Obama Inc. Triumphs: Kucinich Folds His Hand on Health Care

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Dennis KucinichA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

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Kucinich had been given an offer that he felt he could not refuse.The Obama administration has finished the job it started in January, 2009: crush the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to clear the way for corporate governance. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's was the last Left opposition to Obama's toxic health care legislation. “Once Obama's private insurers' bailout bill is in place, it will be almost impossible to dismantle in the foreseeable future.”
Obama Inc. Triumphs: Kucinich Folds His Hand on Health Care
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
There is nothing for a true progressive to do in Obama's Democratic Party.”
The last Left Democrat in the U.S. Congress has folded his hand, crushed by Wall Street’s servant in the White House, Barack Obama.
Until Wednesday morning, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich was the only opposition from the Left still holding out against Obama’s private insurance subsidy bill – a massive redistribution of wealth to Wall Street masquerading as health care reform. The bill was long ago stripped of any fig leaf of a “public option,” and now awaits passage in its pure form – the formal establishment of a private health care system in which the people are forced to finance the profits of some of the biggest players in the Wall Street casino, the insurance corporations. Far from a step forward towards a society in which health care is every person’s right, the Obama bill is a huge step backward in the opposite the direction from which the entire industrialized world has been traveling. Obama’s so-called reform is in fact, a defeat of the dream of universal health care.
Obama used every trick at his disposal to place that dream out of reach. He pulled a shameless bait and switch on health care, talking the language of universality while conniving to transfer trillions of public dollars to the private insurance industry. Once Obama's private insurers' bailout bill is in place, it will be almost impossible to dismantle in the foreseeable future.A trillion dollars buys lots of loyalty. And to make certain that nobody ever gets to cancel the corporate bailout, the Obama regime would prevent states from setting up their own universal health care programs.
Kucinich was adamant that he had not changed his assessment of the president’s health care proposals.”
Obama knew that, if he were to have any chance to pass a private health insurance subsidy bill, he would first have to bludgeon the Left into submission. In the course of a little over a year, he has accomplished that mission.
To drive Kucinich back to the corporate Democratic reservation, the White House let loose the yapping dogs of the Daily Kos and MoveOn, who threatened to back an opposition candidate to Kucinich in his home district. President Obama personally browbeat Kucinich four times in the last several weeks, the last time on Monday night. According to the London Daily Telegraph, Obama threatened to refuse to campaign for any Democratic congressperson that doesn’t back his health bill – an invitation to the fat cats to fund challengers to Kucinich in November.
In a Wednesday morning press conference announcing his surrender to the White House, Kucinich was adamant that he had not changed his assessment of the president’s health care proposals. “I do not think it is a first step toward anything I have supported in the past,” he said. “This is not the bill I wanted to support.” But Kucinich had been given an offer that he felt he could not refuse.It was, said the congressman, “a defining moment.”
And it was a defining moment for those who believe there is anything politically worthwhile that can be accomplished within the structures of the Democratic Party, now firmly controlled by its corporate wing. There is nothing for a true progressive to do in Obama's Democratic Party, but shut up, and roll over. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com.



Thank goodness you are live on Mark Thompson's show

Kick hls butt, Glen.  Ralph Nees was a disgrace.  He spewed the propaganda of the party of capital. If Mark didn't have Glen on, his radio show would no longer have any credibility.

Glen Ford & Mark Thompson's Credibility!!!!

Mark Thompson has NO CREDIBILITY. A Radical Mark Thompson is NOT!!! Mark Thompson kisses Obama's butt every night and is an Obama Gatekeeper just as Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Stepanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, and Joe Madison.
Thank goodness that Black Agenda Report exists and is one of the few sober places which is not drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid. Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon and Margaret Kimberley along with FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher and Ralph Nader and yes Kevin Alexander Gray are the only ones I see able to criticize Obama effectively and with stromg evidence. Obama is a Failed President already but like Bush before him is a roaring success to those at the Very top in the 1-2% of income in the U.S. Obama is the president of the bankers and not the people.  
Dennis Kucinich may as well RETIRE NOW anyhow. His word means NOTHING Now. He seemed very distraaught and almost depressed-like in his interview with Amy Goodman and exchange with Ralph Nader on March 18, 2010. Kucinich is a total empty voice now and I hope nobody seeks this guy out on an significant issue any longer. Rahm Emanuel and Obama have effectively neutered and made the progressive wing of the party and the Congressional Black Caucus in effect, useless and worthless to the interests and values of their constituencies.


