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    The Case Against Bill Bratton

    by Josmar Trujillo

    If Bill de Blasio is really a progressive, why did he bring back the architect of Stop-and-Frisk as his police commissioner? When it comes to aggressive policing gospel Bratton is the “pastor of the flock.” Bratton seems the least qualified to make the changes that are “desperately needed to relieve communities of color living in what many see as a racialized police state.”

    Dr. Anthony Monteiro and the Assault on the Black Radical Tradition

    by Eric Draitser

    Dr. Anthony Monteiro was targeted for termination by the rightward politics of corporate higher education, with the help of an opportunistic fellow Black academic, Dr. Molefi Asante. “At best, Asante shows a complete disregard and utter betrayal of a colleague who, just a year earlier, led the charge to have him reappointed” as chairman of Temple University’s African American Studies Department.

    Reparations: A Long Overdue Moral Obligation

    by Ron Lester Whyte

    The need for reparations won’t go away, even if debate on righting the wrongs done to Black people is currently at low ebb. The harms inflicted were “systematic and deliberate” – and so must be the redress. “The federal government must be held to account for its role in the hobbling of the prospects and aspirations of a significant portion of its citizens.”

    Behind the Flash Mob Attack on Obama’s DOJ Attorney General Nominee Debo Adegbile

    by Noelle Hanrahan and Stephen Vittoria

    The U.S. Senate used hatred of Mumia Abu Jamal to defeat Debo Adegbile’s nomination as chief of civil rights at the U.S. Justice Department. “U.S. Senators and political pundits regurgitate blatant lies that seek to demonize Abu-Jamal because they face zero accountability regarding their use of the purported ‘facts.’” When it comes to Abu Jamal, they are free to lie at will.

    From Radical Resistance to Propagating Imperialism: Latino/a Student Organizations and Venezuela

    by Derek Ide

    The children of the rich who fled socialist change in Venezuela now dominate Latino organizations at U.S. universities, “parroting the propaganda of corporate media outlets, slandering a radical government which has defied U.S. imperialism in the region.” The despise the fact that the Chavez-Maduro revolution has made Venezuela “one of the most equitable countries in South America.”

    …In his head

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    Dr. King’s Dream come true,

    In his head! Black folks way better

    Off, in his head, Rev. Wright was

    Wrong, in his head!

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    U.S. Senate “Hypocrisy” Defeated Adegbile Nomination

    The U.S. Senate rejected President Obama’s nomination of NAACP Legal Defense Fund lawyer Debo Adegbile to head the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, based on the LDF’s involvement in the defense of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. “This clear sends a chilling message in terms of who can be represented” by competent counsel in this country, said Linn Washington, a veteran Philadelphia reporter, Temple University journalism professor, and editor of the influential web site Washington said some corporate journalists are envious of Abu Jamal, because he “knows more about what’s going on in the world than 95 percent of the journalists out there – and he doesn’t even have access to the Internet.”

    In Life or Death, You Can’t Trust Mississippi

    When the state coroner of Mississippi refused to do an autopsy on the body of Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who died February 25, the family sought and found funds for an independent examination. The state’s action was not unusual, said Akinyele Umoja, a close Lumumba family confidant and chair of African American Studies at Georgia State University, because Black “lives are not considered that valuable” in Mississippi. Even if the state were willing to perform the autopsy, “there would still be questions, because it’s a matter of how much we trust them,” said Prof. Umoja. Some Black Mississippians believe Lumumba was assassinated.

    Lynne Stewart Shut Out of Medical Care

    A “bureaucratic morass” has prevented people’s lawyer Lynne Stewart from gaining access to Medicare or Medicaid since she left federal prison on compassionate release, December 31. Her husband and comrade, Ralph Poynter, said “we have been doing all the homeopathic things we can to beat this” Stage 4 breast cancer. However, Stewart has been told she can’t sign up for federal medical programs until July. “Welcome to America,” said Poynter.

    Black Youth More Valuable in Prison

    U.S. rulers “don’t want to supply jobs and education to inner city youth,” said Bonnie Kerness, of the American Friends Service Committee Prison Watch Project. “That 15 year-old in Newark is worth nothing on the streets to the United States economy.” However, “you put him behind bars and that kid is generating $30,000 a year” in contracts and wages for the prison industrial complex, said Kerness, author of the recent article, “Race and the Politics of Isolation in U.S. Prisons.”

    Bayside is Worst Prison in New Jersey

    Jean Ross, a lawyer and activist with the Newark-based People’s Organization for Progress, said some of her clients would rather be put in solitary confinement than be transferred to Bayside State Prison, in the southern part of the state. “The explicitness of racial epithets and the expression of racial hatred seems to be much more pervasive” at Bayside, where vicious beatings are routine, said Ross.

