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    Amend the Constitution or Submit to Corporate Dictatorship

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

    With its recent ruling that corporations have the constitutional right to suborn the government through unlimited campaign spending, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered "the final mockery and insult to the very concept of one person, one vote." There is not alternative but to change the Constitution.

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    Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald, Political Prisoner and Former Panther on Hunger Strike in California's Corcoran Prison

    corcoranIn the more than 40 years that former Black Panther Romaine "Chip"  has been imprisoned in California he has neither complained nor drawn attention to himself.  He has counseled other prisoners against violence and bitterness.  But now, after an extended period of being denied communication with the outside and access to medical attention, Fitzgerald is refusing food, vowing to fast until death if he is not transferred out of the inhuman regime of solitary confinement at California's infamous Corcoran State Prison and accorded proper medical care.

    What If the Tea Party Were Black?

    tea party toonby Tim Wise
    Polite white society ponders the nature of the Tea Party “movement,” applauding, ignoring or deriding their fellow Euro-Americans but seldom considering them prime candidates for suppression by deadly force and endless imprisonment. But what if the rowdy rabble were Black? To ask the question is to answer it.

    Down Prison Road

    folsomby David Bacon
    The scenery was bleak on the recent “March for California's Future.” Poor towns kept alive only through the incarceration of others lined the road through the San Joaquin Valley, home to “a prison population of 67,059 human beings incarcerated in 13 institutions, guarded by another 21,215 human beings, at a cost of $2.4 billion.” A vision of what all of California could become.

    Are Anti-Abortion Groups Targeting Black Women?

    altered posterby Jill Nelson
    Feigning concern for Black women and children, the infinitely cynical anti-abortion movement has plastered the Atlanta area with posters depicting abortion as genocide. “But who they really want to have more babies is young white girls,” says Black reproductive rights activist Loretta Ross. “Abortion, immigration, and gay marriage are the wedge issues, and somehow some black people keep going for it.”

    Katrina Deaths at New Orleans Hospital Revisited

    triageFrom On The Media
    When New Orleans flooded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, patients and doctors at the Memorial Medical Center were stranded without power and facing dwindling supplies of medicine. By the time the ordeal was over, as many as eleven elderly, mostly Black patients were dead – some, it was charged, euthanized by medical personnel.

    Israel's Big and Small Apartheids

    by Jonathan Cook

    It is irrefutable that Israel is an apartheid state, established and maintained for the benefit of one group of its inhabitants. “There are, for example, some 30 laws that explicitly discriminate between Jews and non-Jews.” The same fate awaits the West Bank, if the Zionist mission is not halted. “The veiled apartheid facing Palestinians inside Israel is the blueprint for a veiled -- and more legitimate -- kind of apartheid being planned for Palestinians in the occupied territories.”

    Freedom Rider: Obama’s Supreme Court

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
    When every other argument fails, those who urge Blacks and progressives to stick with the Democratic Party finally pull out their clincher: We must vote Democratic to keep the Republicans from stacking the courts. Democrats are then free to nominate whomever they want, free of criticism from the Left. “Any mediocre nominee could be praised to the high heavens because after all, he or she is not as bad as Scalia or Thomas.”

    "D- Ridin' Obama:" Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder Throws a Bomb

    "Boondocks" creator Aaron McGruder, whose pointed satires of BET were banned from TV stations in 2008 is at it again.  Season 3 clips of "Boondocks" are being released, depicting fictional and real rappers Thugnificent and Will I Am singing "D* Riding Obama" are making the rounds, and causing a stir.  What the Boondocks satire says, and how the black elite and the black community receives it tell a lot about us.

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    Black Business Class Leadership and the Crisis of Gentrification

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Why is the only model of inner city economic development that anybody has tried in living memory amount to moving poorer urban residents out, and wealthier ones in? What happens to the people who are moved out, and why does our black business class leadership quietly ignore, or openly collaborate in the dispersal of the very communities which made many of their careers possible?

    Wall Street: Phony Money and Earth-Shaking Crimes

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford

    Goldman Sachs, the most successful parasite in corporate finance and on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, “has been unmasked as one of the dirtiest players in the giant Casino that we know as Wall Street.” The villain isn't simple greed, but a system that “operates in opposition to the human economy.”

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    The Anniversary of Bandung and Durban II: Eisenhower to Obama What We Haven’t Learned About “Unity in Diversity!”