This death insurance reform bill leaves at least 23 million people without healthcare; forces another 5-10 million people to pay money they don't have for junk insurance; and raises premiums, co-pays, and deductibles on everyone else. Why are the robots still blaming Nader?
Quit playing politics.
Medicare 4 *ALL*!

beverly's beginning re Kucinich echoes my thoughts. Re Ford's

"there's no place for a progressive to go in the Dem party": I used to read and comment on Daily Kos, from the left end of the Dems - but quit after Kos' Markos M. attack on Kucinich.  Today, I almost felt sorry for Kucinich while listening to him on DemNow, and then joined by Ralph Nader who sounded better than Nader has sounded  lately.  (I think Nader's "we need to rely on the super rich to save us" concept is only good as satire.)   I rarely ever gave money to a politician, but did give small donations to Kucinich for Pres. in 2008 and 2004.  I am no longer calling myself a Democrat, altho I shall keep my  registration so I can vote in primaries in NYS.  Read Nader's transcript on DemNow today's segment: www.democracynow.org    Thanks, Glen Ford.

Great commentary. It is crazy

Great commentary. It is crazy how much Obama's language masks what is really going on and what the health care bill really means. I also find it interesting that states will not be able to formulate alternative health care systems. 

Well said and said well, Mr. Ford.

I completely understand how Kucinich ended up knuckling under to the wrath of Obana and the "progressives" (and the threat of not getting financial support for his reelection)...but he shouldn't have had to bear the cross alone.  I thought that the reason we had a "Congressional Progressive Caucus" and a "Congressional Black Caucus" was to actually endorse and produce "progressive" policie, not merely to become propaganda shills for whatever tripe Prez O and the Democrat -- or should I say, Dimocrat -- establishment puts out. And yet, it's the Stupak 11 and the Blue Dogs who retain all of their spines to hold out to the end....and I'm guessing that they will be getting far more for their votes than any of the "pwogwessives" ever will.
It's one thing to be a corporate whore....it's something else entirely to be such a BAD corporate whore that you can't even get anything out of putting out. (And this from someone who is pro-legalization of consensual sex work, too.)
This whole health care "deform" episode has finally soured me to the notion that the Dimocrats can ever be a vehicle for the klnd of change we need. At least I wasn't foolish enough to give my vote for Obama last November 2008 (I voted for McKinney and the Greens), I see that my fears and doubts then are now substansiated and confirmed.
Screw them all...the Teabaggers, the Dimocrats, Barack Obama, AND the media, both right wing and "liberal". I am a working class Leftist, a radical, a democratic socialist, and a Black man. You don't support my issues and follow up with action and votes to match, you get no love, money, or votes from me.

DailyKos - FRAUD SITE & Peddling Disinformation!!!

Markos is a fraud. Markos was in the CIA and has openly admitted working for Republican candidates in the past. He was a Reagan Republican and campaigned for George Herbert Walker Bush (41) when he was running for the White House. Markos is not to be trusted. He sends his minions over to harass Jane Hamsher at firedoglake and others who post there. Markos has exposed himself to be a phony and one working on the inside but appearing to the gullible and naive to be "authentic" and "legitimate." Markos' background is filled with very shady dealings and his connections will lead you to the fact that he is not what he claims to be. Remember folks--Obama is a Republican anyway. Mayor Daley has a (D) after his name but has openly said to others he is really a Republican himself. Obama is surrounded by Daley Republicans from David Axelrod to Rahm Emanuel to Arne Duncan, etc. It was Emanuel working behind the scenes with Lindsey Graham who underminded Holder's decision to bring the terrorists to trial in NYC. Obama is a liar and fraud too! 

I agree with Beverley, too, but...

...I didn´t really understand Kucinich´s reasons for changing his vote,especially the part about preserving Obama´s presidency as the most important issue. What? Preserve the worst presidency in American history, foreign, domestic and economic? It´s a cliche but there is something demagoguic and messianic about Obama that reminds me of fascism.  Who cares if Obama is president or not?
I´d rather Ron Paul and would even be happier with Romney who is just as corporatist but without Obama´s cruel streak.


Zionist Mob Enforcer Rahm's threats make's another dem fold.....

