The Great Black Hajj of 2009

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The huge inaugural gathering on the Washington Mall - two million people, about half of them African American - resembled nothing so much as a Hajj. The assembled multitudes "were committed to a once (or, at least, first) in a lifetime trek to Washington to bear witness to The Biggest Black Event in History." Largely oblivious to the actual political import of his words - including threats against Social Security - the throng imagined "that their wildest dreams had come true in the form of Obama" - an unsustainable delusion.


The Great Black Hajj of 2009

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

"They cheered in acknowledgement of their shared culpability in the ‘collective failure' that had destroyed the global financial system."

They were pilgrims, one million African Americans bent on fulfilling a solemn, silly, tearful, giddy, deep-felt, mindless, gottabethere obligation. They were the faithful, the heretics, the high priests and low-lifes, the innocent and the guilty-as-sin. All were committed to a once (or, at least, first) in a lifetime trek to Washington to bear witness to The Biggest Black Event in History, as so it must have been, based on the numbers. And oh yes, there were white folks there, too, about an additional million. Let it be recorded that all ethnicities were welcomed at the great Black Hajj of 2009.

Obama, the one-word incantation - Oh-Bah-Mah! - would not be denied. The sea of humanity lapped at his feet, as the mountain had come to Muhammad.

The Black multitudes waited to be told who they were, and why they were there. They learned that "Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age." They cheered in acknowledgement of their shared culpability in the "collective failure" that had destroyed the global financial system, the workings of which were beyond their capacity to comprehend, much less influence. Yet, they must be guilty of something. Obama said so.

He informed his followers that "Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered." This they already knew, many through painful, personal experience. What is to be done? Well, "in the words of Scripture," Obama proclaimed, "the time has come to set aside childish things." Things like boorishly interrupting the nation's business (now Obama's business) with complaints about particular African American grievances such as chronically high jobless rates, neglected schools, gross criminal injustice, housing segregation. Citing the litany is bad form - damn near un-American, Obama seemed to indicate.

"Pilgrims understood that Obama was preparing to lower the boom on some undeserving, ‘narrow interests' that had malingered on the public dole."

He pressed the point. "On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics." Who was Obama talking about? In hindsight, possibly Obama was referring to those whom he knew would in less than a week be complaining that he had delayed congressional action on "universal" health care, dashed the hopes of besieged homeowners in need of a law that would allow judges to adjust their mortgages, abandoned the Gulf Coast Civic Action bill to create 100,000 jobs and affordable housing for Katrina-ravaged Americans, and put organized labor's Employee Free Choice Act on the back burner. Yes, that would be cause for "recriminations" and deployment of "worn-out dogmas" regarding the people's rights to health care, housing, jobs and dignity.

Obama, object of the Great Hajj, personification of Black Mecca, continued: "Our capacity remains undiminished. But our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions -- that time has surely passed." Even far out near the Washington Monument, pilgrims understood that Obama was preparing to lower the boom on some undeserving, "narrow interests" that had malingered on the public dole for too long. What they may not have noticed in preparing to join the Hajj - at considerable sacrifice, for some - was that two weeks before, Obama had revealed the "unpleasant decisions" he was contemplating. Social Security and Medicare were "a central part" of his planned overhaul of federal spending.

"Obamites characteristically invest their own meanings in his speeches."

Those who thought the battle of Social Security had been fought, and won, back in George W. Bush's first term, were mistaken. This time, Obama the Democrat is putting "entitlements" on the chopping block, on his own initiative. Few on the Mall understood his meaning. No surprise - Obamites characteristically invest their own meanings to his speeches, while remaining oblivious to his actual political positions.

In 17 minutes, it was over, and the pilgrims began to disperse. Obama had spoken of "a nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, that the next generation must lower its sights." In fact, Black people haven't lowered their expectations, but instead, imagine that their wildest dreams have come true in the form of Obama. It is an unsustainable delusion, which Obama himself will dispel over time. But you couldn't tell the 2009 hajjis that. As with the Jewish farewell, "Next year in Jerusalem," they left Washington making plans for January 20, 2013.

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Thank you

Thank you Mr. Ford for giving an honest assessment of the speech. While the address was historic because of the man who gave it, it wasn't a great speech. I can't explain it, but I was never fan of Obama's speeches. At every instance, he has to failed to deliver anything but stump speeches full of affirmations. It's continues to amaze me how a bestselling author could be so unpoetic. The moment called for something more. All those people who trekked to touch his hem and kiss his ring deserved something more.

Obama is a True American

With or without a viable U.S. birth certificate, Barack Obama will govern as a true American president. To expect anything else is foolish.

For the Delusional the eviction notice might hit the door before

Of course since these "sheep" were able to afford the expenses of the sojourn and buy sourvenirs and trinkets too, they don't consider themselves on the economic shopping block like the "everyman" or "everywoman" they actually look down upon. You know, the "less fortunate" they've been called upon to lead.

Of course the speech was uninspiring because even a snake-oil salesmen knows the limits of their prose. There are several good reads that underscore this cognitive dissonance. The unraveling just might happen at break neck speed.

The World Socialist Website actually gives us some insight on the probable breakdown of how the "stimulus" will be spent, Prof. Juan Cole at has a piece called, "Obama's Vietnam?" And Raimondo over at has a piece called "The Mailed Fist and the Velvet Glove": Obama speaks to the Muslim World.
Here's a snippet from a couple articles:

Raimondo on Obama on Al- Arabiya:
"Even as he was speaking, American drones were snuffing out lives and his generals were planning a wider war. That seems to be the signature Obama style: cool, calm, and collected as he talks out of one side of his mouth, while he's giving the order to kill out of the other. If that doesn't scare you, then you've probably had a little too much of that sweet-tasting Obama-brand Kool-Aid.

Yes, these issues are all "interrelated," as the current Washington buzzword would have it, albeit not in the way Obama imagines. Many Muslims worldwide watched his interview on the same day – perhaps in the same newscast – they heard of the Pakistani air strike. It's a short walk, in this instance, from cognitive dissonance to hypocrisy."
1-27-09: "The Capitalist Markets and Obama's Stimulus Plan":
Robert Yaro, the president of the Regional Plan Association, which has guided civic projects in the New York metropolitan area since 1929, told the New York Times, the infrastructure proposal was a "drop in the bucket."

There is no aid for homeowners facing foreclosure—a number which could rise to as many as 10.2 million in the next four years, according to estimates by Credit Suisse—nor the tens of millions more who owe far more on their homes than they are worth due the sharpest decline in housing prices since the Great Depression. Millions more have seen their life savings wiped out due to the falling value of their 401 (K) retirement plans, but they merit no help either.

The stimulus package provides only minimal relief to the unemployed in the form of extended jobless benefits and money to help laid off workers keep their medical coverage. In addition, there is about $87 billion to help states pay increasing Medicaid health insurance for the poor."

