A Blacks vs. Tea Party Free-for-All on the Mall?















by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Will established civil rights groups physically confront Glenn Beck’s Tea Party crowd for control of the Washington Mall on August 28? Can the NAACP and labor unions figure out how to hold a March for Jobs in October while pretending that President Obama bears no responsibility for economic woes? No, and Yes. Although there will be no physical fight, jousting with cardboard “cracker” villains like Beck and Rush Limbaugh allows civil rights leaders to appear valiant while avoiding confrontation with real Power in the White House.


A Blacks vs. Tea Party Free-for-All on the Mall?

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Sharpton called for ‘every Black person in the country’ to come to Washington to prevent Beck from hijacking ‘Dr. King’s dream.’”

We are glad, in principle, to learn that the NAACP and the National Urban League are fighting mad about anything. The object of the organizations’ wrath is media racist Glenn Beck, the FOXtrooper, as evil a mouthpiece for reaction as ever sucked air. National Urban League President Marc Morial announced to a gathering of the National Newspaper Publishers Association that he and other civil rights leaders had every intention of booking the Washington Mall to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, only to discover that Herr Beck had already reserved the space. Outraged at such sacrilege, Morial vowed to “bring together all people of good will, not just Black people, on August 28 to send a message that Glenn Beck's vision of America is not our vision of America.”

Rev. Al Sharpton said “there is no way in the world that I am going to allow him to have more people there than us“ and called for “every Black person in the country” to come to Washington to prevent Beck from hijacking “Dr. King’s dream.”

Morial’s counterpart at the NAACP, Ben Jealous, declared that the August 28 face-off with Beck’s Tea Partyers, if that is indeed what is planned, would serve as a “leverage” for an October 2nd March for Jobs originally proposed by the NAACP and the 300,000-strong SEIU Local 1199 United Healthcare Workers East. The October demonstration has since been endorsed by the AFL-CIO and a host of other organizations.

Will NAACPers, Urban Leaguers and labor organizers all show up on August 28 to physically contend with Beck’s Tea Partyers for possession of the hollowed ground on the Mall?”

1199 spokesman George Gresham put a telling spin on organized labor’s involvement in the proposed March for Jobs. "I always thought we just can't put President Obama into office, but we have to be constantly out there to support the change we believe in," he said. "I remember what Franklin Delano Roosevelt told the labor movement about reforms: 'Go out and make me do it.'" Gresham, who says he first suggested the march, considers it a counterweight to pressures on Obama from the Right.

Does this mean that NAACPers, Urban Leaguers and labor organizers are all going to show up on August 28 to physically contend with Beck’s Tea Partyers for possession of the hollowed ground on the Mall? Not a chance, if for no other reason than President Obama would not approve, and you can be certain that labor and established Black organizations will do or say nothing to discommode Mr. Obama, no matter how much he disrespects their constituencies.

Plus, let’s be real: Marc Morial and Ben Jealous are not really fighting mad at the Tea Party’s white nationalists, anyway. These are men from the “moral uplift” school of Black politics, which for more than 150 years has held that Black progress comes when whites are convinced that African Americans are as “civilized” as whites imagine themselves to be. The strategy has never worked except on the token level, but – Keep hope alive!
Let us also not dwell on the question: Why, since August 28 is so important an anniversary, did the NAACP, the National Urban League and Sharpton’s National Action Movement collectively fail to book the date in a timely fashion? Frankly, it’s embarrassing – or ought to be – as tardiness and triflingness reflect badly on a group’s state of “moral uplift.”

The leadership of the NAACP, the Urban League and most of organized labor are incapable of making demands of this president.”

The real questions surrounding August 28 and October 2 go to the intentions of the Black and labor organizers. The leadership of the NAACP, the Urban League and most of organized labor are incapable of making demands of this president. The most they are willing to muster is a noisy bunch of Obama well-wishers – which, by encouraging the president to believe there is no threat from the Left, inflicts additional harm to the cause of Blacks and labor. The presence of Al Sharpton in a Washington demonstration signifies that the organizers are in Obama’s pocket, like the Reverend, who is a virtual extension of the White House political team and gets paid to hawk Obama’s education policies.

