WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia's Arm to Invade Somalia

by Rob Prince

U.S. officials were lying when they claimed to have attempted to restrain Ethiopia from invading neighboring Somalia in late 2006. Newly unveiled documents show that “the Bush Administration pushed Ethiopia to invade Somalia with an eye on crushing the Union of Islamic Courts,” which had established relative peace in much of the country. The U.S. also tried to assemble a “coalition of the willing” to overthrow Robert Mugabe’s government in Zimbabwe.


WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia's Arm to Invade Somalia

by Rob Prince

This article previously appeared in Znet.

The cable exposes a secret deal cut between the United States and Ethiopia to invade Somalia.”

By mid 2007, the 50,000 Ethiopian troops that invaded Somalia in late 2006 found themselves increasingly bogged down, facing much fiercer resistance than they had bargained for as Somalis of all stripes temporarily put aside their differences to stand together against the outside invader.

As the military incursion turned increasingly sour, then US Under Secretary of State for Africa, Jendayi Frazer, who taught at the University of Denver's Korbel School of International Studies in the 1990s, insisted that, prior to the invasion, the United States had counseled caution and that Washington had warned Ethiopia not to use military force against Somalia. Frazer was a close collaborator with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for whom there also is a strong University of Denver connection. Frazer certainly tried to distance the United States from responsibility for the Ethiopian invasion in a number of interviews she gave to the media at the time.

But one of the released WikiLeaks cables, suggests a different picture, one that implicates Frazer in pressing Ethiopia's President Meles Zenawi to invade its neighbor. The content of the cable is being widely discussed in the African media. It exposes a secret deal cut between the United States and Ethiopia to invade Somalia.

The cable suggests that Ethiopia had no intention of invading Somalia in 2006 but was encouraged/pressured to do so by the United States.”

If accurate -- and there is no reason to believe the contrary -- the cable suggests that Ethiopia had no intention of invading Somalia in 2006 but was encouraged/pressured to do so by the United States which pushed Ethiopia behind the scenes. Already bogged down in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time, the Bush Administration pushed Ethiopia to invade Somalia with an eye on crushing the Union of Islamic Courts, which was gaining strength in Somalia at the time.

At the time of the invasion there was little doubt that the Ethiopian military incursion was "made in Washington." Like so many other WikiLeaks cables, this one merely puts a dot on the "i" or crosses the "t" on what was generally known, although it does give specific information about Jendayi Frazer's deep involvement in the affair.

According to the cable, as the main U.S. State Department representative in Africa, Frazer played a key role, spearheading what amounted to a U.S.-led proxy war in conjunction with the Pentagon. At the same time that she was pushing the Ethiopians to attack, Frazer was laying the groundwork both for the attack in the U.S. media and for a cover-up, by claiming that although the United States did not support Ethiopian military action, she could understand "the Somali threat" and why Ethiopia might find it necessary to go to war.

Frazer spread rumors of a possible jihadist takeover in Somalia that would threaten Ethiopian security. Turns out that media performance was little more than a smokescreen. The U.S. military had been preparing Ethiopia for the invasion, providing military aid and training Ethiopian troops. Then on December 4, 2006, CENTCOM Commander, General John Abizaid was in Addis Ababa on what was described as "a courtesy call." Instead, the plans for the invasion were finalized.

The U.S. military had been preparing Ethiopia for the invasion, providing military aid and training Ethiopian troops.”

At the time of the Somali invasion, Zenawi found himself in trouble. He was facing growing criticism for the wave of repression he had unleashed against domestic Ethiopian critics of his rule that had included mass arrests, the massacres of hundreds of protesters and the jailing of virtually all the country's opposition leaders. By the spring of 2006 there was a bill before the U.S. Congress to cut off aid to Zenawi unless Ethiopia's human rights record improved. (His human rights record, by the way, has not improved since. Given how the United States and NATO view Ethiopia's strategic role in the "war on terrorism" and the scramble for African mineral and energy resources, Western support for Zenawi has only increased in recent years).

In 2006, dependent on U.S. support to maintain power in face of a shrinking political base at home -- a situation many U.S. allies in the Third World find themselves -- and against his better judgement, Zenawi apparently caved to Frazer's pressure. Nor was this the first time that Frazer had tried to instigate a U.S. proxy war in Africa. Earlier as U.S. ambassador to South Africa, she had tried to put together a "coalition of the willing" to overthrow Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe, an initiative that did not sit so well with South Africa's post-apartheid government and went nowhere.

Frazer had tried to put together a ‘coalition of the willing’ to overthrow Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe.”