King's Dream

I know people who would keep their children out of school over a 32 degree temperature, yet they travelled and had them stand outside, in frigid weather, for hours, to witness The Event.
To add to the stupor, many youngsters are being told that Dr. King struggled and thus died in pursuit of a Black presidency. That a Black presidency was Dr. Kings dream. So some more of obfuscating and subverting what Dr. King really fought for and the subjects of the commentaries that he was assassinated for.

We have local cases, certainly here in NYC, and certainly in Oakland that require large public presence. But are/will those cases get the support of presence that the inauguration got? So far no, but we hope for the future?

P.S. If I hear one more Black woman express "gratefulness" that Obama married a dark complexioned woman, I will scream. I watched a Bill Moyers program during which a professor actually said she forgives Obama some of his policy decisions because he chose Michelle. This whole mania has us so out of whack, I think it may take many more foreclosures, layoffs, and out of work degreed folk to snap us out of it.

Funny but sad truth about AA's "Priorities"

Have you all seen the "Drunken Negro Head Cookie" story over at My cousin just forwarded it me. Shock, outrage, infamy, HA! (I wonder if she knows her mom might not get a COLA increase on her Soc. Sec?)

I bet you that Black folks and White Liberals will be in a greater uproar over the "Sasha" Dolls and the "Drunken Negro Head Cookies" than the fact that entitlements are on the shopping block?! And lord help us if nooses or Imus hit the headlines again.

I was wondering if the "Today Show" did a piece on the 93 year-old Michigan man that froze to death after the City cut off his power? Did I miss that one? Or I wonder how many saw the 60 Minutes piece on the effects of DHL's bankruptcy on Wilmington, Ohio?

Blacquenhard: Everything you say is absolutely true, but that speaks to a responsibility for those of us who know better to communicate same. Right?? We just finished a disucssion at the last thread about the dangers of foregoing critical thinking. Real dangers.

The other thing that is also funny but sad is that the parallel social structures that many of us so-called "Black Nationalists" have encouraged neighborhoods and communities to adopt are going to be needed even more as time goes on and local & state governments have fewer resources to spend on social safety nets. As food and other prices increase, for every vacant lot you should see a garden. The canning wisdom of our mother's, aunts, and grandmothers needs to be tapped to the fullest right now. Growing and persevering your own food is about as good and simple advice as one can get right now.

p.s. speaking of food, them "Drunken Negro Head Cookies" did like kinda tasty.

The Coonery Has Begun!

I can already see more and more Negro Americans putting down the Soul Food and buying more hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie lol lol lol lol.

Sleeping with their newly-beloved American flags close like a security blanket lol lol.

Lawd..........the coonery has begun!!

Obama, bigger warmonger & fool than Bush

First let me say I was very pleased to see BAR give some space for Chris Floyd of Empire Burlesque. Kudos to BAR. Floyd is amongst the best.

Chris has a great article today at his website: "Get Some: Obama's New Hard Line on Afghanistan"

Floyd: "In any case, the drug trade is "flourishing" in Afghanistan because the American-led "regime change" operation there removed a government that had practically eliminated the Afghan drug trade -- the Taliban -- and replaced with it a gaggle of drug-running warlords. Now Washington is shocked -- shocked! -- to find drug-running going on there. Comedy gold, I tell you.

But of course, Washington's displeasure with Karzai has nothing to do with the corruption of his government or the Afghan drug trade. It stems from two main concerns: first, Karzai's increasingly strident protests against the growing number of Afghan civilians being killed in American and NATO operations; and second, the need to find a scapegoat for "the resurgence of the Taliban." Preferably, this scapegoat will be some local stooge, a fall guy to divert attention from the fact that the main reason for this resurgence is Washington's witless, blunderbuss, blood-and-iron approach -- the very same approach that Obama and his anonymous tough-guy leakers are proposing to escalate. And what better fall guy than some loudmouth who keeps going on about how destructive and counterproductive the American approach is?"

Here's what the "liberal" NY Times reported the other day:

"They (Obama's staff) said that the Obama administration would work with provincial leaders as an alternative to the central government, and that it would leave economic development and nation-building increasingly to European allies, so that American forces could focus on the fight against insurgents."

All of this leads me to many questions but none so urgent than this one: Hartal, where the f***k are you? We had to listen to your drivel about Obama taking a different tact, the "development" approach contra GWB for months. You, Hartal, were the "Afghan Expert" remember, or so you portrayed. Come out of the woodwork Hartal, and spin Obama's magic words for him. He needs your help right now, seems like he let the truth slip out to the Times.

Obama, bigger damn fool and warmonger than GWB,-- we've been warning of this for months! No wonder we all "must sacrifice", yes more and more sacrifices for the military/industrial/drug running complex. "Change u can believe in."

"It Was Great Speech" Said Conservatives

I can't find a link or anything but I was watching Chris Mathews Hardball the other night and I think it was Pat Buchanan who was like "A conservative would be proud to say more than 70% of what Obama said in that speech."

Six Five Son of a Slave has a point, people are embracing the blood-drenched flag of Amerikkka once again... its sad.. that will never be my flag.

A textbook case of cognitive dissonance

Remember all of the Obama supporters, who during the campaign, got roundly offended when folks said he'd be no better than McCain? Remember those (like Hartal) who constantly referred to the Campaign Website as the definitive word of what Obama would do after elected, or some of the so-called "grassroots" organization leaders who blogged in protest of our skepticism, who talked about the ground-level efforts taking shape prior to the election? Remember the "Demands" & "Agendas" taking shape. Well that was then

Where are you poor souls right now? Some at least admit they were duped, your honesty is duly noted and appreciated.

The toughest road ahead, and what should be downright funny if not interesting, will be the challenge of the "Black Nationalists" to keep the field Negroes off the necks of the disgruntled White folks who realize they've been played. That they got a fairly reactionary candidate in contravention to the change & transformation mantra/promises. We will truly enter the realm of "Bizarro World" when the working class Blacks get angry at the working class fights for pressing economic demands upon Obama and the Government controlled by Democrats.

Ahhh, Amerikkka the beautiful, land of the deaf, home of the dumb.

p.s. Tip of the day: Buy Dunkin Donuts stock. First, they don't make "Drunken Head Negro Cookies," second, Starbucks just announced plans to lay off 6,700.

This website must be widely known

I came to this site today after reading Obama's interview with Al-Arabiya. I had posted the interview on my site yesterday but did not want to read it; I was worried that I would find what I suspected I would, which were outrageous statements and lies by the new and sleek new president. I was right! The interview is amazingly stupid for this sleek president to have uttered. Most insulting was his claim that America was not founded on a colony.

