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Rev. Pinkney is “Banned” – Like in the Old South Africa

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    Rev. Pinkney is "Banned" - Like in the Old South AfricaRevPinkney

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    "He is banned from
    exercising any of his political rights."

    As the United States prepares to indulge in a ritual of
    self-congratulation on its miraculous journey to race-neutrality, we need only
    look to southwest Michigan to find the old America shuffling along as if the
    national transformation never happened. Rev. Edward Pinkney, from the mostly
    Black town of Benton Harbor, would like to tell you what race relations in the
    so-called "heartland" are really like, but his lipped are sealed by court
    order. A Black man's freedom of speech is not a right in Benton Harbor - in
    fact, it's a criminal offense, for which one can be sentenced to three-to-ten
    years in prison.

    The persecution of Rev. Pinkney exposes both the grand and
    petty aspects of 21st Century American racism.

    Benton Harbor has the misfortune of being situated in a sea
    of white folks who have managed to remain untouched by the Obama phenomenon. The
    Whirlpool Corporation, which dominates the political and economic life of the
    region, decided that a golf course would be the best use for 22 acres of local
    parkland. Under Rev. Pinkney's leadership, Benton Harbor's impoverished Blacks
    sought redress of this and other grievances through the electoral process -
    resulting in Rev. Pinkney's conviction by an all-white jury on charges of vote
    tampering. He was sentenced to a year in prison and five years probation.

    "A Black man's freedom
    of speech is not a right in Benton Harbor - it's a criminal offense."

    When the Reverend expressed his political opinion in a
    newspaper piece, prophesying that God would "curse" the judge unless he
    "hearkened unto the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and to do all that is
    right,' the judge went ballistic. He revoked Rev. Pinkney's bail - "the first
    time in modern history that a preacher has been imprisoned for predicting what
    God might do," according the ACLU.

    Just before Christmas, the Michigan Court of Appeals
    allowed Rev. Pinkney to be released on bail, a victory that is credited to
    massive public expressions of support for the Reverend's liberationist
    ministry. But Rev. Pinkney is by no means a free man. Under the terms of his
    bail, he cannot use a cell phone or a pager, is barred from public speaking or
    preaching, cannot use a credit card, is prohibited from saying anything that
    might be considered defamatory about the racist judge who sentenced him, and is
    under a 24-hour curfew. If, for some reason, Rev. Pinkney is ordered back to
    prison, he has every reason to believe that his life will be in danger.

    So we see that southwest Michigan is not very different
    than southwest Georgia. Corporate domination in Benton Harbor meshes quite
    nicely with your garden variety white racism that sentences Black men to prison
    for the simple exercise of their fundamental constitutional rights. Benton
    Harbor embodies the full-spectrum racism - from corporate headquarters to
    county courthouse - that is actually the norm in the United States.

    Rev. Pinkney is no longer imprisoned, but is instead
    subjected to the same kinds of restrictions that were called "banning" in
    white-ruled South Africa. He is banned from exercising any of his political
    rights. The newfound American rhetoric of race neutrality seeks validation
    through endless repetition - but it's still a lie.

    For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford.

    We are informed that Rev. Pinkney would like very much
    to be contacted. Reach out to the brother at:
    or call him at 269.925.0001. As you can imagine, he's near the phone.

    BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

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    Powerful Words

    Reverend Pinkney shook the cowardly judge to his rotten core.

    When I read what he said to the judge it was a sign to me that we are not alone. Most of those who led us had deep faith and apologized to no one one. Even now while the Palestinians are being slaughtered they call on Allah to be a comfort in time of great tribulation.

    That judge knows the Reverends words are Prophetic but obviously he doesn't know the rest. No matter how hard he comes, how many sanctions those words will come true, he will "Reap What He Sows"

    All Power To The People

    Rev Pinkney Have Given Blacks A Spotlight

    I hope that the trials that Rev has encountered will wake Black people up to show them that kissing butts days are over for the Black race.
    We also need to stop trying to justify other race reactions,and
    take a good look at ourselves.

    Sure the Judges knew what the Rev was quoting, but was like Saul when the light from heaven blinded
    him,and its sad that the Blacks in Benton Harbor was scare to support Rev Pinkney.

    " Right On Rev Pinkney Right On "

    To those who think everything is honkey dory

    It is nice to see poor white people waking up and realizing that their in the same boat as Africans in america and have put a brother in the White House, but as this article proves we of African ancestory cant get to comfortable. As pointed out in Kwame Ture's "Black Power", black politicians do not mean black leaders. It's cool to see the eurphoric reactions to the elections but black people are still being killed by the police (as well as each other), still filling the (privitised) prisons, lack education, employment and resources for self and community improvement. If African people can still be denied the full rights of citizenship (as shown by Minister Pinkney's case) then we are not protected by the laws of this country and will remain second class citizens

    Time Out!

    It's time out, I live in this city of Benton Harbor, MI. God's word is "there's a time for everything" Eccl. 3:7, Pinkney being a man of God he should have been following God's word, not using it. I DO NOT AGREE with using God's word to benefit the actions that Pinkney choose to take. It was him, who made the choose to commit the crime of the election of the city of Benton Harbor. The whole Pinkney thing is what it is "OLD". It's time to bring forth a change to our city and our country. So if Pinkney wants the praise of the (wo is me)and be wimpy to get support, GUESS WHAT YOU WON'T GET IT! You get support when your making an effort and change. Change the negative into a positive for the future to come for our city and our country. So it's TIME OUT for the old and Time for the NEW.

    About Rev. Pinkney

    To Rep for BH:
    It appears that Rev. Pinkney was doing what God's word says. He was doing as the Old Testament prophets did: speak out against the social and political ills that they observed, including speaking against the so called establishment, and that's what got them in trouble. I would urge Rep BH to closely read the Old Testament prophets-- Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc. and see how they were shunned by fellow countrymen, told to shut up by kings and priests ( the religious heads) and others who simply did not understand their role. There is no doubt in my mind that this judge really did understand the power of Rev. Pinkney's words, and sought to shut him up. See Amos 7:10ff, and read in the Bible what happened to the king when he sought to shut up a prophet.