The ICC: The Empire's Court


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The International Criminal Court has turned into its opposite: an injudicious, selective enforcer of imperial policy, rather than a global standard of criminal law. The cast of defendants have all been African and outcasts from the U.S. imperial orbit, from the ICC’s inception. “The ICC has been used as an instrument of war; not an instrument of peace, but war by other means. It’s time to 'scrap it.'”

An Evening In Harlem NY With Black Agenda Report & Friends

Jay-Z's “We Need Less Government” Quip Proves Harry Belafonte Right: He's A Selfish Loon

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Black celebrities a generation ago like Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Curt Flood, Roberto Clemente, and of course, Harry Belafonte and his mentor Paul Robeson used their prominence not to hobnob with with the White House, but to help those picketing outside the mansions of governors and presidents, the imprisoned and oppressed. How far have we fallen since then? Now the same black celebs who wine and dine at the White House are mystifying “politics” while mouthing slogans of the far right....


Obama on Wrong Side in Shell Oil Human Rights Case

Obama on Wrong Side in Shell Oil Human Rights Case

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Shell Oil, which profits most from the Ogoni people’s degradation and oppression, claims it is just a bystander, an innocent party.”


Human Rights and Humanitarian Imperialism in Syria: A View From an African American Defender of Human Rights

By Ajamu Baraka

iiWho is killing whom in Syria and why? And to whom should we be listening ---- to our corporate media, State Department, and the same corps of “human rights activists” who applauded the Western invasion of Libya, and the dispatch of US special forces to Africa?

I’m Afraid of the 99%


by Mike Pirsch

The Occupy movement was based on the proposition that the State serves the interests of the 1%, while the rest of us are left out in the cold. But, why do 99% of Americans vote for presidential candidates of “the financial industry dictatorship and its enforcer, the military empire” every four years? If 20% voted for progressive parties, it would “frighten the financial dictators more than a thousand Occupys.”

Nothing More Evil


by David Swanson

War is the worst thing that humans do, from which the evils of genocide and crimes against humanity flow. Yet, in our political culture, people convince themselves that supporting supposedly “lesser evils” is a glorious enterprise. In truth, “a Lesser Evilist today is not choosing less evil policies, but the same policies in what he or she hopes will be lesser amounts.”

21 Years and Counting: Eritrea’s Independent Path Towards Sustainable Development, Peace & Cooperation


by Elias Amare

Eritrea, a small African nation on the Red Sea that won its independence from Ethiopia in a 30-year war and was once praised by the West for its policies of self-reliance, is now demonized as a “rogue state.” Washington showers Ethiopia with billions in economic and military aid. “The US and its European allies must reverse their misguided policies of propping up tyrannical client regimes in the Horn of Africa and play a constructive role of peace by de-escalating their militarization of the region.”

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U.S. Tries to Bully Iran Into Submission

Iran poses no threat to the world, said David Swanson, publisher of The real “source of tension” with Washington is that “Iran, since its revolution, has insisted on remaining independent of U.S. control. The Pentagon wants an Iran that cannot strike back” if it is attacked by the U.S. or Israel.

Obamacare Provides “Inferior” Protection

President Obama’s health care law is “an agreement between the federal government and big business” that “doesn’t protect Americans from bankruptcy and premature death,” said Dr. Reginald Clark, a health issues scholar who lectures at California State University, in Los Angeles. Most people will only be able to afford “inferior” levels of federally mandated health care coverage, he said.

U.S. Election Duopoly

Both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are deep in the pocket of ‘clean coal,’ as they are in the pockets of Big Ag, Big Insurance, military contractors, Wall Street and other centers of real power,” said BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon. For a progressive analysis of the debates between the two business parties, go to, beginning October 3.

Federal Employees’ Due Process Rights Threatened

Provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act pending before Congress would allow judges on federal workplace boards to deny due process to employees that complain of discrimination, said worker rights activist Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo. “This really does harken back to Jim Crow, when our cases were considered amusement for the Bubba crowd,” said Coleman-Adebayo, whose battle against discrimination at the Environmental Protection Agency led to passage of the NO FEAR whistleblower protection legislation, in 2002.

Paramilitaries on the Rise in Haiti

With the encouragement of the U.S.-backed government, paramilitaries are occupying 20 former Haitian Army bases, according to Jeb Sprague, author of Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti. The militiamen want to become part of a new national military. The U.S. also favors bringing back the Haitian Army, which was disbanded under deposed president Jean Bertrand Aristide. “They want it there in place if the UN force eventually leaves, to beat down the people,” said Sprague.

Voting As A Constitutional Right: What A Real “Protect The Vote” Movement Would Look Like

The right to vote is under a persistent, many-sided and sustained siege. In an era of hostile courts, complicit media, and big money dominating all the legislatures in the land, how can we launch a movement that will actually establish and defend the right to vote for ourselves, our children and grandchildren? An almost forgotten 2001 book by Jesse Jackson Jr. and Frank Watkins contains some serious clues....

Talking Peace and Justice with Ahmadinejad


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The American government wants to expand its hegemony over the center of energy in the world, which is the Middle East,” said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a Manhattan dinner with mainly American peace and justice advocates. Iran considers weapons of mass destruction to be forbidden under Islam. All the talk of war is merely a cloak for America’s imperial ambitions.

Freedom Rider: Emancipation


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Emancipation Proclamation left Blacks in the slave states that had not seceded from the Union still in chains, and might better have been called “the emancipation but not for everyone proclamation.” African Americans have often been forced to take steps backward for every few steps forward. As a result, “we have been prone to celebrate the smallest act of consideration as monumental victory.”