I defended the man during his Rev. Wright troubles. I blamed the Reverend for being opportunistic to have come against Obama at such a crucial time. I felt sorry for this sleek operator Obama during the time when Hillary wound not concede without first obtaining concession in a form of financial extortion or promises for a high position in Obama’s presidency. I was very unhappy when the editors of this site (BAR) wrote unrelenting articles about Obama. My objections had to do with my worries that we would have to be faced with another eight year of a redneck running the country. Now that I have gotten a glimpse of this new sleek president, all that comes to mind is pure revulsion! I was wrong and the folks at BAR were right all along! There is no difference between this sleek man and McCain or Hillary.

I do most certainly appreciate what the BAR folks are doing and I feel sorry that I doubted your judgement during the time when you tried to warn us! Yes, you did warn us!

Black people, as a whole, have lost

You cannot teach a man that does not want to be taught. Blacks have capitulated to empty rhetoric and assimilation with whites as the norm. Obama preaches to them like they hear on Sunday morning. Both the preacher and Obama are going to rob them blind. There is nothing black progressives can do because we are all labeled as haters when we speak the truth about Obama. And so it ends.....not with a whimper but with thundering applause, all compliments of the New World Order's social engineering and poisoning of our food, water, air and minds. It is a conspiracy too monstrous for most to bear and so they do not to the demise of all of us.

Who was Obama talking about? In hindsight, possibly Obama was referring to those whom he knew would in less than a week be complaining that

In the above paragraph Ford has used the weasel word "possibly" to assign meaning to a paragraph that was typically vague. The Obama haters on this site have reacted like Pavlov's Dogs as if Obama had actually said those things. Is it too much to ask that we stick to the facts?

So much for "Bi Partisanship" Big HA!!

Now the propaganda war kicks into high gear. Listen to Matt Lauer and you'd think it's Pelosi's fault that NOT ONE DAMN Repug voted for the so-called "Stimulus Package." Stimulating what, would be a better story line, but no you won't get that "news."

$850 B from TARP, several trillion more through direct Treasury Infusions and no one in the United States of America can articulate for you the programs and the mechanisms under which distressed homeowners will get relief. I can tell you personally that underwriting standards have tightened as credit has supposedly "eased."

They won't revisit government insured student loans for the banks. I went to college on a direct loan from the government. They won't revisit bankruptcy reform. Once upon a time Chapt. 13 provided an equitable vehicle for debt restructuring. They are now talking about creating a Resolution Trust Corp. mechanism, but for what debt? Not general loan portfolios that were liquidated when I worked at FDIC, but a friggen mechanism to liquidate CORPORATE DEBT, THE BIG BOYS DEBT! There were over 112 insolvent banks over 3 months ago, with that number growing why aren't they being "resolved?". And for all practical purposes B of Amer., which you recalled acquired Countrywide and Merrill Lynch, with government assistance aimed at easing the crisis, BoA, which received BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER FUNDS is now INSOLVENT!

Record unemployment claims and all we'll get from the MSM is who's "winning and losing" on the Hill from petty, petulant, celebrity journalists who get their "sources" from Blackberry's and vodka martinis.

Yes, the Media will keep us occupied with Plaxico, and Pacman, and Blago (no Richardson),and "bad calls" in the Super Bowl and write stories of epic triumph and defeats, or which commercial or act stunk up the joint.

But they can't or won't tell you what happened to more than $5 Trillion US Taxpayer dollars.

The MSM won't tell us that the Repugs are simply holding out for more corporate tax cut concessions from Obama. They'll talk about bi-partisanship where none exists, they'll encourage and emote reaching out as long as it's the Democrat's continued capitulation to the wants and desires of the GOP and the Elite Capitalists.

Bi-partisanship my ass. A Real Leader would seize the Unitary Executive Powers created by the most unpopular president in recent memory it not entire history and do what's right, to enact more equitable taxing and financial structures, to attack the economy completely different than the approach of his "advisors" who in fact are responsible for the debacle.

So much for the GOP reaching across the aisle. The whining and dining of the Right Wing pundits, the "booty" calls to John Mccain.

"Bi-partisanship," you should know by now, even the most dreamy eyed sorts, is nothing but CAPITULATION. It is the modern day American version of Revanchism, --pretty, soft fascism.

One of these days, this "reality tv show" called "life in America" is going to get canceled. "The Revolution will not be Televised", yes indeed, but don't be surprised if the "Demise is not Televised" either.

Re-election possible?

Lou,is there any way that Obama can be re-elected? Hasn't he already broken promises to almost every single group that supported him. Do the wizards behind the curtain even want him to be President for 8 years, or did they just need him to front for them so that they could make this thing last just a little longer? Obama appears to have included a few good things in the bill, but it is largely a payback to special interests. How is it supposed to stimulate the economy? He said that it wouldn't have any earmarks. Is he a liar?

Re election might be a cinch

The NY Times reported the the AG of NY State is investigating $18 Billion in Wall St. Bonuses in Dec. 2008. I just thought I'd mention that just to lighten up your day as more and more layoffs are announced nationally.

Sall, of course re-election is possible, if we're not all dead by then. Admiral Mullen, Jt. Chiefs of State Head, just reaffirmed that Obama has left (viz a viz Iran) all options on the table. But to get back to the question, me thinks it goes back to the premise (mine and others) that Americans are by and large centrist. How many "true" progressives are there?
In fact Obama's "bi-partisanship" just like Gov. Patterson's selection to replace Clinton is all about comforting the Right Wing elements in American, a kinder, gentler fascism if you will, even better facism with a "minority" face. I mean from the left silence on Gaza or discussion of w/n "Zionism" is a racist construct by definition paired with silence from AA on Obama's lurch to the right and promises to escalate militarism. Is there any question that American is Center-Right if not reactionary?? So yes, if we're not dead or in the throes of the second great Depression, I fully expect him to be re-elected. Obama and the Democrats are only concerned about winning, they could care less about the average US citizen. Thomas Frank in "What's the Matter with Kansas" wrote about how the GOP duped the White working/middle class for decades, duped them into voting against their self-interests. The MSM propaganda machine has immense power, they can illumine or black out news and most people don't know which is which. Blago all day, silence on Gov. Richardson. War crime Tribunals for the Congolese, medals, promotions and corporate board appointments, and media appearances for Amerikkka's war criminals. Every "journalistic" expert from Friedman, to Kristol, to Goldberg who was wrong about Iraq has been REWARDED, those who were right, demoted and denigrated. Do you see anyone from McClatchy on "This Week" with Georgie Porgie or sitting besides Mica on "Morning Joe"?? Go figure..

Btw, I thought this was an interesting story reported at Reuters, a new bank "bail-out" approach:

"Vienna-based UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said in an interview released by Austrian weekly Profil that drug money often became the only available capital when the crisis spiralled out of control last year.

"In many instances, drug money is currently the only liquid investment capital," Costa was quoted as saying by Profil. “In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system's main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor."

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime had found evidence that "interbank loans were funded by money that originated from drug trade and other illegal activities," Costa was quoted as saying. There were "signs that some banks were rescued in that way."