The 2006 war in Somalia did not go well either for the United States or Ethiopia. Recently a State Department spokesperson, Donald Yamamoto, admitted that the whole idea was "a big mistake," obliquely admitting U.S. responsibility for the invasion. It resulted in 20,000 deaths and according to some reports, left up to 2 million Somalis homeless. The 50,000 Ethiopian invasion force, which had expected a cake walk, instead ran into a buzz saw of Somali resistance, got bogged down and soon withdrew with its tail between its legs. The political result of the invasion was predictable: the generally more moderate Union of Islamic Courts was weakened, but it was soon replaced in Somalia by far more radical and militant Islamic groups with a more openly anti-American agenda.

As the situation deteriorated, in an attempt to cover both the U.S. and her own role, Frazer then turned on Zenawi, trying to distance herself from fiasco using an old and tried diplomatic trick: outright lying. Now that the invasion had turned sour, she changed her tune, arguing in the media, that both she and the State Department had tried to hold back the Ethiopians, discouraging them from invading rather than pushing them to attack. The WikiLeaks cable tells quite a different story. In 2009, the Ethiopian forces withdrew, leaving Somalia in a bigger mess and more unstable than when their troops went in three years prior. Seems to be a pattern here?

Rob Prince is the publisher of the Colorado Progressive Jewish News.


Some on the Blogoshpere Questions Source of this Article

Some on the Blogoshpere are questioning the Source of this Article by Mr Rob Prince [& others]- claiming that its source is the Sudan-Tribune & not Wikileaks. So let me be of some service  here- I'm adding links to the Ethiopian Dissident Web-site Ethiosun: [& also note:  {PS: There's also a delightful music video of an Ethiopian Couple on the site]. 

In the article they link to a Wikileaks source Doc in Jan 2007 [note link: ] in which then head of Cent-Com Gen Abizaid was the dinner guest of Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan - where they were discussing Iraq, AfPak, Lebanon [in the wake of the 2006 Hezbullah - IDF conflict], & Somalia- for which the Crown Sheik complimented Gen Abizaid saying that “The Somalia job was fantastic...” 

The Ethiosun Article(s) then quotes US MSNM News sources [IE: WPost & USA Today & CBS News] of Jan 2007- confirming that US provided Special Forces, Helicopter Gunship & offshore US Naval support for Ethiopia's 2006 invasion of Somalia [Note:;contentBody - - ]. Though I haven't yet found the Wikileaks source cable [for now] relative to Ms Frazer's [who like Condi Rice & Susan Rice is a 'Black' woman] involvement in this disastrous affair, its a mute point. The US was obviously involved from the git-go & almost certainly was behind it - using Ethiopia as a proxy. So US officials [including Ms Frazer] denials of US instigation of the invasion [whether knowingly or not] shows the 2 faced -  hypocritical - cynical - & cold-blooded nature of US foreign policy- especially in Africa & the so-called 3rd World.

"Move along, nothing to see here"

It kills me to listen to the syncophants of US foreign policy and their "Liberal" enablers who claim that the information gleaned from Wikileaks is nothing knew.  "Wikileaks doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know."  Bullshit.

We all may have "knew" that the US was a cynical, mendacious, force for evil, but now there is concrete evidence.  We all "knew" there was no restraint on the wickedness of those in power, but now we have concrete proof.  Wikileaks is eating away at one of the worse and most evil myths of all times, American Exceptionalism, the lie that America is a force for "good."  That erosion in itself is a huge and welcomed accomplishment. It will ultimately affect the US ability to rape and pillage, it will ultimately affect the grip of dictators who are US flunkies.

(WikiLeaks confirms Fatah sought Israeli-US support for attack on Hamas)

Let's keep in mind only 2% of the documents have been released.  Will it be, can we hope and pray that by the time 10% or 50% of the documents are released the ENTIRE world, including an increasing number of US citizens begin to recognize that their false paradigm, their holy writ of American Exceptionalism is a big ass lie???

"But, but, but, we're spreading freedom and democracy.."

US, Europe concealed organ trafficking by Kosovo Liberation Army

By Tony Robson
29 December 2010

"In his report, Marty did not pull his punches with regard to the wealth of information long in the possession of Western intelligence services regarding Thaci’s criminal activities. He cited records from five countries—Germany, Britain, Italy, Greece and the United States—showing that they all knew of the KLA’s activities and helped conceal them.

Point 70 of the report states: “Thaci and these other ‘Drenica Group’ members are consistently named as ‘key players’ in the intelligence reports on Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organised crime. I have examined these diverse, voluminous reports with consternation and a sense of moral outrage.”

Other sources cited in the report include witness testimony from former KLA soldiers and auxiliaries involved in transporting detainees as well as from some of those held captive."

