Psycho-Babbling Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Still unwilling or unable to admit that they were “psyched out” by Barack Obama and his corporate handlers, Lefties search for psychological reasons that the First Black President has been such a disappointment. It’s the failure to fight thing, or the lack of vision thing, or the failure to communicate thing, they say. “It isn’t that Obama has trouble conveying his vision, it’s that his actual vision is unacceptable to progressives.” As for his willingness to fight, Obama fought his own left wing, and “stomped their butts into the dirt” over his corporate health care plan.

Psycho-Babbling Obama

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Rather than face the fact that Obama is not a friend of the people, leftish commentators insist on conducting a psychological analysis of the president.”

For two years we watched Barack Obama undercut the left wing of his party at every turn, with a disdain so palpable his minions could not resist insulting leftists in the most juvenile terms. For two years we watched the First Black President facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth in human history – $12 to $14 trillion – to Wall Street, and we watched as he put the U.S. war machine back on the offensive in the world. For two years we heard Obama say over and over again that he had no intention of taking targeted action to help Black and brown communities that had been targeted for destruction by banks. After two years, one would think that folks on the Left would have gotten the idea that Obama is pro-Pentagon, pro-Wall Street, and doesn’t have a transformative bone in his body regarding either race or class. But, for many, the message, however obvious, has not sunk in. Rather than face the fact that Obama is not a friend of the people, leftish commentators insist on conducting a psychological analysis of the president. They seem to be trying to find some quirk in Obama’s personality that can by corrected in time for the Armageddon showdown with the Republicans.

Take Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, for example. People on the Left quote him a lot, which I find strange, since Krugman can talk about the political meltdown of 2008 for 45 minutes and never say the word “corporation” – as if corporations had nothing to do with the meltdown. But anyway, the liberal Krugman insists that Obama’s problem is, he tried to transcend partisan divisions, not understanding that sometimes one has to fight. That’s a recurring theme with Obama apologists, that Obama won’t fight. But Obama showed plenty of fight during the health care debate. He fought the left wing of his own party every step of the way, exiling single-payer supporters to the margins while he kissed Republican boodie and empowered Blue Dogs and DLCers. He didn’t just fight progressives, he stomped their butts into the dirt.

They seem to be trying to find some quirk in Obama’s personality that can by corrected in time for the Armageddon showdown with the Republicans.”

Dr. Ron Daniels, of the Institute for the Black World, thinks the problem is Obama’s “failure to effectively communicate” his “vision, programs and policies.” I think Obama has communicated quite effectively, that he wanted expanded theaters of war, trillions for Wall Street, and nothing special whatsoever for Black or brown America – those places that he says don’t exist. It isn’t that Obama has trouble conveying his vision, it’s that his actual vision is unacceptable to progressives. Of all people, Barack Obama doesn’t need communications lessons.

William Greider, probably the left-most of our three subjects, says Obama “needs to learn hardball” so he can fight the Republicans that are “trying to bury him.” This, however, would require a 180 degree vision change on Obama's part, since his actual “vision” has always been to join with Republicans at some point much further to the right than the rest of us would ever want to go.

The psychological problem is not Obama's. It's the problem of much of the Left, who imagined an Obama that never existed. That's why it was so easy for Obama and his corporate handlers to psyche-out the Left. If you think Obama is salvageable, then you're the one with the psychological problem.

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Lefties, agonizing over

Lefties, agonizing over Obama's failure to live up to their delusional hopes, are a lot like children agonizing over their parents' failures, long after they have grown up, long after they are (theoretically) living lives of their own...

I here ya Bev

But I'm for "don't trust the government" Black politics. You're supposed to trust your friend around your hubby because she's your best friend, but would you leave her with him in your house for a weekend while your out of town?

It's the same thing with the unions. Once the rank and file gets complacent, the leadership starts to think its cool to make concessions that chip away at your rights. No wonder these union bosses retire as millionaire's.

Also, read this book (page 91 to 133, in particular) and tell me what you think:

Foundation sponsored racism in Chicago: Jeremiah Wright and Michelle (pg., 91 to 133)

You might catch feelings reading this (as I did) because much of what Jeremiah Wright says is mixed with truth. But Dr. Tarpley points out some ominous stuff in our community that should be looked at.

Tarpley isn't credible. He

Tarpley isn't credible. He has implied that Wright is a Satanist. Wright didn't say anything racist. His comments were distorted and taken out of context by the media. Tarpley mixes a few good points with a lot of nonsense and I wouldn't trust most of what he says. Also, what union leaders retire as millionaires?

The nature of power.

Yes - organized pressure is what causes power to change. Power concedes nothing. It is the duty of citizens to remain vigilant and to keep the powers that be in check. We have more access to information than any generation previous yet this is nothing if we do not have the ability to think critically and the will to actively engage. 

Okay, who primaries the Great Black Hope?

I placed these comments over at Facebook as well. Here's how I responded:

Oh I think its the truth partly but who else were we supposed to vote for? McCain/Palin? He was the best of the choices presented...I mean, how is that Green Party effort coming in Georgia? Its hard to create viable third parties. I'm certainly disappointed with Obama and I'm open to a primary challenge...but I did give him a chance. I was hoping he would, you know, help the public but I was wrong.

One more thing: who do you run in the democratic primary and how do you get the black electorate excited about the white man or white woman who would then get the nomination? Primary runs doom the party that makes them. Would you support Alan Grayson because Kucinich isn't running this time...


Kucinich sold us out on Health Care.  The Democrats have shown they cannot be entrusted with government.