    U.S. Proposed Another Coup in Haiti in 2010

    The United States backed the 2004 coup that overthrew Jean Bertrand-Aristide, the democratically elected president of Haiti, and then forced him into exile in Africa. Six years later, in 2010, the U.S. attempted to depose Haitian president Rene Preval, and force him out of the country, said Dan Beeton, of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington. “Preval made clear he wasn’t going to be thrown out,” said Beeton, “but it was really diplomats from Brazil and Argentina who stopped this coup from happening.”

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    Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia’s Gate

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The United States is more than just an ally to fascists in Ukraine and everywhere else; the American South provided an historical model for fascism. “The fascist order of the pre-Sixties Solid South was simply a domestic expression of U.S. Manifest Destiny – the national religion.” The fascists – both local and imperial – have laid siege to Russia.

    Freedom Rider: “Journalists” Follow Obama on Ukraine

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    The corporate media are a key component of the U.S. imperial machine. Although styling themselves as watchdogs, they are in fact the dogs of war, whose mission is to hide Washington’s aggressions behind a fog of lies. War “crimes are committed with impunity in part because presidents get a helping hand from their corporate media partners.”

    How and Why Did Chokwe Lumumba Die?

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    Chokwe Lumumba ran for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi in order to set in motion a process of “social transformation from the ground up.” He died eight months into his term, but the state refused to do an autopsy. Lots of folks suspect he was assassinated for challenging the ruling order – which is logical, since “Mississippi has murdered thousands of Black people for far less reason than that.”

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    Jackson Mississippi Rising? An Alternative To Gentrification As Urban Economic Development?

    A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    The black misleadership class has no alternatives to gentrification and never will. It's just not in them. But in Jackson Mississippi the crew around the late Mayor Chokwe Lumumba who will be laid to rest this weekend debated whether to govern that city as it is, or transform it. The May 2-4 Jackson Rising conference takes that discussion public. It's time for something completely different.

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    In Solidarity? An Open Letter to Pan-African Activists, the Black Left and Human Rights Activists in the U.S.

    by Joan P. Gibbs

    Homophobia is on the rise in Africa, in significant part due to donations provided by US-based conservative evangelical organizations. US organizations intending to support the LGBT rights struggle in Africa need to reflect carefully on a number of important factors.

    How Barack Obama Killed Trayvon Martin

    Tyrone R. Simpson II

    By bowing to police power, President Obama guaranteed that official carnage against Black people would continue. If he had “commented on any of the unjust ritualized murders that took the lives of Sean Bell (New York), Oscar Grant (Oakland), Kenneth Chamberlain (New York) or Troy Davis (Georgia), he would have brought the open season on black and brown men and women to a long awaited close.”

    Tourism is Not Development: Haiti, Liberate Yourself!

    by Ezili Dantò

    As part of the rationale for stealing Haiti’s sovereignty, the U.S., Canada and France point to Jamaica and the neighboring Dominican Republic as countries that have benefited from the tourist trade. “But there's more violence and crime in these countries than in Haiti. Their people own less land than Haitians.” That’s why the enslavers have come to take Haiti’s land.

    Quit haunting me, Amiriman

    by BAR poet-in-Residence Raymond Nat Turner

    Put an APB out, forthwith, posthaste on

    Dem Nuremberg Negroz, assets in alligator combat boots,

    Armani flak jackets, suede suicide vests and Louis Vuitton

    Saddlebags packed with C-4, impostors posing as peoples’ servants,

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    “Jackson Rising” Conference Still Scheduled, Despite Mayor Lumumba’s Death

    Mayor Chokwe Lumumba’s “Jackson Rising” conference on how to move towards self-determination and participatory democracy “is still on” for May 2-4, according to Kali Akuno, a close aide to Lumumba. “We need the support of progressive and radical and revolutionary people throughout the United States to support us in fulfilling this mission,” said Akuno, who is also a veteran organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, co-founded by Lumumba in 1993. “If you really believe in the ‘Jackson-Kush Plan,’ then you have to understand it is going to take more than one individual to facilitate that.” Mayor Lumumba’s funeral is this Saturday.

    Texas Sheriff Widely Suspected in Mutilation Death of Black Man

    Sabine County authorities concluded that foul play was not a factor in the death, last November, of 28 year-old Alfred Wright, whose body was found with his eyes gouged out, his tongue severed from his mouth, teeth knocked out, and part of an ear missing. Attention has since focused on Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox and state police officers. “When you start looking at consistent lies and cover-up, not only by the sheriff’s department but by the Texas Rangers – we should all be concerned about that,” said Jeffrey L. Boney, associate editor of the Houston Forward Times, which has closely followed the case. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating Wright’s death.