Did anybody read this article from investigative journalist Wayne Madsen???

Rahm Emanuel's Secret War Against
The Congressional Black Caucus

By Wayne Madsen



President Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, as previously reported by WMR, has been engaged in a virtual "pogrom" against progressive Democrats in the White House, as well as in Congress. However, WMR has learned from multiple Capitol Hill sources that Emanuel's vendetta has taken on vicious racial overtones with the African-American leadership of House of Representatives committees being his top targets.


On March 7, The Guardian of the UK reported that the foul-mouthed Emanuel referred to Washington, DC as "f**knutsville." The latest epithet followed Emanuel's description of progressive Democrats upset over Obama's pro-business slant as "f**king retarded."


Although the long knives are out on Emanuel among many Democrats in Congress, Obama's chief of staff has been gaining the upper hand with pro-Obama "puff pieces" recently appearing in The Washington Post  praising Emanuel as the top White House pragmatist at the expense of Obama's chief political strategist David Axelrod, adviser Valerie Jarrett, and even Obama himself.


Informed Democratic and Republican congressional sources report to WMR that Emanuel's latest gambit is to wrest control of key House committee chairmanships from African-Americans and have the gavels handed over to Jewish members, all of whom are close political allies of Emanuel. The ethics probe of House Ways and Means Committee chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has forced him to "temporarily" hand over the chairmanship of the powerful committee to Sander Levin (D-MI) after ranking Democratic Representative Pete Stark of California, a critic of American wars in the Middle East and Israeli policies, was passed over in favor of Levin after the intervention of Emanuel with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Congressional sources do not believe that Rangel will see his chairmanship restored.


WMR has now learned that the next target for Emanuel is House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers, Jr., the long-serving Michigan Democrat who has been outspokenly critical of Obama's policies on health care and other key issues.


Last year, Conyers's wife Monica Conyers, the former President of the Detroit City Council, was indicted last year for accepting a $5000 bribe from Carlyle-Synagro Technologies of Texas and then reversed her vote on approving a $1.2 billion sludge disposal contract with the city of Detroit. Carlyle-Synagro is owned by the Carlyle Group, the firm that has close ties to the Bush family.


Mrs. Conyers is due to be sentenced on March 10 by US Judge Avern Cohn, who, as WMR previously reported, has been conspiring with Emanuel to delay sentencing Mrs. Conyers as a way to pressure House Judiciary Chairman Conyers to temper his criticisms of Obama. Federal prosecutors studiously avoided bringing charges against Carlyle-Synagro because of the firm's "cooperation" in the federal investigation of Monica Conyers and her former aide Sam Riddle. WMR has learned that the bribe of Mrs. Conyers was part of a conspiracy by Emanuel, US Attorney for Eastern Michigan Terrence Berg, and FBI agent in Detroit Andrew Arena to bring down Conyers as House Judiciary Chairman by going after his wife.


After Mrs. Conyers's sentencing on March 10, Emanuel, WMR is told, will arrange for a letter signed by Chairman Conyers and sent to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which advocated for the Romulus hazardous waste injection well contract for Environmental Geo-Technologies, Inc., a company owned by Dimitrios "Jim" Papas, to be awarded to the firm, to be released to the media. Papas reportedly offered Riddle to receive a $20,000 sub-contract while Mrs. Conyers, according to Riddle, would receive $10,000 of that money as a finder's fee.

After the letter is released after Mrs. Conyers's sentencing by Cohn, Emanuel's media friends will call for John Conyers, the second longest serving House member after John Dingell (D-MI), to repeat the actions of Rangel and "temporarily" hand over his gavel with concurrent calls for a House Ethics probe.


However, WMR has learned from House sources that John Conyers never signed the letter to the EPA, which was drafted by an EPA fellow working on Conyers's staff. Mustafa Santiago Ali. Ali, WMR has learned, did not want to write the letter but was forced into it by Conyers's chief of staff Cynthia Martin, who, WMR is told, is part of Emanuel's conspiracy against the Judiciary chairman. After Ali wrote the letter, his fellowship on Conyers's staff was terminated by Martin.


WMR, which hopes to obtain the letter, has learned that Conyers's signature was affixed by a staffer, that it has no salutation, and is undated. However, there is a possibility that what is arranged for release by Emanuel may include a date and a salutation and thus, falsely implicate Chairman Conyers in the Detroit bribery politics that sank his wife's political career.