That's it, Brilliant!! We can use the War on Drugs to Bail out the War on Terror & Wall St. Someone should have given me a Cabinet appointment, despite that (D) I got in Econ.

More bitterness from BAR...

"In the above paragraph Ford has used the weasel word "possibly" to assign meaning to a paragraph that was typically vague. The Obama haters on this site have reacted like Pavlov's Dogs as if Obama had actually said those things. Is it too much to ask that we stick to the facts?"

Exactly, they are so hung up on trying to find something to make Obama look like the ultimate Uncle Tom who's been appointed by the White power structure to destroy Black America that it's ridiculous.

I like what Amiri Baraka said about those who think they're "making a difference" by refusing to support Obama:

"...No amount of solipsistic fist pounding about "radical principles" will change this society as much as the election of Barack Obama will as president of the US. Not to understand this is to have few clues about the history of this country, its people, or the history of the Black struggle in the US. It is also to be completely at odds with the masses of the Afro-American people, let us say with the masses of black and colored people internationally....For the so called left and would be radicals (and some grinning idiots who say they don't even care about politics) the McKinney gambit is to label oneself "Quixote of the loyal opposition" to pipsqueak a hiss of disapproval at the rulers while being an enabler of the same. Neither McCain nor McKinney will help us. Only Obama offers some actual help."

To BARwrongonobama: Just the Facts, please

Can you please explain in the most educated, dispassionate way how Obama "offers help?" Seriously, how do you even see the Democrats as a party "helping" let alone Obama, given that the have walked lockstep with George W. Bush for 8 years? What's frusrating with you Obama supporters is that you are good if not occassionally great with rhetoric (like Baraka) but short on facts and substance. Just the facts please, lay it out:
What's going to happen with health care, education, the War on Terror, relief for homeowners, student loans, just to name a few things. Where do you see this going other than I'm suppose to cry, weep and sing praises because a non-white man occupies the most evil office in the world?? Since when did Black folk even start looking up to Presidents of the USA?

WHAT IS THE ACTUAL HELP you and Baraka see? We're waiting to hear? Does that include help to stop foreclosures, or help for the Katrina dispossessed, what is it? Is it a scolding for Wall St. vs. humiliation for auto execs? You've obviously thought this through, shouldn't be that hard or time consuming to lay it out in simple straight language.

What they do

During the campaign, I sat on neither side, and even today I sit on no side but my own, but the thing that gets me about the Obama supporters is that they do indeed try to attack the, I'll just call them 'skeptics' as their effort to defend him. It always deteriorates to that. I'm like Lou, let me hear some facts, some breakdowns of the policy that is going to help and heal us and this nation or world. This is simply what has been asked for the last 20 months or so. True indeed, there are a lot of attacks without substance going Obama and his supporters way as well, but in the midst of this, there have been countless articles written, educated comments posted, links provided, that, at the very least, provide a valid argument as to how and why the presidency of Obama is but a false hope to hundreds of millions around the globe. Meanwhile the only thing I have managed to gather in response is how these who say such things are in the way of progress, overwhelmingly in the minority. Long story short, these arguments resort to nothing more than calling those 'party poopers'. If you are educated and astute enough, explain the benefits of his policy which will "save the day". Give me a reason to believe in this 'Change'. Obama got this job because of who he is, or who he isn't. But it is a job. Can his plans work and why?

Gary Leupp's 1/24/09 article on (Mitchell, Ross, and Holbrooke...and teh Outlook for SW Asia)mentioned an interesting but not surprising reason for ObamaCo ramping up things in Afghanistan: the construction of pipeline from Dauletabad gas field of Turkmenistan thru Herat and Qandahar then Multan in Pakistan. The contract for the pipeline was signed shortly after the 2001 invasion but work has been curtailed due to site being largely under Taliban control. The area around Qandahar is desired for this purpose.

Monica, just because someone sells lots of books does not mean they are great writers. Many so-called authors, especially famous folk like Obama, are authors in name only - a ghost writer does most of the work. If Obama's speeches fall flat, it is because he has nothing to say of substance in terms of doing what needs to be done to REALLY lift all boats in this country, not just the yatchs. If one is passionate and committed to a cause or action, this will show in one's words (see: MLK) - otherwise, it's all empty rhetoric.

An electronic high five to Deb in Brooklyn's comments. It's beyond pathetic how people, even those who came of age during the 60s, are so freaking ignorant of MLK's agenda. Most would be shocked to learn he made more than just the Dream speech. Good to know I am not the only one damn tired of black women applauding Obama for choosing the 'right-hued' wife. Obama has been making plans for bigger and better things since forever. Do not put it past this crafty devil that he made sure to select a the right hued wife that 1)would score him kudos (and votes)from blacks and 2) would produce children with few traces of whiteness, again, to appeal to black voters skeptical of a biracial with no real ties to the U.S. black experience.

Sad, sad, sad, how little it takes to appease and impress people.


"Good to know I am not the only one damn tired of black women applauding Obama for choosing the 'right-hued' wife. Obama has been making plans for bigger and better things since forever. Do not put it past this crafty devil that he made sure to select a the right hued wife that 1)would score him kudos (and votes)from blacks and 2) would produce children with few traces of whiteness, again, to appeal to black voters skeptical of a biracial with no real ties to the U.S. black experience."

If he only wanted to marry a "dark-skinned Black woman just to score the votes of Black people" then he wouldn't have married a woman like Michelle Obama. If he only cared about surface appearances, then he would NOT have chosen a woman as intelligent, as educated, or as opinionated as his wife. Most men who are successful don't want a woman who could be their equal in terms of intelligence and accomplishments. But Michelle Obama is clearly a woman who can hold her own in that regard, and Barack Obama seems to revel in that fact. Secondly, I am really getting sick and tired of this "Obama grew up in Hawaii so he's not really Black" B.S. Obama is not the only Black person to have grown up in Hawaii. And how do you know that he never experienced racism or discrimination as a young person growing up in Hawaii?? You really don't know what this man has been through in his life, all you know of him is the image that he presents as a politician, but you don't know the whole person. Trying thinking first before you make such ignorant and judgmental statements.

Mind blowing experience...

It was a real pleasure going through most of the posts..I want to share a little story...Last week,as Obama was telling the nation and the world that his administration does not and will not support torture,his nominee for Director of national intelligence ,Dennis Blair,was testifying in front of the Senate in order to get confirmed.He was responding to a question and he stated that "there are certain interrogation techniques that will have to remain secrets so America's adversaries would not be able to train on how to resist them"...I ask anyone with a half of a brain....What kind of interrogation techniques would a person need to train to prepare for besides torture techniques?If you are gonna speak to me in a calm manner,there is no need to prepare myself for anything...This is a perfect example of how Obama is saying one thing while his people are doing another...Today,he stated that Wall street.s behavior for having stolen 18 billion dollars was "shameful".How many Black folks are going to go to jail for stealing a pack of meat from the supermarket while Wall street thieves only get a verbal scolding from the president..As far as Black folks who support Obama are concerned,,;All I can say is that the situation is hopeless.