Briilliant and insightful, as always,

Mr. Ford, and yet people still refuse to believe the obvious: every president, from at least Richard Nixon on, has been the banksters' choice.

And, in 2012, we the American electorate are presented with an Obama-Palin matchup, once again they will be propagandized to vote for "the lesser of two evils."

But evil is evil, and that choice is unacceptable. Obama's speeches overseas recently ranged from anti-American worker and citizen, to plain whackadoodle, or psycho-babbled.

Anyone who hasn't figured it out by this time is in serious mental jeopardy.

Thank you, sir.

So? Does that mean he isn't a pussy, a punk & a bitch?


Thank you for the reminder to myself to stop psychoanalyzing Obama.  Not that I voted for the lil punk mind you, and not that I don't think I understand him, but I felt compelled to engage in my own psychoanalysis because I couldn't fathom someone so weak, so effeminiate and concillatory in every bone in his body, so anathema to the "Angry Black Man" that still exists today.  And I continue to struggle with the Obama Delusion Syndrome still infectnig at viral proportions Black folks and Libs.

But, alas, he's neither a bitch, pussy or a lil ol punk.  He's a died-in-the-wool Neocon.  I don't even know if he's neo-liberal, inasmuch as today I thought I heard him channeling Ronald Raygun regarding the missle treaty with the Russians the GOP thugs are about to dismiss so as not to give the lil girl any presidential accomplishments.  Nothing to run in on 2012.

Let me back up and make it simple for anyone who cares:  Obama is a Republican Not So Lite.

Mr. Ford, I know you are right but- - -

It still is hard to believe that the man millions put their hopes and dreams in, doesn't really exist.

It's so hard to believe that most of us, I guess, are still in denial.
To your credit, you haven't denigrated those hopes and dreams, unlike some others, and for that I do thank you.

Just like a grieving process, it sometimes takes a while to move on with life. Now that we know the truth which you have been telling us now for some time, it is really starting to sink in, and everyone that's out of denial is now looking for the next hope.

It will be a major blow to those of us who believed in this man, if it happens again in the very next election, that we hitch our wagon to the next star, and they also turn out to be a democrat in name only.

To: Morongobill I so

To: Morongobill

I so understand your point of view and my hope is waning, however, we must continue to join activities that can apply some pressure to the Obama Administration to force him to act on most of those things he ran on in 2008.  My blog entry a link to Jack & Jill that lists all his accomplishments thus far. I'm glad I looked at it and gained some perspective.  This administration hasn't done a good job in reaching folks and letting them know what has been done thus far.

He seems to concede to the right and compromise before he has to on most issues.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to do that with his base and those who voted him in. Just absolutely amazing!

Looks like BAR ain't the only one tired of psycho-babble HA

Senate Democrats vent anger with Barack Obama


"Several senators expressed the opinion that Obama needed to show more passion, while party liberals renewed their complaint that Obama should abandon the pretense of bipartisanship in the face of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s intransigence and what they consider the Kentucky Republican’s blatantly political tactics aimed at making Obama a one-term president."

"Others said Democratic leaders need to clearly spell out what they believe are the motivations behind the Republicans' positions: that they are beholden to special interests, who bankroll their campaigns.  If Democrats keep losing the message war, they worry, they will be wiped out in 2012."

“There was a lot of passion in that room,” one senator said. “The reason is because the public is with us on our policies, but they’re not getting the message.”

HA!  How do you like that, "...they're not getting the messge." I disagree, the public and the "party" is getting the "message" they just don't like what they're hearing."  Recommendation to public and Dimocrap apparatchtiks: "Who do you believe, your eyes or you're lying brain and ears?"

From now on, my personal psychoanalysis of Obama will be limited to this terse phrase:  "Cuz got a serious problem."  How's that for an "Obamanism," you can project whatever the hell you deem screwed up about Obama with that one. "Ooh, that's so (Raven) Obama-like."  lol


beverly:nice. Good holidays if you celebrate

I enjoyed the comment.  I think the "message" hangup by pols is because that's all they deal with....messages, fits the critiques by G.Ford, N.Chomsky, Paul Street...all message and no policies/content spoken/written because what they vote for is "corporate-friendly" and crap on the rest of us.

That's a "Left"? Therein lies some of the problem...

We need more Left.  Critical Left.  And a link between the theoretical Left and the action organizing Left.  Maybe some def. of  What's Left in the US?  (Puns welcome.)

Greider, Krugman

Greider and Krugman are both great progressive commentators. Obama's policies are probably a mixture of being much less liberal then most Progressives thought he was and being too naive about bipartisanship, as the above commentators have suggested. Rahm Emmanual considered any win a win and most Obama officials and Obama take Left support for granted.

Agent Obama

I have to agree with you on this one. Obama is described as weak and cowardly when in fact he is doing what he was sent to do. In 2008 the nation was desperately seeking change and with the banking system about to collaspe the citizens of this country may have rallied around a new direction for this country. The powerful interest who bank off the status quo saw this and they knew that something had to be done if things were to remain the way the were. They needed someone who looked and sounded like change but in reality was slavishly submissive to the current power structure. What cld be more like change than a black man with a muslim name they thought. Obama was presented as change when in reality he was cut from the same cloth as the previous president. Now the left who has spent two years idolizing him is beginning to see how they were duped and its painful for them to admit it. When it comes to fighting for the interest of the powerful and well connected Obama is more than willing to fight it is fighting for the rest of us that he is not into. Obama is going to extend the wars, extend the tax cuts, and cut ssi and then walk off into the sunset with a Mission Accomplished banner on his deck. The sooner we realize that although he may look like us he is not for us the better off we will be.