China to be Number One in 2030 – But Who Will be Top Gun?

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The U.S. and Europe produce less and less of what the world wants, and will be eclipsed by Asia by the year 2030, according to America’s own National Intelligence Council. But the NATO allies account for 70 percent of the world’s military budget. The task between now and 2030, is to prevent the decaying powers “from holding the productive forces and nations of the world hostage by force of arms.”

American Militarism Threatening To Set Off World War III


by Professor Francis A. Boyle

Massive lawlessness by the U.S. government, at home and abroad, requires a response of civil resistance. “Today’s civil resisters are acting for the express purpose of upholding the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, human rights, and international law.” The resistance is lawful. The U.S. government officials are the outlaws!”

Why Is Cuba’s Health Care System the Best Model for Poor Countries?


by Don Fitz

Cuba has become a world-class medical powerhouse with very limited resources, while “the US squanders perhaps 10 to 20 times what is needed for a good, affordable medical system.” As a result, the Cuban infant mortality rate is “below that of the US and less than half that of US Blacks,” and Americans can hardly claim to have a health care system.

Roots of Evil: Capitalism


by Herbert Salit

All Western societies are based on large-scale oppression and systematic theft, much of that dependent on the use of, and the threat of the use of, force, that is, armed robbery.” So, why all the fuss and worry about the decline of the West?

Why Couldn't Unions Stop RIght To Work Legislation in Michigan?

In a stealth maneuver last week, the Michigan legislature passed right to work legislation, intended to strip the nation's few remaining unions of their ability to hire staff and be politically active. The Real News Network interviews Jane McAlevey, a successful union organizer to explain how this happened & what it means.

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Wal-Mart-Free Newark

As “the leader in the retail industry in paying its workers the lowest wages,” Wal-Mart should be barred from doing business in Newark, New Jersey, said Larry Hamm, chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress. “We need living wage jobs,” said Hamm. “The minimum wage is a slave wage.”

Wal-Mart Exploits Obamacare

President Obama’s health care legislation has been a special boon to Wal-Mart, the world’s biggest corporation. “What changes with Obamacare is that anybody making up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level now qualifies for Medicaid,” said journalist Mary Wheeler. In recent months, Wal-Mart has cut the hours of large numbers of workers. “There’s a big incentive for Wal-Mart to make sure that as many of their employees are below the federal poverty level” as possible, said Wheeler.

Multinationals Super-Exploit Third World Workers

Labor unions, elected officials and grassroots activists in New York demanded that multinational corporations be made accountable for working conditions at factories in the developing world. “We must push them to sign the international Fire Safety Act and follow international labor laws,” said Fazi Foezia, a member of DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving – and a Bengladesh national. “They exploit our workers and don’t pay taxes to our governments.” Garment factory fires in Bengladesh and Pakistan have killed hundreds in recent months.

Raising Retail Wages Would Boost Economy

A study by Demos finds that “raising wages in the retails sector at the largest employers to a threshold of $25,000 a year for full-time, year-round workers would bring a million and a half people out of poverty, generate between $11 and $15 billion in GDP, and create between 100,000 and 132,000 new jobs.” Corporations would benefit, too, from a more loyal work force and greater consumer spending power.

Disaster Officials Offer Loans, Not Aid

Federal officials are more concerned with generating loans to fatten the $1 billion a year disaster loan service industry, than in providing direct aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, according to a study by Strike Debt, an offshoot of the Occupy Movement. Credit-worthiness, rather than need, becomes the watchword, said Strike Debt spokesperson Pamela Brown. “By using the lens of debt, they are exacerbating any kinds of inequalities that are already existing” in disaster-struck areas, “putting renters and minority communities” in additional jeopardy.

No Charge, No Trial, No Justice

Civil and human rights activists gathered at Central Connecticut State University, at New Britain, for a conference on preventive detention, last weekend. President Obama’s preventive detention law, part of the National Defense Authorization Act, was designed to target “those who are engage in dissent,” said conference organizer Daniel Adams. Activists should also oppose more recent legislation that might exempt U.S. citizens from detention without charge or trial. “It’s got to be all of us or none of us,” said Adams.

The Shameless Vacuity of Susan Rice's Black Boosters


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Africa doesn’t matter, U.S. wars don’t matter, nothing matters to the Black Misleadership Class except the sickly prestige of basking in the (distant) glow of power. Susan Rice’s “Black boosters embrace an abettor of genocide and endless military interventions as one of their own – and indict themselves.”