Motion! Sickness...

Christianslayer, the shamefulness is that Obama and these Democrats have not frozen the assets of these criminals! They have essential been giving a blank check and laughed in the face of the American people as they continue to dole out the "bailout money" in the form of bonuses. Nor have they voided the contracts of these CEO's. The Wall Street crooks should have been left to fail and so the banks.

The second, thing is before any money was to be doled out they should have audited these crooks. Now the "stimulus package" contains so much pork and nothing for the average person. But see the shame is on the American people for continuing to vote these same bastards back in office time after time. When you have people that have been in DC for over 20 years what does one expect in the way of change..not a damn thing.

Obama campaigned on "change" really, the only thing I have seen is the same recycling of old crap in DC. All of his cabinet is nothing but recycled crap from the Clinton Administration. But where are the qualified African Americans? So with many blacks drinking the koolaid why are they not asking the same questions? They are hue-blinded.

Where were these Democrats when these banks were foreclosing on propert? why did they not issue a moratorium immediately to halt these foreclosures? Yet, they are sitting idly by and allowing these homes to get auctioned off. Those folks who support Obama unconditionally supporting skin color but fail to realize that he did not exit the womb of a black woman. Obama is part of Daley politics and anyone who knows that know its dirty.

digressionary spending????

I sometimes like to look at what ifs....

What if you went to a birthday party and 166 folks showed up and each put 10 bucks into hat wonder what it could buy?...

obama's swearing in gig is estimated to bring 1.5 mil folk there(I will not include ticket costs, hotels, gas or toilet paper....)

Assuming that only 1/3 or 500000 show(rain
and only 1/3 of those there are Black...166667 folk...

Assuming they only spent 10 bucks that day or 1,666,670 greenbacks...

Or even better took that and got 19% on their money put in 4yrs of Ghanian(or any investment grade treasury in Afrika)...any non compounding fund...or $1,266, add that to our original 1,666,670...frog skins

Someone help me dyslexia and mathly challenged self shows...$ this enough cash to garner a self generating resource like clinics, minerals, a school, a ..etc?....maybe this isn't much cash for something that can be self generating to 166667 folk...

Now let's assume a more realistic number of those who may attend who are Black(possibly more that 166667...), add the cost of bus fare, food, 'tickets'...oh yeah I forgot the toilet paper...etc

Maybe I over estimate it could it be more than a coupla mil bucks...what if 3 times the original estimate show...five times....10 times...?(don't forget to add the TP)

I wonder in a time when amerikkka(and most other countries) are experiencing what they deem "the most severe recession since '29"...what that kind of capital could do for folk....

But then again maybe "it's only money...."

Once Again, JUST THE FACTS, BARwrongonobama

F****k the imponderables, answer the straightforward question, enough of this "what if" shit. We've been dealing with this "what if" shit from you coons long enough:
a) Gaza: "he isn't the President yet,"
b) TARP: The Democrats "demand oversight." "He isn't the President yet."
c) WOT: Campaign: "We should have the courage to engage "our enemies" vs. Post-Election: Bush/Gates continuity, escalating of war in Afghanistan;
d) Katrina: Still no justice, is Obama going to destroy the solid, brick public housing stocks? And no discussion of the white folks he murdered Black folks trying to get to higher ground in Algiers, ("Katrina's Hidden Race Wars");

It's been over a year and none of you clowns have yet to articulate how and why the Democratic Party, despite election gains in 06, despite Bush's unpopularity, despite Bush's criminality, never did ONE GODDAMN THING TO PUT THESE THUGS IN CHECK!! And then we get insulted with this "bi-partisanship B.S.!" Some much for that crap because the f***kn Repugs gone get theirs, why can't the Democrat's "get ours?" How could somebody look at the Democratic Party's uselessness, their fecklessness and betrayal and expect "change" from them? Just as we see with them now taking single-pay or universal health off the table. Why? Damn near 100K have lost their jobs in the past 2 weeks alone, and the 1st Qtr #s for retail haven't been posted yet, nor have the auto industries kicked their layoffs into high gear. Where the f***k are these people going to get medical treatment? ER rooms? Federally chartered health clinics already busting at the seams?? Wait until some of you sit your asses in an ER room with appendicitis and wonder why the intake takes 3 hours??

It's going to be a long, hot summer when you Negroes and "White Liberals" find out you've been snuckered, AGAIN, but as Arthur Silber says, "It doesn't hurt that bad and only for four years."

Karl, despite my (D) in econ and you being mathematically challenged, these Negroes just might be shocked into jumping on some new math shit when the City and State start's cutting back, they just might want to add a commercial kitchen and bunk beds to these mansions and monuments they erect to their Pimp Pastors.

JUST THE FACTS, BARwrongonobama (and your ilk) for the last time!! Enough of your nebulous B.S., stop acting like Obama trying to dazzle us with prettified words we ain't that stupid. "Solipsisms" refers to extreme egocentrism, that in fact encapsulates Obama and the wanna be prima donnas like Baraka and you that support him. This Negro Baraka, who has clearly assimilated the status quo, has the nerve to call himself "a revolutionary political activist" on his website. My Ass! Bout as "revolutionary" as Rev. Lowery is an "activist."

Excuse me "Lou"....

My comment wasn't aimed at you, Lou, I was referring to "Beverly's" asinine comments. Your belligerent statements show me that you're just as ignorant as Beverly. I bet you both call yourselves "progressives" too, right?? lol. Wannabe-revolutionary is a better label for people like you.

But "My" comments WERE aimed at you

or anyone else who wants to articulate facts and policy and not bromides about Obama's agenda.

Revolutionary my ass. I want honesty and results in Government just like anyone else, it's what White folks expect, why should I (we) expect less? I simply asked you to explain your and Baraka's comment about "only Obama can offer us help." I can help my damn self, how's that for being "revolutionary." But where are my damn tax dollars going? Do my children get drafted because of the bullshit WOT Obama & the Dems seems intent on escalating, when are they gonna prosecute some of these crooks on Wall St. and not just "scold" them? How about some friggen prison reform while you letting the damn banksters steal us blind??

I don't give a shit whether Michelle is "black enough." That was my point. Please answer the substantive question(s), please. That's all I've (we) ever asked you Obamites to do. Sure, I can be "belligerent" at times but sometimes that's appropriate because niceties and politeness don't always work. Maybe now I (we) can get a response to the very real questions posed? Is that possible, or do you all want to comment on my "belligerence" and avoid the issues?

