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Haiti: No Sovereignty, No Justice

Haiti has been a less than sovereign nation since 1825, when France saddled the young Black republic with the equivalent of billions in debt to compensate for the colonial power’s loss of its plantations and slaves. Foreigners imposed the recent elections on Haiti, bringing into question whether “these elections were really Haitian, at all,” says Alex Main, policy analyst for the Center for Economic and Policy Research. All three of the top vote-getters “have very close ties to the business elite,” and “none have endorse an agenda that would lift Haitians out of poverty.”

Paul Pumphrey, of Brothers and Sisters International, notes that half of Haiti’s ruling Interim Commission is made up of foreigners. Haitian commission members recently complained that they are not even consulted on how reconstruction and development money is spent.

Finance Capital Hegemony is Cause of Crisis

Western finance capital is “not interested in productive investment – they’re interesting in spreading debt among nations and people and keeping wages as low as possible,” says Anthony Monteiro, professor of African American Studies at Temple University, in Philadelphia. Americans and Europeans will ultimately have to choose, “not whether they can reform finance capital, but how quickly they can undermine the hegemony of finance capital over their national economies and a good part of the world economy.”

The Dead-End of Liberalism

Comfortable liberals don’t really believe that the fascist barbarians are at the gate. If they did, they would be radicals. “Black, Brown, indigenous and working people need to abandon the conventions of the conventional Left and develop their own politics, says BAR columnist Dr. Jared Ball.



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No Sovereignty

It seems that Haiti is being tie down by colonialism thats why they were left behind and do not evenm operate their own political will and power.Plus they have this,Finance capitalism which lead to such huge crisis.Just like with the earnest homeowners, mortgage loan modifications have been dangled, only to be snapped back and exchanged by foreclosure. Fake house foreclosures are yet another wrench within country.

Haiti and OEN

I'm still fighting the good fight, Glen, at OpEdNews; and I just submitted a Quick Link there of your excellent short piece on Haiti.  It's in the Best-Web-OpEds column at:

In a comment on this OEN piece, I published the recent photo-montage of yourself, Bruce Dixon, and I think Marge Kimberley, as well as a couple of other folks I didn't recognize.

Glad to see you and BAR are doing so well, Mr. Ford.  Your call on Obama's true nature must seem prophetic to others who were not BAR readers before 2006 or so, when BAR was having financial difficulties.

Keep up the good work, and I'll try to transfer your articles to OEN in the future more frequently.  Btw you, me, and the fencepost, even your very infrequent publishings at OEN over the last year or two helped move Rob Kall and OEN to the left several degrees.

- Lloyd Rowsey