Unwilling to confront the power of the Obama White House with actual demands, or to mobilize their constituents in opposition to his pro-corporate policies, the “civil rights” groups instead seek to rally around the president against Tea Party attacks. This allows them to appear to be engaged in grand battles on behalf of The Race, jousting with cardboard “cracker” villains like Beck and Rush Limbaugh, while avoiding confrontation with real authority in Democratic Party form.

Meanwhile, Marc Morial laments: ''One of the things that is so curious to me is the way that groups on the right have been very, very observant and have begun to utilize the tactics of the civil rights movement – marching, organizing in churches, things that were the backbone of civil rights advocacy in the 1950s and 1960s.”

What’s much more “curious” – although no mystery – is that groups that claim to bear the legacy of a previous age’s “civil rights advocacy” no longer have any demands to make of Power – especially Power in a Black face – and, therefore, find no reason to organize masses of people in churches or anyplace else.

The ‘civil rights’ groups seek to rally around the president against Tea Party attacks.”

As long as there are Glenn Becks, the Morials and Jealouses can claim that defense of the Black president is a defense of Black people as a whole, and thus the top priority. There will, of course, always be Becks – therefore, the established Black organizations will never confront Obama.

So, the Big Three “civil rights” groups – the NAACP, NUL and NAM – talk a big fight with Glenn Beck for August 28 (from which they will surely retreat, for their own and Obama’s reasons) and plan a march with labor on October 2, where they will be careful not to offend the president who has treated them with such disdain.

But again, Keep hope alive! – hope for the presence of rogue elements in the line of march, hardcore unionists who know lies when they hear them, impolite activists eager to shout out substantive demands, “uncivilized” Black folks with minds stuck on freedom, and standup organizers willing to Speak Truth to Power, no matter how the Mis-leadership Class tries to weasel out of its responsibilities.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


Clash of the "Ants" (not Titans)

So this is what social movements in Amerikka have boiled down to:

Blacks who intuitively blame right wing whites for all their problems, and whites who intuitively blame "left wing" blacks for all their ones.  Could there be a better picture and symbol of what's wrong with Amerikka?   Is this not a classic (and successful) case of "divide and conquer?"


This is why Amerikka will remain regressive, both groups are afraid to speak truth to power, both groups believe in "American Exceptionalism," the "Shining City on the Hill."  Both groups believe "that" dream could be actualized if only the "other" group allowed it.  Talk about failing to keep your eye on the prize.


Sadly, both groups serve as "useful idiots" for each other.  Will be interesting to see how the MSM plays this out.  If the "Negroes" complaints will be reduced to cries of "racism" or more substantive pleas.  How will the Negroes counteract MSM slants that they are just "whining Negroes" without the "whining Negroes" countering those claims with SUBSTANTIVE CHARGES against the Obummer camp??  Do I sense that the Negroes are boxed-in?  Being assimilationists they can't say "all Whites are evil little Devils, that would hurt their cause; so will it not be necessary for them to argue substance vs. form?  The Negroes's hairsplitting and nuance should be worthy of an Oscar.  We all know the MSM has bootstrapped the White Nationalist's pleas to the leve of substantive policy debate, will they write off the Negroes, as they typically due?   Stay tuned, should be lots of laughs if absolutely no policy prescriptions.


I suspect the Negroes will turn the occassion into a rallying cry, articulating the "wounded psyches" of most Negroes in America:

"Don't yall go picking on the Prez, because that means yall picking on us."  Blame the Tea Party for Obummer's rightward leaning.  "If only the crackers would let him, he'd be a bold black President."  Ha. Ha. Ha.  Interesting...(the picking on part, not the boldness) .and partially true, but it ignores that Obummer has more love (and fear) of the T.P.rs than the vaunted Civil Rights Groups.  Obummer loves White Independent voters more than he loves himself.  Is Obummer afraid of the Tea Party, or is he simply more sympathetic to them?   Alas, the Negroes will find out the hard way, a classic case of love unrequitted.  Obummer:  "Love means never having to say your sorry."


Not to worry, I'm sure, after the Negroes have adequately vented,  Obummer will see fit to invite the Negroes to a lovely soiree at the White House or some worthy venue, smile and kiss them on the cheek and tell them, " all is well."  And the Negroes will dutifully smile back, "Yes we can."  The Negroes will be eating lunch served by the White House chef while their "constitutents" will be standing in food lines.  Talk about comedy central, or maybe it's better called tragi-comedy.