See, I told you so.  Nothing new here kiddies, Wikileaks simply reveals how hard US Diplomats are hard at working putting "diplomacy" into action.  Julian Assange, how dare you, how dare you destroy American myth making.  This is what the Oligarchs are most upset about, Assange's destruction of the myth making machine.  Because they really don't give a shit otherwise, they'll continue their mendacious and immoral and devlish conduct all in the name of "spreading freedom and democrcy."

From Empire Burlesque:

One of the most important books published in 2010 -- or indeed, in this century --  was Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions. As I noted here a few months ago, Professor Joy Gordon's "detailed, richly sourced and morally horrifying account of the sanctions era must be read to be believed. However bad you thought it was, the reality was much worse..."

While Vice President Biden tells the world that the end of the sanctions means that Iraq can now move forward to a bright future, what he does not say is that in fact there was damage that was irreversible, including child deaths and stunted growth from years of malnutrition. What he also does not say is that the rest of the damage -- the collapse of the infrastructure, the terrible deterioration in industry, agriculture, electricity, health and education -- was not just due to Saddam Hussein’s indifference. However much harm Saddam did to the Iraqi people, the U.S., for over a decade, made it far, far worse.

These excerpts are just part of the story. You should read the whole article, then read the book. As our public life -- and our common humanity -- become more and more degraded by the relentless, howling maelstrom of lies and meaningless inanity that pours down on our heads day after day, the task of preserving our historical memory -- the record of reality -- becomes more urgent all the time. Professor Gordon has performed an heroic task in reclaiming the story of this atrocity from the efforts of our corporate and militarist and political elites to erase it."

Again, to keep striking home the point, despite the redundancy, this is one of the significant import of Wilileaks it allows some of us to "perform the heroic task in reclaiming stories of atrocities from the efforts of our corporate and militarist and political elites to erase it."

Speaking of susan rice and sudan...

I read something at LaRouchePub that was interesting. Any thoughts?

Susan Rice Leads British Effort To Dismember Sudan: Dump Her!

December 29, 2010 • 2:54PM

In twelve days, on January 9, 2011, Southern Sudan is expected to vote on seceding from the nation of Sudan, to form a separate country. If this occurs, it will fulfill a century-old policy by the British Imperial interests to split the largest nation in Africa, Sudan, which contains the strategically important Nile River, into two nations hostile to each other.

This break-up of Sudan, poses great danger to the entire Horn of Africa, as well as large portions of the whole continent, and is intended to create a weakened, divided Sudan, unable to resist control by foreign interests. If the referendum takes place on time, and if southerners vote for separation, it will not only fail to resolve fundamental underlying issues, but will create the conditions to further destabilize Sudan, and is intended to put the country back on the path to war.

The splitting of the country in two, including the drawing of new borders, is a violation of charter of the African Union, and has alarmed many of Sudan's neighbors. A large portion of the responsibility for the dismembering of Sudan lies at the feet of Susan Rice, President Obama's Ambassador to the United Nations. Although Rice and Obama are called African-Americans, there is nothing African about them, since they oppose the interest of Africans (and Americans, too, for that matter).

Rather than acting openly in their name, the British have let the dumb Americans take the point in destabilizing Sudan and Africa, using Rice, a dyed-in-the-wool Anglophile, to lead a British faction inside the United States government, which does not represent the true, real interests of America. ( See "Why Do We call Susan Rice A Racist? Because She Is One", EIR December 25, 2009. ) Put succinctly by Lyndon LaRouche: "We know Susan Rice is a menace to civilization. From our long experience with Susan Rice, we know she is no damn good."

Earlier this year Rice, who co-led a delegation of the UN Security Council to Sudan, shocked her fellow diplomats by her over-the-top behavior in leading a pep rally for Southern secession in a Juba police station. The U.S., as a guarantor of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in January 2005, which stipulated the scheduled referendum vote next month, is supposed to be neutral. Rice and her faction have been biased against Khartoum, the government of Sudan for decades, and have continously plotted to overthrow the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir.

Rice's and Obama's endorsement of the fraudulent indictment of Bashir by the George Soros-created International Criminal Court (ICC), (which the U.S., along with China, India, and Russia, refused to join), signalled U.S. agreement to remove Bashir. Their support for the ICC has made it more difficult for U.S. diplomats to negotiate peace in Sudan, because they are under orders not to even talk to Bashir, who is not only the President of the country, but one of the two principal signers of the CPA!

The USA is being dangerously misled by Rice, whose hatred towards the Khartoum government is well-known, and by pro-secession advocates in the State Department and Security Council, to implement the British divide-and-conquer strategy towards Sudan, by obsessively insisting on the January vote, while showing no concern for improving the lives of the forty million Sudanese, who have not yet recovered from British colonial rule.

The first step to a solution is clear: Dump Susan Rice!