My "belligerence" is rooted in frustration and anger that in more than a year since I've been engaged with BAR, I've yet to see policy or substance woven with facts on the ground when it come to defending Obama. All we get is name-calling,--"haters", Black Militants", "Revolutionaries" "Communists" "Black Nationalists" "Vulgar Marxists" ad nauseum. Well dammnit you can call me everything but a child of God, I don't care as long as I get some concrete answers on what Obama is going to do,
AS YOU ALL SEE IT! Why is he "our only hope" when we should be teaching people to anticipate the Government failing them, and thus their need to find alternative means of helping themselves?

"Belligerence"? You ain't seen real belligerence my friend. See, I'm preparing for the downturn, been preparing for it, been preparing for the betrayal of the Democratic Party and Obama, you will see true "belligerence" from the poor souls who haven't and for whom you all feel no responsibility to informing. Wait till they start messing with entitlements, cutting back Sec. 8, food stamps, WIC, COLAs for Soc. Sec. and impose higher premiums for medicaid, tuitions rise 20%. (How much HUD $ is in the "Stimulus?") When the federal, state & local govts start scaling back the social welfare/safety net, at that point my "belligerence" will seem like a distant memory, the equivalent of a smiley face.

the drunken stupor of the masses

As a person who grew up in a totalitarian regime and as a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, nothing is more ominous to me than uncritical, easily-swayed masses who wave flags and weep at the sight of "a great leader," propped up by a giant propaganda machine and not widely seen for what he really represents.

Perhaps I am too cynical sometimes, but how can I not be when, precisely as Mr. Ford writes, Obama continues to show his true intent to gut out the few remaining supports the government offers while continuing to fund war on terror abroad and at home.

I had the feeling that the financial crisis would become a thin-veiled excuse to cross the last frontier and demolish the "almost sacrosanct" programs, as the NY Times dubs Medicare and Social Security. People better wake up.

Did I strike a ??

Sounds like SOMEONE is upset because I called you out for what you really are...a WANNABE revolutionary. Did I strike a nerve?? lol I don't have to prove anything to you or any of the other wannabes on this site. If you think that Obama was elected to do harm to Black people, then go ahead, I could care less. And I have a right to address comments about Michelle Obama's "blackness" and again, my comment wasn't aimed at YOU.

Forget it lou

You will never get an answer to your questions. In typical fashion, notice how our current Obot avoids ALL matters of substance and just nibbles around the edges and poke at stray asides like the Michelle stuff and when all else fails, they try and bait you with childish nonsense.

Anyway, I'm never surprised when people sell out but I'm often surpried by how cheaply they often sell out.

In the case of the AA community, many of us have sold out for the most shallow, tepid, and cheapest, symbolic representation I've ever seen.

The hangover is lingering

" Did I strike a nerve? lol I don't have to prove anything to you or any of the other wannabes on this site."


Define "wannabes". The last time I looked I was an individual who have been exercising my natural born and civil rights. To use the term 'wannabes" is symbolic of those who cannot have an honest dialogue about what one should expect from any politician who garners a salary from the citizens he was elected by. You seem to think that these people are above reproach and that no one should be scrutinized. See you have the type of mind that they are seeking..PROGRAMMED! The government should be questioned at every juncture and when he/she does not perform they must be notified.

Define "blackness"? once again you have been "programmed" into thinking that a race of people is "black" but not African Americans, so in essence you are your own hypocrite. Please show me the "black skin" as your master has instructed you to call your offsprings or anyone else who appears as you.

Individuality is what sets HUMANS apart and for you to make the asinine assumption that just because someone has a peculiar hue which may be similiar to mine or yours that it is fact that I must by so virtue of color be loyal to such. This the mass confusion that keep African Americans in bondage. The failure to see that although one may appear to contain the same melanin they are in fact not the same. They will kill you, steal from you and yours and will not think twice about it but its okay but your standards because we look alike.

Any criticism directed toward Obama is like severing your wrist with a rust blade, just painful isn't it. See this is where the programming has proven to work flawlessly on those with your mindset. But any opposition is met with hostility, vileness, rudeness and ignorance. Maybe one day when the veil is lifted you will see he is just man, putting one leg on at a time.

wow lou

I thought i was bad....You are the baddest dude on this site my man....That's right;Let these bastards have it....Just maybe you may get through....It may be hard or close to impossible to do so because Obama was using classic hypnotic linguistics to get the masses to vote for him.(it only means that they didn't have to change the votes on this election).A Dr Erickson,professor of psychiatry,came up with this technique to get his patients to behave in a certain manner.By using words and tempo and hand signals,you can put ideas into people's heads and get them to suck your penis if you so desire..As a matter of fact,the way these Black men and women are behaving,I wouldn't be surprised if they were to do exactly that in the presence of Obama.(a bunch of black Monica Lewinskys)Anyway,my man,if the white folks are still under that spell that Obama put them under,it may take our people a hundred years to get out of it.Hell,Jesus still got them even after more than 200 years.Black people are just plain stubborn(putting it mildly)

No answers, once again, People find the answers soon

What do you Obama supporters, those of you afraid of being critical of him, say to your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors when shit hits the fan and the people they looked upon (as educated folks for guidance and critical thinking) can't do nothing but shrug your shoulders?

Post-Katrina, the Government itself apprised people to be prepared for disasters however they may come your way, they just didn't say it could include a financial disaster.

The sad thing is that the crying, whining, and teeth-gnashing will come loudest from the poor souls who place their confidence and fate in a politician, a so-called "Black President." and his callow, fellow Dems. NY City just announced it will layoff 23,000 employees, who's next, what state will declare insolvency before Summer?

If Soc Sec. & Medicaid "are almost" (yes, "almost") sacrosanct, then where do you think rent control, Sec. 8, food stamps, WIC comes into play? No one expects these crooks to be saviors, but I'll be damned if there are not concrete, obtainable, better solutions than the one's we're getting. Tried and tested ones.

The shit some of you are doing to blunt critical thinking and planning is downright irresponsible, if not sinful. How many AA churches are poised to come to the rescue? As Ndifor would say, "Shame."

teacher girl...

Welcome into my world girl(I mean that sincerely..The reason is because of who you say you are.This question has always nagged at my brain......How come descendants of the Holocaust,who unlike the negro race have had much more access to good education and hopefully should be able to analyze our political situation a lot better,remain silent for so long.?The christian Republicans are using Israel to do their dirty work while at the same time plotting her demise.If a person believes that Anti Jewish feelings are gone,just look at how Jewish soldiers are being treated in the military...Please tell your jewish friends that the day that we really piss Obama off and he decides to take the gloves off,all hell is gonna break loose in this country and no group is gonna be safe except for the few chosen elites of this world...Even they may not be safe because Lou may just get their sorry asses.

Michael Steele

New chairman of the RNC? Seriously, congrats to the man. But I can't help but wonder.
I admit that I think its sad that I can't just say that the man earned it. But this is politics and there's ALWAYS an agenda. Seems that the repubs know their problems lie not in policy or stance but rather in diversity. In all sincerity, good luck to Mr Steele. I wish I could say that you earned it but to say that would be to say that the political affairs and motives of this country are honest and true. Sadly, after the was Repubs ran their election campaigns, I just can't say that.