Brought To You By “Clean Coal:” All You Need To Know About the 2012 Obama- Romney Debates


A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon


What do we do when choices between major presidential candidates aren't real choices, and debates between them not real debates? Real or not, the scripted and controlled events put on by the corporate “Commission” on Presidential Debates are heralded by corporate media as the opportunity to compare Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, as if a meaningful “choice” existed between them.


It's Party Time for the Black Misleadership Class

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

If, as Michelle Obama claims, “voting is the new movement,” then Black people are going nowhere. Absent a genuine people’s struggle, the periodic ritual of voting empowers only “the same class that abandoned mass movement politics 40 years ago, in favor of pursuing their own corporate and electoral ambitions.”


MOVIE REVIEW: The 3 Big Lies in the 'Won’t Back Down' Movie...

by Julie Woestehoff

The alleged “documentary,” Won't Back Down, universally praised in corporate media as the true-to-life inspiring story of big-city parents fighting bad teachers, worse unions and failed, unresponsive public schools is pure right-wing propaganda. Financed by the same right-wing billionaire who paid for “Waiting For Superman,” its intention is to build support for “trigger” referenda on the ballot across the country which will greatly further the cause of school privatization.

Why Obama Health Care Act Should Be Named “Obamacare for the Few and ObamaDon’tCare for the Majority”


by Dr. Reginald Clark

President Obama uses the term “universal” to describe his health care plan. But “well over 100 million American citizens will NOT be covered with a health insurance Plan that makes their health care costs “affordable” when they get sick.” There is only one solution: “a publically-led, single payer, Health Care system that takes the profit-motive out of providing access to quality health care.”

Fifteen Issues this Election is Not About


by Bill Quigley

The ties that bind the two corporate parties and their presidential candidates are much stronger than any differences that separate them. That’s why a progressive platform could be built almost entirely around opposition to those positions shared by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Below is a litany of issues that will not see the light of day in corporate campaign 2012.

When Will Radical Become the Norm?


by Solomon Comissiong

Americans have methodically been taught to believe they reside within the world's most free and open "democratic” society,” with the highest standard of living on the planet. It’s a lie, yet those who point out that the narrative is false are “characterized as ‘radicals’ or even social deviants,” rather than truth-tellers. America desperately needs a new normal.

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Chicago Teachers First to Stand Up to Obama School Policies

This is the first time that a teachers union stood up to the privatization of the Obama administration, stood up to the Democrats as the purveyors of these policies,” said journalist Jaisal Noor, who covered this month’s teachers strike for the Real News Network and other outlets. “The reason that the union knew it could strike and that it could maintain public support is because they had spent the last couple of years working with communities. There was massive support from parents and from students.”

Both Parties Ignore Poverty

Democrats are even less likely than Republicans to talk about poverty this election season, as evidenced by the near-absence of the word at both parties’ national conventions, said Paul Street, author of The Empire’s New Clothes: Barack Obama and the Real World of Power. In Black inner cities, “we’re looking at unemployment and poverty rates that harken back to the Great Depression. And, of course, that’s something that Barack Obama is instructed never to talk about.”

Oligarchs and Plutocrats Rule

Poverty in America is a national disgrace and a moral obscenity, which is rendered invisible by the system under which we live, run by oligarchs and plutocrats,” said Dr. Cornel West, of Union Theological Seminary, in New York. West and journalist Tavis Smiley recently completed their Poverty Tour 2.0, including stops in four so-called “battleground” states. “If we can get the Black Freedom Struggle off life support, we can really turn this country around.”

Occupy the Debates

Progressives will hold streaming analysis and discussion of the Obama-Romney debates, starting with the first event on October 3. “We’ll discuss the obvious crises the country faces, from housing to the environment to mass incarceration, the issues that are not being dealt with…by the corporate candidates,” said organizer Kevin Zeese. For information, go to

Black Educator Faces Prison for Challenging Whitening of HBCUs

Dr. Jahi Issa faces two years in prison on riot charges for supporting Black students protesting the “whitening” of historically Black Delaware State University, last March. “He was touching a very raw and sensitive nerve,” said Dr. Jeff Perry, biographer of Hubert Harrison, considered the father of Harlem radical politics. “Historically Black colleges and universities get substantial federal support,” said Perry. “Corporate interests want to take it over for both profit and social control.” To assist Dr. Issa’s legal defense, go to Dr. Issa’s article “The Ethnic Cleansing of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Age of Obama” appeared in Black Agenda Report, September 6, 2011.

The Mother of all Blowbacks

In Libya and now Syria, as in Afghanistan beginning under President Jimmy Carter, “the West has once again empowered fundamentalist forces that will inevitably turn against Washington, the Greatest Infidel of all,” said BAR executive editor Glen Ford. Recent anti-U.S. protests in the Islamic world are “only a small foretaste of what is to come: a blowback of such intensity that the foundations of Empire will crack, and crumble.”

Information as Weaponry

Last year’s U.S.-NATO war against Libya “was not conducted just with bombing and with troops, but was an information war, and that’s the parallel with what’s going on in Syria, today,” said journalist Don Debar. “The bloodshed is conducted on behalf of, or directed by, the United States, France and Britain. Iran is public enemy number one for the West, “as it has been since 1979.”

Jesus on Death Row

Jesus Christ spent his last days on death row and was murdered by the government at that time,” said Pam Africa, head of International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal, speaking at Riverside Church, in New York. “We cannot forget political prisoners. These brothers and sisters are in jail because they have a love for us, and understand that we must never give in.”

Rahm Emanuel: Point Man For Obama's Bipartisan Pork Barrel Pedagogy

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Despite universal hostility in corporate media, and new laws savagely restricting their right to strike, or even what they could bargain over, Chicago teachers mustered broad parent support behind their 7 day strike, now suspended. What does the Chicago strike mean for the national fight against privatization and corporate “school reform”?


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