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Dr. Jared A. Ball

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR columnist Dr. Jared A. Ball

    The 55th anniversary of the Bandung conference that solidified the global Non-Aligned Movement, is a good vantage from which to observe the continuity of imperial policies toward what used to be called the “Third World.” Unfortunately, many of the oppressed have still not learned history’s lessons that could lead them to a “class and racial and religious consciousness on a global scale.”

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    The Diversity Dead-End

    bennetonby Robert Jensen
    Pro-“diversity” campaigns these days tend to degenerate into feel-good sessions in which white privilege is barely mentioned. Analysis of real-world power relations is not just absent, but actively discouraged as “divisive.” But progress is possible “only when we are willing to address the systems and structures of power in which inequality and discrimination are rooted.”

    Colonizing Cassava

    cassavaby C. Uzondu
    When huge corporations start talking about improving the harvests of foods the poor depend on to survive, watch out! Those crops are about to be colonized, made more expensive and genetically altered. Casava is the latest target of global agro-industry.

    Transgender Community in New Orleans Claims Police Harassment

    symbolby Jordan Flaherty
    Black transgender community members in New Orleans are fighting back against systematic police harassment and abuse. People are falsely arrested for prostitution and often charged with “crimes against nature.” Said one victim, “I want to go to the French Quarter and hang out and have cocktails just like everyone else. Why can’t I?”

    Liberation's Lies

    iraq war crimesby Felicity Arbuthnot
    The current imperial offensive not only physically destroys human beings on an industrial scale, it debases the souls of the aggressors. The voices of U.S. helicopter pilots as they fire cannons into innocent Iraqis on a neighborhood street corner, testify to an anti-human, “video game morality” among “America’s finest.”

    White Nationalism on the March

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
    The white nationalists of the Tea Party “movement” claim to abhor big government, but what they actually reject is a social contract with the non-white populations of the United States. Race is the subtext, the coded message of the Right's resurgence. The white Right want “their” country back – but we won't let them have it.

    Freedom Rider: Slavery-Denial in Old Virginny

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
    The (white) South is perpetually rising again, flaunting its barbaric myths and lies. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is the latest unreconstructed rebel to seek 21st century respectability for the Confederacy. In fact, McDonnell and his low-life ilk are “nostalgic for the days when they were able to own human beings as property.”

    Save the Internet, But Start a Social Movement

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR editor and columnist Dr Jared A. Ball

    A federal court has put the FCC’s version of “internet neutrality” in question, encouraging corporate forces that would turn the Net into a toll road. But real activists don’t rely on courts and legislatures to achieve social and institutional progress. “Until we return to genuine grassroots and radically political social movement no technology can be used for liberation."

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    Americans Kill Muslims Like Roaches

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
    The current American imperial offensive “has all the characteristics of a race war,” and is viewed as such by much of the world. “In Muslim nations, the U.S. treats the inhabitants like roaches, stomping human beings underfoot and cursing them when they scurry to get out of the way.”

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    Why Defame Cuba? A Congregant’s Plea to Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    by Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture
    Lots of unexpected names turned up as signatories to a letter charging the Cuban government with systematic discrimination against Blacks. Among those who committed the foul injustice against Cuba, and shamed themselves, was Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor. A fellow member of the United Church of Christ asks, respectfully, that the minister explain himself.

    The GOP’s Rebel Yell

    by Sikivu Hutchinson
    The Tea Partyers are set to refloat the old 1994 “Contract with America” as part of their general right wing offensive. The New Confederates vow to wage decisive war against the Obama administration’s imaginary “socialism.” So far, the Right’s “junkyard thuggery” seems to be working. “The prospect of a Republican midterm election sweep looks even more tantalizing.”

    Michelle Alexander: Black Mass Incarceration IS the New Jim Crow

    If you cannot see the video above, click here.

    Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, speaks in NYC on how the phenomenon of black mass incarceration became social policy in the U.S. in the past thirty years.  About one hour.

    Nine Myths about Socialism in the US

    by Bill Quigley
    So divorced from reality is the American political conversation, it becomes necessary to defend the good name of socialism by explaining that no such thing exists in the U.S. In fact, the United States government does less for its citizens than most of the rest of the world’s developed industrial nations.

    AFRICOM Backs Bloodshed in Central Africa

    this worksby Keith Harmon Snow
    When the U.S. corporate media bothers to cover the genocidal conflict in eastern Congo at all, they focus on “rape as a weapon of war” and other such examples of African “barbarity.” But never do they shine a light on the causes of the wars – U.S., European and Israeli machinations to steal the regions resources.
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