    Political Motives Behind Anthony Monteiro Termination

    Community and campus activists in Philadelphia are pressing for reversal of Temple University’s effective firing of Dr. Anthony Monteiro, who served for ten years as an associate professor in the African American Studies Department. “As this country moves steadily to the right, the perception is that progressive forces on campuses need to be routed,” said Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of African American Studies at the University of Houston. “To the extent that we don’t speak up for Tony Monteiro, professors like myself are only jeopardizing our own existence,” said Horne. The chair of African American Studies at Temple, Dr. Molefi Asante, was complicit in Dr. Monteiro’s termination.

    U.S. to be Confronted at UN on Torture by Solitary Confinement

    The United States will have to answer to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, next week, on its policies of mass solitary confinement of prisoners. Efia Wangaza, a member of the U.S. Human Rights Network’s delegation to Geneva, says the U.S. is not in compliance with three international treaties, including covenants against torture. This is “a follow-up to our previous work, in which we were able to challenge the United States on the existence of political prisoners,” said Wangaza, head of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination, in Greenville, South Carolina. She asks that listeners help pay the cost of the delegation’s on-site work in Geneva, by going to

    Confederate Flags in Kiev

    Washington is engaged in a global campaign of “subversion and destabilization at every level,” said Sara Flounders, of the International Action Center, in New York. The U.S. has long bankrolled protests by rightists in Venezuela, and brags of contributing $5 billion to “democracy” in Ukraine – “that’s really money for subversion,” said Flounders. “These are storm troopers” who “not only hung swastikas but also Confederate flags” in Kiev, where the U.S. is “pushing an extreme neo-Nazi, right-wing agenda.”

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    Obama’s War Against Civilization

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    The U.S. is in a frenzy of regime-changing aggression, aimed at destabilizing or destroying sovereign states. Obama’s signature is written in blood around the world, as he pursues “full spectrum, no-holds-barred, war-without-boundaries against all potential resistance to U.S. imperial rule, anywhere on the planet.”

    3 Years After 2010 GA Prison Hunger Strike, Another Erupts, But Still No Organizing For Prisoners Outside the Walls

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    In December 2010 GA prisoners staged a brief strike, asking for their rights as men and human beings. They depended, and still depend on support from outside, support that is yet to be organized. How much longer will they wait?

    Freedom Rider: America vs. the World

    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    President Obama has placed whole nations on his Kill List. Syria and Venezuela are to join Libya and Iraq as states that have been made to fail, while Ukraine is snatched into the NATO-EU orbit. “The neo-conservative project for a new American century has reached full fruition under a Democratic president, who now has many notches on his gun.”

    Gridlock (Once Again) Rescues Social Security from Obama and the GOP

    A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

    Republican refusal to accept Barack Obama as a Grand Bargain partner has once again saved Social Security from cuts desired by both the White House and the GOP. Liberals are congratulating themselves, but gridlock is the real hero.

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    Jim Crow Lives: The Ugly Face of Racism Behind the Bars

    by Latif Lamonte

    Bayside State Prison is the worst-of-the-worst, administered by the most racist guards and staff the State of New Jersey can muster. The author is one of those forced to live under Bayside’s reign of terror. “These were not just any beatings, but beatings inflicting such brutal force, that one was broken to the point of sobbing, begging for his life.”

    The Syrian Subterfuge part two: The Case for Humanitarian War- Again

    by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

    The U.S. is once again preparing to play its “humanitarian” military intervention card in Syria, with the help of corporate media. Washington’s real goal is cold-blooded: “Generalized mayhem, reducing the population to dependence on their networks and territorial dismemberment have all moved the administration toward realization of its strategic objective.”


    Remembering Malcolm X 49 Years On

    by Ama Biney

    How would Malcolm X respond to U.S. foreign policy, today? “The arrogance of imperial power has not changed since the death of Malcolm nor has its commitment to the military and prison complex of America that has grown exponentially.” Domestically, Malcolm could be counted on to remain “uncompromising in his verbal attacks on African American leaders who compromised the interests of the people.”

    Venezuela, Ukraine, and North Korea: Targets of flailing American Imperialism

    by Danny Haiphong

    The United States is engaged in all-out regime change offensive around the world. “With the global capitalist economy in permanent crisis, the US and its allies are sponsoring so called ‘protest movements’ and ‘opposition’ groups to wage wars most Americans no longer support.”