The so-called tea party people talk a real good game about staging a revolution. In reality, most of them have neither the balls nor the brains to see one through. Even a cursory study of history would demonstrate to them that those who have power almost never willingly or peacefully cede any of it based on the moral authority of those who do not have it. Any candidates that the the tea party sucessfully places in office will eventually be either co-opted or neutered by those who control the existing interchangeable party system. After that happens, what is their game plan? Meek acceptance of a continuation of the status quo? Some kind of half-assed insurgency? Get real! Thanks to the (post 9-11) votes of many who are in the tea party movement, the government (federal, state, and local) already has all of the laws in place with which to define anyone, or any group as "terrorist" and having done so, to unleash the unlimited powers of the state on them. Do these people really believe that the system is actually afraid of their shotguns, AKs, and handguns? What a joke!

These pathetic, wanna be revolutionaries can't even correctly identify their enemy. Conspiciously absent from their rhetoric and at their rallys is any evidence of any form of sustained attack or or even serious criticism of the corporations and financial institutions who stuck it to them yet again. Instead, what we are more likely to hear are apologists making excuses for the excesses of BPs of the world. The vast majority of tea party members appear to be mindlessly fixated on the evils of "big government" as if "big government" isn't just exactly doing what it has always done for big corporations for the entire history of the United States. Do these people not understand why pro-slavery and pro white-supremacist laws were sanctioned by the original constitution, or are they just being disgenuous? Whenever they talk about "taking back" government, or "taking back" the country, I have no idea of what they are talking about, since the government is what is pretty much what it has always been, and it continues to do pretty much what it has always done. Where exactly, do they plan to take it since it has never been anywhere else, or under any other form of control?

I heartily disagree with the description of the white right wing versus Blacks in America. The "divide and conquer" class "analysis" does not explain the fact that the white right wing has always crossed all class lines and that it has also always included newly emmigrated whites. Just because the system may at times mess over nearly everyone, it does not follow that the situation makes everyone allies. Blacks could never have been oppressed on a global scale without the cooperation of millions of middle and working class whites. Lecturing Blacks about "taking personal responsibility" while claiming that the rich white man made them do it, is an old, tired cop out of the white middle and lower classes. As I have said many times before, the historical record shows that American conservatism is, has been, and always will be hopelessly and reflexively anti-Black. It is a deadly dangerous ideology whose practitioners have targeted the lives and asperations of Blacks in this country for generations. In spite of what some may wish to believe, it cannot be reasoned with and unfortunately, cannot be ignored. It has to be confronted at the polls, in the media, and sometimes, on the streets. The sad reality is that some groups of people do have permanent enemies.

Inciting violence?

Notice that Mr. Ford provides no references to Tea Party "racism" in his screed.  While fringe kooks are part of any social movement, the overwhelming majority of Tea Partiers are outraged only at a government that has run amok.  We are angry about public policy, not what one race or another is doing.  In fact, if you look at the face of the Tea Party, you see we cast a wide net.  Women and "minorities" who share our vision are embraced and encouraged, not to mention broadly funded.  Examples are Bobby Jindal, Michelle Bachman, Kevin Jackson, Tim Scott and Isaac Hayes.  If Mr. Ford were honest, he'd come out against our individualist ideology that he opposes in truth and not hide his ambitions of leading a nation of race conformists.


So Mr. Beck reserved the Washington Mall ahead of "civil rights leaders"  Why do some presume they're entitled to a public space on a given day?  When I go to a movie, I wait in a line because others got there before me.  It would be INSANE to look for evil motives in people who just happened to leave their homes earlier.


And Martin Luther King is a national hero.  To commemorate the day of one of the best freedom speeches in history on the same hallowed ground is a dream come true for ALL lovers of freedom, not just the black ones.  MLK was also a Republican and a Christian and we celebrate those similarities with him.


It would be a dark shame for anyone to turn this into a race war.  It might also play into the hands of the Liberal Machine that will sacrifice any number of people in order to secure their power.  I won't be going to Washington for the event.  I'm a country boy and I hate crowds but I'll be at other events in Texas ramping up to the November election.  I hope Mr. Ford's readers will see the futility of racial conflicts and respect Dr. King's memory on that memorable day.  The Tea Party still welcomes you.

Cool your heels...

nobody is suggesting physical conflict, let alone race violence or a "race war." 