Peace to Lou aka the cyber Nat Turner

Damn Lou, you are taking heads up in here my brother!!! You're these Obama-ites worst nightmare come to life. As usual they NEVER engage you on the issues and arguments you raise, just name calling and then they slither away, saying "Damn, that was the wrong ni&&a to fu*k with". This is not a game.

I told everyone a long time ago to stop addressing this little punk tease BARwrongonobama. Why get all mustered up when it's clear this dumbass is on this site to annoy and irritate Lou and the rest of the real movers and shakers and provoke unncessary anger and throw us off our course?

Ignore this little prick whomever he/she may be and let's continue our agenda. All the flattery in the world about Michelle's sophistication won't matter when Obama starts tightening the bootstraps on this fool like he will the rest of us. And when that happens, Lou, we'll allow you the honor of asking this idiot, "Did I strike a nerve?"

BAR is better off blocking this idiot's comments. That is real hate speech!

Henry Kissinger loves Obama too

On Ron Pauls blog, there is an article where he is being interviewed by Alex Jones, (I don't trust Paul or Jones. But they do know what time it is for them and those they represent) The title of the article is "Fooled By Obama. In the article Jones ask Paul about an MSNBC interview with war criminal, Henry Kissinger and excerpt of what Kissinger says

"Obama is worshipped world wide we can use his personality as a plus with this Global crisis to bring in the New World Order." Kissinger in fact calls the economic crisis a "great opportunity!


I feel like the soldier in the Movie, "Full Metal Jacket", when he says "We are in a World of sh*t"

"Change we can believe in"...NOT!

"liberal hypocrisy"

Marq, good points. What is the difference between Obama and Steele? The Democrats USED Obama to reinvigorate their party as well, but call Steele a sellout. Steele is being tapped to take over another failed enterprise, just like Obama.

"liberal hypocrisy"

Marq, good points. What is the difference between Obama and Steele? The Democrats USED Obama to reinvigorate their party as well, but call Steele a sellout. Steele is being tapped to take over another failed enterprise, just like Obama.

Everyone has a responsibility to tamper expectations and PLAN

Thanks to everyone for the "shout outs/encouragement." The support is very much appreciated, and NEEDED cz it's tempting to "throw in the towel" and as one of my esteemed colleagues said, call it "game, set, match." I had actually resolved to blog less in 2009 out of sheer frustration.

But since we all know hard times are ahead it's a matter of survival that we tamper down expectations of what Obama and the Dems can/will do for the people, especially AA who will feel the brunt of the financial meltdown. It's a responsibility that will fall to the so-called "haters" as much (frankly) it will fall to the BARwrongonobamas/ Obama supporters.

Because we are among the educated and informed members of our communities we will either be called upon for solutions, or drafted for them out of necessity and survival, in one form or fashion. Since many committed persons sometime complain about the absence of solutions in this forum, allow me to offer just a few.

1. Start partnering with Habitat or similar non-profits to train men and women in the building trades. Organizations including Faith-based communities could tap the skill-tradesmen and contractors to spend a couple hours a week helping others get training, experience, certifications, and lisceures.

2. Lobby your local, county and state officials to implement laws making it easier to acquire (clear) title to blighted properties, vacant lots and structures abandoned or in need of rehab.

3. Grow your old food and learn to can. This is why communities/places of worship need commercial style kitchens. Commercial kitchens would also give entreprenuers a place to prepare their wares in compliance with health codes.

A combination of local ordinances and state statues that facilitate property/lot acquisition, combined with growing a building-trades workforce that can turnkey blight into livable affordable housing, combined with community or individual gardening and food preservation/storage will at least empower communities in sustainable food and shelter.


Whats your price?

How come Glen Ford is still "unbought"? I thought all the independent black voices had been silenced or bought-off already.
Well, I guess Africans like me can live to fight another day. There's still hope out there. Thanks Glen Ford.


I totally agree with your proposals, and have thought about the same approach (e.g., building trades, lot acquisition and local gardening) for some time now. Well said!

Be self-sufficient..

The most important thing to do at this moment is to get your seeds from organic farmers if at all possible. The biggest threat to the food source is MONSANTO. No news outlet is reporting on this but I suggest you do your research on the Genetically modified seeds that MONSANTO is putting out. They are trying to patent a pig and this will have far reaching effects not only in the US but overseas as well.

People the seeds that MONSANTO are creating are called terminator seeds in which you cannot replant and therefore have to purchase from them. A violation of your basic natural rights. No one should be able to patent any type of life form. That is how they are able to run farmers out of business and these white boys have sold out to them.

You have to fight locally and ensure the right people are in place to help meet the goals of your communities. Stop electing these morons into office. Just take a look at the salmonella outbreak in GA, that was the work of the good old boy network. The owner was on the board of the USDA. They knew there was a problem and people died because of it. That is because they have been getting away with it and no one questioned them. Until you find out who owns what and what influence they have you will always be at the mercy of these crooks. There are many companies that have had plant violations and many resulted in the death of someone but you will not hear this on the news.

Our people have been tradesman for the majority of their lives and why has it come to the point that we allow others to move in and overtake the professions in which many made a livelihood. You have to learn more than one skill or trade. Be self sufficient and buy what you need. Research alternative energy sources to get off the grid or minimize your use.

Henry Kissinger made the statement, "he who controls the food controls the people". Take from that what you want but I trust none of these bastards so I grow my own.

Lou we need you

Lou, please do not blog less. I learn a great deal from your blog entries, even though I have a doctoral degree and read a lot about history and current events.

I totally agree with your suggested solutions for dealing with the ensuing global depression that is on it's way. I have been pondering/discussing the idea of private gardens and supporting locally grown food sources with friends and colleagues. You are right on point!!!

LOU.....and everyone else

Didn't mean to scream my brother but I had to get your attention..As you were suggesting how we should prepare ourselves for the political and economic tsunami which is about to hit,you made my head spin a little.Your advice that we partner up with faith based organization raised more questions than supplied answers....First of all,these faith based organizations are part of the problem.Some of them do good work but,the majority have been sucking monies away from the communities they are supposed to help and into private bank accounts...Also,wouldn't they have to first admit to themselves and their constituents that their savior Obama is part of the problem and not the solution?In order for me to convince a person that they should seek higher grounds,I first need to convince that person that there is a legitimate reason for doing so....I am afraid that there needs to be a bit of educating going on before we put your suggestions to work..I am located in the North Miami area and have found a local spot where some our people unite to listen to a little jazz and poetry...Although I am a bit shy and never addressed a crowd before,I plan to take the mike and start out with the problem we have in the community with peer pressure.There seems to be this unwritten law that in order to be Black,we all have to think the same way.....We have to love the same food,enjoy the same music,wear the same clothes,like the same movies,never criticize black politicians and,last but not least,believe in god,Jesus and the holy ghost....Depending on how that works,I plan to proceed to start painting that larger picture that is missing in most of our psyche.My biggest fear is that due to my lack of experience in these things,I may hit a wall and fall.......
By the way,if there is anyone in the Miami area who would like to join me in this small endeavor,please drop me a note at [email protected]....
I also like to get some feedback from you good people.

