africa project will be conducting a three-day Journalist capacity building workshop in Nairobi. The workshop seeks to strengthen the voice of African media on investigating and reporting the impact that emerging actors (including China, India, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey) have on Africa’s external engagements and development landscape.

    Call for application as researcher/research team

    Monitoring of Compliance and Implementation of African Union Policy Standards and Legal Instruments by Kenya 2015-01-15 Fahamu, on behalf of the SOTU coalition, is seeking to engage a consultant researcher or team of researchers to conduct an assessment in Kenya to determine the level of compliance with and implementation of key AU legal instruments and policy standards and the impact of their implementation on citizens’ quality of life.

    On not reducing racism to Apartheid

    2015-01-29 When white South Africans see themselves as having a special connection to global whiteness they often succumb to the narcissistic fantasy that their presence in this society, in Africa, constitutes a unique and precious gift.
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