Mr. Ford was referring to a "war of words" or a "war of histronics" or a "war of ideas," on both side.  Which of course will morph into a "media war" of styles, contrasts and vast idioicy.  ( Plus, only Tea Partiers bring loaded weapons to the Mall, Blacks are too afraid they'd be arrested, or have deluded themselves on "gun control.")


In case you didn't get it, he--like I--is making fun of both group's ineptitude, with special focus on the Sharpton-led cabal.

I guess we'll see

Hey, Cynic, I hope you're doing well.  Texas is lush and green and the fish are biting so I'm happy.


Ford and some of the Black leaders have been talking kind of tough.  I hope you're right but, between groups like the New Black Panthers and assorted anarchists and socialists, I won't be surprised if my Tea Party compatriots are forced to defend themselves.

Trust me on this

T.T. you know how often I'm right, close to 99.9998% of the time.  Don't buck me on this.  There is this irrational fear that Blacks want to wipe out whites.  Now I admit, when I'm having a bad day or two, the thought does cross my mind, but seriously, all rational humans know we come from the same root of the tree.  Don't confuse "nationalism" with hatred of whites.  Nationalism is actually (and surprising to some) not all that different from conservatism.  Ideology muddies the waters.  Nationalism is about self-help which is what conservatism is about, only thing is we take a more "Left" view of the economy and social services and don't buy the "pull yourselves up by bootstraps" thing,  not lock stock and barrel anyway. But that's a subject for another day.


When is the Tea Party going to force an audit of the Federal Reserve?  If they Tea Party can do that, I might even send yall a donation.  That would be a true test of Tea Party power.  Stop picking on the little guy.


Like I said, if only the Tea Party AND these so-called Civil Rights leaders could focus on the real enemy--the Elites and Oligarchs, who would love to see us rip our throats out like some reality t.v. show while the sup on smoked salmon and crepes in the Hamptons.


Let's face it T.T. the best that Blacks could do in some ridiculous "race war" is get the hell kicked out of them, we could only win by setting off a nuke.  With Grandma Moses in your neck of the woods having assault rifles and AKs while the urban Blacks are preaching "gun control,"  well... as Paul Harvey would say before his death, "now you know the rest of the story." 


Enjoy the 4th.



On Nationalism, Tea Party and the Left

There is a real confusion about racism.  Nationalism is not racism and Black nationalism in the U.S. will never amount to racism since Black nationalism is not grounded in a supremacist ideology.  But one has to be careful of nationalism since there is a desire to exclude others and as we have seen Jewish nationalism (Zionism) has become the most influential and dangerous form of nationalism.  It has a great deal of influence on U.S. politics.  It even influences Black politcs, Democrats and Republican politics.  What is needed is to get to understanding CLASS politics which effects all sectors.

I think there is a misunderstanding of the Tea Party.  The Tea Party was organized because there was really no response, especially from the Left, to the bank bailout.  The Tea Party was then co-opted by Fox and Beck and Palin.  Had there been a response from the Left the character of the response would have been different.

This analysis seems to be missing from Ford.  He really hasn't shined a light to the inpotancy of the Left.  While he rails against Obama, Ford misses how the Left set themselves up and created the vacuum that is being filled by the likes of the Tea Party.  It was the Left, rather than build up the anti-war movement sought to weaken and kill the movement when various voiced in the movement expressed that the war on Iraq was in the service of Zionism rather than "for oil".  This Zionist Left has a great deal of influence and used their influence to weaken the anti-war movement and indirectly supported the 2004 John Kerry campaign via "anybody but Bush".  Even Glen Ford praised the Democratic candidacy of Howard Dean based on his remarks about race.

So now that Ford sees the cynicism of the Democrats in 2008 he fails to examine why the Left itself is so weak and how Zionism plays a major role in influencing Black Politics. 

At one time Black Politics was where one could obtain a Marxist analysis of the system.  This has been long missing and the Green Party (that Mr. Ford now endorse) clearly does not have the capability to provide such analysis.  This crisis of Capitalism is now too deep for Liberal solutions.

And speaking of Liberal solutions, the focus on Tea Party "racism" plays right into the hands of Liberals in order to scare Blacks to run into the arms of the Democrats and the crypto-Left.  Therefore real analysis that provides an anti-Capitalist perspective is what is needed in order to provide clarity and stategies that can enpower people into the kind of response that is needed.

Good points, however...