Freedom Rider: Latinos Lead the Way


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

Latinos make up barely ten percent of the electorate, and have only emerged as a major national political presence in recent years. Yet, they are outclassing Blacks at every political juncture. “The victory of young Latinos and Latinas did not come about because of altruistic motives from the administration, but because of a carefully planned and very courageous public campaign.”

Massacre in Cleveland: Lynch Law Was Never Repealed


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

America’s “unwritten law” dictates that nothing unusual is happening when 13 cops shoot 137 bullets at an apparently unarmed Black couple in Cleveland, a Black-run city. Ida B. Wells, who fought and chronicled lynching at the turn of the 20th century, would feel horribly at home.

Sandy, the Storm from Hell – Unless You’re a Banker


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

For Wall Street, every disaster is an opportunity to make debt slaves of the victims.” Federal disaster policy is built on “credit-worthiness” rather than need. Moreover, “federal policy has the effect of widening already existing racial disparities.”

Parent Trigger Laws Coming To Georgia This Year – The Privatization of Education Marches On

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

The forces of education privatization scored a major victory this November in Georgia, thru passage of a cleverly written constitutional amendment back by a multiimillion dollar deceptive ad campaign, and the active backing or complicit silence of much of the black political class.

An Interview with Cornel West on Occupy, Obama and Marx


by Shozab Raza and Parmbir Gill

Fresh from his winning debate at Oxford, Dr. Cornel West discussed a ranged of subjects with two graduate students. “More and more these days, race is taking a class form because you’ve got a black middle class that is often times indifferent to the black poor.”

Britain and America Target DR Congo


by Antoine Roger Lokongo

It’s now an “open secret” that the U.S. is plotting the dismemberment of the Democratic Republic of Congo, through Washington’s proxies Uganda and Rwanda. “This is not a Congolese civil war, but a continuation of a 16-year aggression by its two neighbors, financed and directed by the United States and Britain.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton: “Friends of Haiti?”

by Marty Goodman

The Clintons’ crimes against Haiti go back two decades, making Bill singularly unsuitable to act as United Nations envoy to Haiti. “Bill’s friendly relations with Haiti’s current President Michael Martelly, who is linked to Duvalier-era thugs and their kin, is well known.”

The Death of Jordan Davis: Is it Open season on Negroes?


by Doshon Farad

Another unarmed 17 year-old Black male shot dead by a Florida white man. Are white men really so terrified by the presence of Black males, or “is black life, specifically that of black males, seen as valueless?” Or both?

December 4, 1969 -- Nothing but a Northern Lynching: The Assassination of Fred Hampton

by G. Flint Taylor
Observations of one of the attorneys who represented the families of survivors of the murderous December 4, 1969 raid by the FBI and Chicago police on the home of Fred Hampton, Deputy Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. 

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NAACP Image Awards Targeted for Protest

Benton Harbor, Michigan, activist Rev. Edward Pinkney plans to lead hundreds of pickets at the NAACP’s Image Awards ceremonies on February 1, in Los Angeles. “Our main objective is to wake up the NAACP, and show that they are out of touch with the community,” said Pinkney, longtime leader of the civil rights group’s local chapter. Pinkney charges the NAACP collaborated with a Whirlpool Corporation scheme to take over the Ben Harbor NAACP, in return for financial support. The Los Angeles protest will send the NAACP a message, said Pinkney: “We need you to stop taking these corporate dollars.”

White House and Republicans Play Fiscal Tag Team

The Obama administration and Republican congressional leaders “are pushing essentially the same solutions” to the so-called fiscal cliff problem. “Nobody on either side is talking about the military budget” or “serious taxation of billionaires; in fact, both sides are talking about cutting corporate taxes,” said David Swanson, publisher of the influential website War Is a Crime. “You don’t really have opposition between these two parties, you have agreement,” he said.

Arne Duncan Must Go

Black and progressive educators should push for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to be replaced early in Obama’s second term, said Dr. Sam Anderson, of New York City’s Independent Commission on Public Education. The concept of education as a “human right is historically rooted in our struggle to be free in this country, as Black people,” said Anderson.

Bill Clinton Most to Blame for Congo “Holocaust”

Millions of Congolese have died since 1996 due to policies set in motion by President Bill Clinton, said Prof. Yaa Lengi, of the Congo Coalition. Neighboring Uganda and Rwanda “are always coming up with schemes to foment chaos in eastern Congo” in order to exploit the region’s mineral resources. “Cell phones, lap tops, flat screen TVs – all those gadgets need the minerals of the Congo,” said coalition organizer William Misezuel.