    Obama’s Arrogant Interference in Venezuela and Resistance by a Participatory Democracy

    by Arnold August

    President Obama has intervened directly and personally to foment violence against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. “Obama encouraged Washington’s allies in Venezuela to restart their violent activities in Venezuela and create a climate of chaos.”

    From Negro History Week to African Liberation Month

    by Norman Richmond, aka Jalali

    “Personally, I’m tired of hearing uninformed people remark: ‘They give us the coldest and shortest month of the year to celebrate Black History Month.’ They didn’t give us anything.”

    Amiri made me think…

    by Raymond Nat Turner

    What muthafracker would

    Bomb the Motherland and

    Call it humanitarian? Mc Cain?

    Listen to Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, with Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey – Week of 2/24/14

    Michael Dunn Case More Clear Cut Than Zimmerman

    Opio Sokoni, head of the Jacksonville, Florida, NAACP, said Michael Dunn’s guilt in the killing of Jordan Davis was even more obvious than that of George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin’s death. “Only the most rabid racists were actually standing behind Dunn, saying that this guy was innocent,” said Sokoni. “Then we realized there were some of those people on the jury.” Dunn was convicted of attempted murder, but the jury deadlocked on first degree murder charges.

    Russell “Maroon” Shoatz Wins 22-Year Battle

    “We were ecstatic that the efforts of so many bore great fruit,” said Ayanna Rauf, fiancé of former Black Panther Russell “Maroon” Shoatz, who was released into the general Pennsylvania prison population after 22 years of solitary confinement. Seventy year-old Shoatz, who is now blind in one eye, told Ms. Rauf: “I have to practice walking again without shackles and chains.” Rauf said she and Shoatz are “looking forward to our marriage, in June,” and hope to win commutation of his sentence by the governor.

    Molefi Asante Complicit in Anthony Monteiro Firing

    Dr. Wilmer Leon III, host of Sirius XM Radio’s “Inside the Issue” program and an academic ally of Temple University’s embattled African American Studies professor Anthony Monteiro, is “incredibly impressed with the level of support” Monteiro is receiving from the community. Dr. Monteiro was effectively fired by Dean of Liberal Arts Teresa Soufas with the complicity of African American Studies department chair Molefi Asante. “It appears as though, after Dr. Asante became somewhat secure in his position, he became an instrument of Dean Soufas,” said Dr. Leon.

    Ras Baraka in Lead for Newark Mayor

    Amina Baraka, widow of poet-activist Amiri Baraka and mother of Newark, New Jersey mayoral candidate Ras Baraka, said her son “is on the side of those who are oppressed and cannot find a way out of the system.” A city councilman and high school principal, Ras Baraka is generally considered the frontrunner. Former mayor Cory Booker, now a U.S. senator, “was not interested in the neighborhoods,” said Amina Baraka, while her son wants to make the Port of Newark and the international airport “pay their fair share of taxes.”

    Wanted: A Populist Trade Policy

    With most Democrats opposed to giving President Obama “fast-track” powers to ram through his Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty, it’s time to come up with a “populist trade program that puts people and the planet first, and that can be openly discussed in a transparent way,” said Kevin Zeese, co-director of It’s Our Economy. The Obama administration has shrouded TPP talks in secrecy.

    CARICOM Discriminates Against Haitians

    Ezili Danto, director of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, said the Caribbean economic community, CARICOM, “treats Haitians pretty much the same way that Europeans do.” Haiti is the only CARICOM member whose citizens are required to hold a visa to visit other CARICOM countries. Ms. Danto was interviewed by Dedon Sankara on Uhuru Radio.

    Venezuelan Protesters are Frustrated Minority

    The opposition is disrupting life in Venezuela because it keeps losing elections and continues to receive millions of dollars in funding from the United States, said Samuel Moncada, the country’s ambassador to the United Nations. “We have had 18 elections in 15 years, but we are still a dictatorship” according to the U.S. government and corporate media, said Moncada, at a New York event honoring the late President Hugo Chavez.

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    Detroit’s Agony Shows Why Black America Needs A People’s Plan for the Cities

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

    Detroit, the Black Metropolis, is being disassembled. Having stolen local democracy, corporate planners now trip over themselves to create the grid for a new city, in which current residents will live in the shadows. Corporate disinvestment created urban Black majorities. Now, “the methodical return of corporate capital has capped and rolled back the growth of ‘Chocolate Cities’ in the U.S.”

    Federal Prosecutors Declare Mass Incarceration is Fine Will Continue; Obama & Holder Pretend Not to Notice

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    While the Attorney General grants interviews promising significant action on mass incarceration, federal prosecutors openly declare that there's nothing wrong with mass incarceration or the prison state. The Obama administration does nothing, and why should it? Who needs to roll back the prison state when you've got black faces in all those high places?

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