WMR has also learned that Emanuel is pumping campaign cash into the coffers of potential primary opponents prior to the May 11 candidate filing deadline in Michigan. Conyers's congressional colleague from Detroit, Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, whose son, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of corruption, and Conyers, are being targeted for primary defeat by potential candidates hand-picked by Emanuel. The potential opponents, which include three identified as challengers to Conyers, are receiving money from the same Israel Lobby sources who helped defeat Representatives Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) and Earl Hilliard (D-AL) over their lack of support for pro-Israel resolutions.


WMR has learned from an African-American congressional source that Emanuel has made no secret of his dislike of African-Americans in Congress, particularly the chairmen of committees, including Conyers, Rangel, and Homeland Security committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS). Ironically, Emanuel, who is the chief of staff for the first African-American president of the United States, is known to use the term "shvartz" in describing the senior African-American congressmen. Shvartz is the Yiddish word that means the same thing as "nigger."


We have also learned from a former Democratic member of the House that Emanuel's job with the investment firm Wasserstein-Perella, where he earned $16.2 million for his prospective congressional race to succeed Rod Blagojevich as congressman from Illinois's 5th congressional district, was partly arranged by the media-shy rabid pro-Israeli owner of Slim Fast Foods, S. Daniel Abraham. It is the type of political quid pro quo that Emanuel is now using to hammer Rangel, Conyers, and the ousted chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee John Dingell, who was replaced by Emanuel ally Henry Waxman (D-CA).


Blagojevich has argued that transcripts of his wiretapped phone calls were only selectively released to the media. WMR has learned from a top GOP lobbyist that Blagojevich can be expected to beat the criminal charges against him when it is revealed in trial that Emanuel conspired with U.S. Attorney for northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald to indict the former Illinois governor by focusing on his attempt to "sell" Obama's vacant US Senate seat. In fact, Emanuel was adamantly opposed to Blagojevich naming any African-American, Representative Jesse Jackson III or Roland Burris to the seat. Although it has been reported that Emanuel favored Valerie Jarrett for the seat, WMR has learned that Emanuel actually was pushing for Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), an Emanuel ally, for the seat.


Knowing of Emanuel's personal dislike for African-Americans, Blagojevich responded to Emnanuel's pressure by naming Burris to the seat. Emanuel's allies in the Senate responded by greeting the junior Illinois senator with an ethics investigation. The Senate dropped its ethics investigation of Burris due to lack of evidence and merely issued a letter of admonishment on November 20, 2009. However, Burris's career was finished and he announced he would not seek re-election.


If Conyers is forced to step down or "temporarily" step aside as chairman, ranking Democrat Howard Berman (D-CA), another Emanuel ally, would step up as chairman. Such a move would see Representative Gary Ackerman, another Emanuel friend, step up to take Berman's place as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


Emanuel also has Thompson, chairman of Homeland Security, as a target. Thompson has been under an ethics cloud for taking lobbyist-funded trips to Saipan, courtesy of jailed GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and to Saint Martin, courtesy of Citigroup lobbyists. Although Representative Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) is the ranking Democrat on the committee, Emanuel can be expected to pressure Pelosi to find another assignment for her so that the third-ranking Democrat, Representative Jane Harman (D-CA), another Emanuel ally, can step up to chair the committee. Harman has been under a cloud resulting from her close association with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Mossad agents in Washington, DC.


WMR was told by a top GOP lobbyist who is on good terms with Representative Conyers that number of House and Senate members and staffers view Emanuel as a "dangerous psychopath" capable of doing almost anything to advance his agenda. A former African-American member of the House told WMR that Emanuel's goal is to eliminate every African-American chairman from their leadership roles and pave the way for Emanuel's Jewish colleagues to take their chairmanships from them. The strategy has already been carried out with respect to Rangel, as well as with pro-union Dingell, who is white. The strategy is about to be played out against Conyers and, eventually, Thompson.


As this story was being prepared, freshman Representative Eric Massa (D-NY), who announced his resignation after being embroiled in a homosexual sexual harassment scandal involving a staffer, announced on a WKPQ-FM Saturday radio show that he was the victim of a conspiracy carried out by Emanuel and his House allies. Massa said he had a "profanity-filled conversation" conversation with Emanuel last year after voting against Obama's health care bill. Massa said he told Emanuel to resign for his use of profanity. Massa added, "Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil's spawn . . . He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive."