Props to Lou

and the others who see through this charade.

And shame on the predictable defenders of the Prince of Hope who yet again prove not only their inability to defend their positions but put on full display the hollow nature of their idol.

Why these people who defend Obama avoid facts and matters of policy is because to do so would entail facing up to the fact that they simply have not looked into the matter too deeply and have based their ardent support on marketing slogans.

For those of us who have been following Obama's political career and looked at it in detail it is obvious he is on board with the project of Empire Building.

This is why such disturbing whitewash of history that Obama regurgitates, such as his disgusting Inauguration speech, comes so easily from his lips.

It is quite possible that those who refuse to see this are willfully ignorant or even on board for the American slaughterhouse but only wish for the Imperium to present itself in a more dignified manner. Hence Obama.

Think Strategically christianslayer1955

I hear what you are saying and you know my views on "empty, ritualistic" "religion" and group think. Religion, improperly understand or applied is an opiate.

But there is a reason every politician or wannabe politician makes their pilgrimate to the AA Church, it's because that's where the people are at and to exploit the network/structures they have at their disposal. I look at faith-based entities strategically, just like the chicken-headed politicians do, from an organizational mode. They have an ability and certainly a responsibility to organize and execute.

Second, to your and perhaps my chagrine, as times get tougher you/I/we should expect more people to gravitate to "church" or "faith", especially Black folks. Some churches are changing and are getting away from the right wing culture memes and looking at sustainability.

It's about being Strategic my Brother, strategic.

Excellent point about the terminal seeds Snafu. How many people know we throw away enough food to feed Africa or to reduce green house gases by 25%??? I don't even need to address the obvious health benefits.

Michelle Obama

as a person was not the crux of my point in bringing her up. I was simply commenting on Melissa Harris Lacewell's comment that she "forgives" Obama's policy decisions based on him being married to Michelle. I happen to think that is seriously dangerous and I've heard more than a few echo that ignorance. That type of thinking is what has some cheering about Obama's forked-tongue when saying "America does not torture" while signing an executive order to maintain rendition. Is that forgivable because his wife is "obviously black"? Is not putting a freeze on any further foreclosures okay because his wife is black? Unemployment "benefits" is less here in NYC than in cities with far lower costs of living. The platinum umbrellas for the Wallstreet thieves that supported Obama and got amply compensated with the Obama-supported bailout is a slap in every workers' face. Certainly those with pension and 401K acccounts. Certainly those who qualified for conventional mortgages but were shystered into predatory loans. The fate of these people are NOT in ANY way alleviated because Obama is married to an "obviously" black woman. That was the context of bringing up Michelle. Don't get it twisted.AFRICOM is no less evil because Obama is married to black woman. Billions to support the military base known as Israel is no less aggregious because Obama is married to a "sista". Is it?

P.S. For those who do want to concentrate on Barack Obama's choice for a mate - how 'bout you think about Michelle's "choice". Should all the women who look like her follow her example? Yeah, don't think we want to have THAT discussion so let's stick to Obama's policies. Why in hell is rendition being supported by any person with TransAtlantic enslavement in his DNA?


I understand your point Lou....But,I am a hardcore Atheist and could not hide it but for so long.The way I feel about religion,it won't take much time before these crazy Black motherf......slit my throat.You are right on when you say that the harder things get,the more religious those lunatics will get and the harder they will be praying to god,jezus and the holy ghost(white voodoo shit)...I pity the fool who tries to reason with them by saying that there is no celestial help a coming..Knowing me,I would be that fool to do just that...I have been thinking that my best bet is to stay as far away from Black people as possible..My brother with whom I could always discussed politics and,we always found ourselves agreeing on most things;The bastard has stopped talking to me over Obama.This is a man whose father(mine also) was brutally murdered by a Black politician(Papa Doc Duvalier of haiti).Out of all people,you would think that he would not have fallen for Obama's cheap tricks but,he did.......Black people are creating a dictator in the person of Barack Obama.Even if he didn't want to be one,Black folk's stupidity and willful ignorance will turn him into one.The greatest fear that I have is that once white folks start to wake up ,they will take to the streets to protest against their government as well they should and always have..Black folks,being who they are,(folks,i am not hating...I am just freaking tired)will be out in full force defending their black president...Does anyone truly understand what will ensue if this prediction becomes a reality?...The election of this strange man as president could very well have been the start of a civil war in America...When I heard that Obama was going to use Lincoln's bible to piss on while taking the oath of office,I ask myself why...I replied that there were two thing that Lincoln is remembered for;The civil war and the so called freedom for slaves...Since Mr O has no intentions of freeing the slaves of today,only the civil war option remains feasible.....
So,either way you look at it Lou,I have to stay away from these folks unless I find a group of people like you guys..So far,I have yet to find neither a white nor black person who has seen the light.....Not one...It,s kind of weird when I try to explain to a white person who Obama is and,he or she is defending him....Crazy times we are living in folks...

My Motto Bra is: Get in where you fit in

My "charge" to you and like-minded atheists like Ndifor is go build alliances where they work to your benefit. If the so-called "progressives" and "liberals" had aligned with the so-called "libertarians" who supported Ron Paul, the antiwar movement might have made a difference, but, unfortunately, folks get concerned with ideological purity, and just the matter of "winning" whatever the f***k that's suppose to be. There is NO SUCH THING as ideological purity, the average person is a complicated amalgam of thoughts and emotions, even if THEY DON'T KNOW IT.

Again, there are some changes taking place in the so-called "Christian Movement." Many persons who consider themselves "Christian" are beginning to look at environmental issues, and issues of sustainability, and issues of war and peace. Maybe God is "moving" in their sorry asses??

Just bear in mind that you won't stop Black folks from embracing Christianity anymore than they can stop you or Ndifor from being hard and fast atheists. You know I've gone on record as saying I have more in common with some atheists than some so-called "Christians." But the bottom line is "get in where you fit in."

You have to admit that Minister Farrakan has done wonders with Black men in prison, more than T.D. Jakes could ever dream of. So religion is a tool to be used positively "for the cause" or a negative antidote "to the cause." Let's use it for what we can. Ever wonder why the Catholic Hierarchy frowned on and disdained "Liberation Theology?" It's because some priets (in Latin American/Africa) began to EMPOWER THE powerless and downtrodden, the LITTLE GUY!!

If religion is indeed "man made" then let's "remake it", to the extent possible. Trust me, I understand your point that this won't be easy AT ALL!!

That's all I'm saying.