More Bad News for Congo: Oil

Of late there’s been a major oil discovery in Congo, which makes it even more attractive” to outsiders, said Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of history and African American Studies at the University of Houston. “The United States needs to put more pressure on the Rwandan and Ugandan regimes,” since Washington “is the puppeteer” of the relationship. Dr. Horne spoke on Regent Radio’s Saturday Morning Show, in Toronto, Canada.

UN Fails Haiti on Rights

A report by the Paris-based Federation of Human Rights charges the United Nations with failing to take responsibility for causing the cholera epidemic in Haiti, and with inflicting other human rights violations on the occupied nation. In addition to spreading cholera, UN troops have “violated Haitians’ rights in various ways, from rapes to extrajudicial killings,” said Dan Beeton, of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington. The UN recently extended its occupation troops’ mandate for another year.

A Second Wave of Genocide Looms in Congo, with Susan Rice on Point


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Susan Rice is a woman of ghastly accomplishments: suppressor of the facts on genocide in Congo, and chief U.S. warmonger in Africa. Yet African American politicians rush to her defense, as a role model for young Blacks, especially women.

Freedom Rider: Why White People Get Mad


by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The Thanksgiving myth teaches (white) Americans that they are the kindest, most generous people on Earth – and, if you don’t believe that, they will tear you limb from limb. “The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday is not only a celebration of slaughter but it is used to this very day to keep all Americans secure in their love of white supremacy.”

Obama and GOP Play Tag Team on Entitlements


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Not only is the ‘fiscal cliff” a phony, manufactured issue, there is fundamental agreement between the White House and Republicans in Congress on how this game should end: with entitlements in tatters. “Austerity is the common language and goal of the talks.”

Obama's FCC Intends To OK Unlimited Concentration of Radio, TV, Newspaper Ownership in Top 20 Markets

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon

Back in 2007, the George W. Bush's FCC tried to give Big Media the right to unlimited ownership of TV, radio and newspaper outlets in cities across the country. They were stopped by a timely court ruling and a firestorm of public rage. The Obama FCC intends to do in a secret proceeding before Xmas exactly what Bush could not do in 2007. Can they be stopped? Where are those who promised to hold this president's feet to the fire?

Stevie Wonder Disgraces Himself with Concert for Israeli Military


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Stevie Wonder, who once penned a song against apartheid in South Africa, will star at a fundraiser for the Israeli military, early next month. How shocking that a Black cultural icon would help throw a party for the soldiers of “a system that some describe as even worse than that practiced by the white South African regime.”

Non Profit Organizations & the Privatization of Public Housing

An Against the Grain Interview with Prof. Jay Arena

In this Against the Grain interview, about 50 minutes, Jay Arena outlines the process of destroying public housing in New Orleans and more broadly across the country, with particular attention to the roles played by not for profit organizations and black elites carrying out the neoliberal agenda of gentrification.

Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous Should No Longer Be Invited to the White House


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous may do a lot of good for the White House, but what about the actual conditions of Black people? “It saddens me to see our most powerful civil rights leaders bowing to a racist American power structure by giving Democratic leaders carte blanche to leave the black community in ruins.”

Humanitarian Coverup: Why is Obama Silent Over the New Congo War?


by Shamus Cooke

The United States is a silent partner in the latest bloodshed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, under siege by so-called M23 “rebels” controlled by U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda. “It’s likely that the Obama administration will jump into action as soon as his M23 allies complete their military objective of regime change, and re-open the Congo’s military wealth to U.S. corporations to profit from.”

The Tragedy of Goma: Shame on UN and Rwanda’s Western Allies


by Theogene Rudasingwa

Rwanda and Uganda, Washington’s closest allies in central Africa, are embarked on the full conquest of their neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Following the capture of Goma, “Rwanda is now poised to take Bukavu in South Kivu, and most likely will be lured into DRC's tempting but dangerous belly, as far as the capital, Kinshasa.”

1776, The Slaveholders’ Revolution: A Review of "Negro Comrades of the Crown"


by Dr. T. P. Wilkinson

Blacks posed a military threat to the slaveholder’s plans for an independent America. “Horne’s history of African-Americans fighting on the side of Great Britain against the United States and its racist regime shows that the continued hostility of the United States government at all levels toward African-Americans is not the product of mere cumulative prejudice against people of color.”


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