Yeah, it´s a war

That Emanuel won when the CBC surrendered.  He hardly need wage it at all with PRESIDENT OBAMA around.  Are there any blacks who DEFY OBAMA either in vote or deed?


What a great question

Q:  "Are there any blacks who DEFY OBAMA either in vote or deed?"
Ummm... NO.  Aside from BAR and a few notable exceptions most Blacks are too drunk on Obummer punch and to caught up in defending him against the rednecks, (or those who actually speak truth about him but are considered rednecks nontheless.)  This is why White folks get apopletic in their attempts to criticize Obama.
Many of them are tired of having to defend cries of racism, especially when they are leftists and they are criticizing Obummer's pro-corporate/facist bent.  Obummer is the greatest front man for the Empire since George Washington himself, and I ain't talking Carver.
But "No."  Blacks are committed to going down like rats on a sinking ship with Obummer.  They'll still love him like they love all Black celebrities.   Seems you can be a reformed serial child rapists but if the Black cognescenti blesses you, and you earn a big salary and live in a gated community and drive an expensive car, it's all good.  Plus, the said truth of the matter is that Blacks have become "commoditized" like the rest of Americans.  As I type this response in the right hand column is an article that says Half of the Black Caucus voted for more Afghan war.   Half of the Negroes who voted for Afghan war feel that they have "arrived," and their stupid constituents feel the same.  Too many Blacks have bought lock stock and barrel the American Exceptionalism bullshit. 
The majority of so-called Black leaders and politicians have lost their moral compass, they are corrupt corporate whores like the other 500 or so members of Congress.  "Protest politics" ain't pretty no more, "can't we all just get along..???"  LOL

I'm not mad at Kucinich

Kucinich didn't want to possibly be in the position of casting the deciding vote that would kill the bill. No one wants to be demonized as a traitor to so-called reform. He would have been ruined politically by the current Administration. Look at what happened to former Congresswoman Cynthina McKinney.

Kuscinich vowed to continue to push t for REAL reform like Single Payer. Too bad we don't have a hundred more McKinneys and Kusciniches in Congress.

F****k Kucinich and every other "politician"

"Ruin his career?"  I'm not from Cleveland, OH, but who would have really challenged Kucinich?   Would he not have garnered as much if not more support by voting "no?"  I don't know if you can compare Dennis the Menance to McKinney.  McKinney had black sellouts (Majette) as well as Whites, as well as the AIPAC LOBBY on her ass?  Aside from gaining publicity as a "lone" holdout" who was on Kucinich's ass?  Wasn't Dennis reelected after a "stiff" challenge in 2008??
"Kucinich defeated former State Representative Jim Trakas in the November 4, 2008 general election with 153,357 votes, 56.8% of those cast."
Was Kucinish's "lone" "no" vote enough to derail the "Bill?"  Final results 220 for 215 against.  Sorry, I ain't buying it.  Dennis could have stood on principle like Stu(pid)pak.
Chris Floyd and to a lesser extent Chris Hedges pretty much sums up the "health care reform" aka corporate giveaway.

Closing Time: An Historic Confirmation of Corporate Power

Written by Chris Floyd   

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 14:34


Chris Floyd sheds more light on Dennis' sellout

Progressive Front: Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant
Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:38
"Dennis Kucinich is now reaping the reward for his high-profile bug-out on the Compulsory Corporate Profit Act of 2010, also known as "health care reform." And what a pearl of great price it is! Well worth selling out your heatedly avowed principles for! I mean, Mahatma Gandhi himself would traded his loincloth for a pinstripe suit to bag some bling like this! Check it out:

Dennis Kucinich the new face of Dem campaign committee.

That's right: Dennis is now fronting the big-time money-grubbing operations of party hacks! Just days ago, Kucinich was condemning the health care bill as a bad, tainted piece of pork:

"a giveaway to the insurance industry -- $70 billion a year, and no guarantees of any control over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance. I just don't see that this bill is the solution."

But now, he's out there rattling the cup for the very ladlers of corporate pork he has been castigating for months, writing in the new donation pitch:

On Tuesday, I ... witnessed an historic ceremony in the White House, where President Obama signed health care reform into law. I am pleased to have played a role in helping make this important moment possible."
Jeepers Creepers talk about "Bait and Switch."