I don't think it's fair to accuse Mr. Ford (who is quite capable of "defending" himself) of giving a free pass to the failures of "liberalism," in fact, I would argue that it's a constant theme, and, moreover, EVEN part of this essay.  That is, the Black Misleadership Class that represents the Black "liberal" wing or Black Liberalism is a failure, do in no small measure to their ineffectiveness if not outright neglect in addressing class and social issues.


Also, again in fairness to Mr. Ford (or for that matter any Left oriented essayists/blogger/journalists) the Mainstream Media (ably assisted by the Obummer administration) has censored and/or thwarted any attempt by Left leaning commentators voicing their opinions.  One of the things that's upsetting about MSM treatment of the Tea Party is that they are catapuled to "Mainstream status" when the polling as well as electoral results show differently.  All the while they spout on about Obummer's representing the "far Left" when in fact he represents the milquetoast "Right" the DLC brand of the Dummocrat Party.


The true "Left" voice is squashed like an ant.  So one must look at the "superstructure" of the MSM and not Mr. Ford or BAR or other Left oriented publications/blogs for the silence of the Left.  I've been on many websites like Truthdig. and Common Dreams and I assure you the true Left critique of the bankster bailout was as vocierfous and passionate as the Tea Party response.  What media propaganda and lazy analysis has wrought is that "there is no Left critique of Obummer," when the truth is quite the contrary.  The MSM has done this so that the political discourse of this country can move further and further to the Right.  That has succeeded, btw.


Last but not least, on those aforementioned blogs, there were substantial number of Leftists who were extremely open if not eager to "partner" with the Tea Party on issues of common concern.  Like I told Texas Tim, if the Tea Party can lead the charge to audit the FED Reserve, they have my blessing and support.  This is but one example of common ground.

"Laughing inside" myself

I'm chuckling to myself as fingers strike keyboard, I'm wondering, given that all of what you say is true, and it is, what does that say about Obummer that he's constantly on Ronnie Raygun's "nuts," constantly warbling about the "Great Communicator," is Obummer a Reagan Democrat?  LOL


It certainly explains Obummer doesn't it?  Obummer hates "Liberalism, and "Liberal Democrats,"  But by God, the Tea Party and the Media makes him out to be Mao Zedong, instead of BP Risk Manager and Wall St. "accountant."  HA

Dr. King not a Republican

The new claims that Dr. King was a Republican are false and misleading. There are no voting records that suggest such and he himself stated he was non-partisan as to effect change in both parties. There is also the little trickery involved in the idea that today's GOP is the same as the one that existed in the 50's and 60's. Prior to 1964 there were many liberal and moderate Republicans unlike today's party. If one is unsure about the truth about my fraternity brother Dr. King I would recommend they contact the King Research Center at Stanford University and research his life as I have for many years. Please conservatives, stop trying to misinterpret and appropriate his legacy.


I do not recall Dr. King ever saying that he was motivated by his party affiliation. At the time, prior to LBJ's announcement on civil rights, neither party was on the side of human rights for black people. In fact, Dr. King always stressed that he was driven by his Christianity, by his love of humanity and justice, and by his love of his own Black people. While he was alive, that made him difficult to love, because he was never an apologist for the excesses of American society either here or abroad. The good thing about dead heroes is that even those who were opposed to them when they were alive can pick and choose whatever they wish in order to reconstruct their image in what ever manner suits their agenda. Whenever I hear conservatives of any race, or even President Obama making references to Dr. King, I always wonder which Dr. King they are paying homage to. The beloved Dreamer on the Washington Mall, who appeared to require nothing of (white) America other than hoping that the passage of time would heal things, or the firey orator who gave the far less tactful and, in my opinion much more demanding and real "Other America" speech? Have any of these conservative "admirers" ever actually read the text, or seen the newsreels of his less well known and more controversal, but equally powerful speeches, or are they, like so many others, totally enamored with the "I have a Dream" speech because it can so easily be pulled out of context and sugar coated and shaped to fit any do-nothing agenda or any reactionary agenda equally well?

"Here, Here"

Wasn't Tavis Smiley engaged in a project not so long ago that highlighted Dr. King's REVOLUTIONARY posture?


Here's another instance of propaganda, unfortunately aided and abetted by the dysfunctional and oft times money hungry King siblings, who for years fought over Dr. King's "Image" and "Likeness," particularly in terms of it's commercial appeal.


Who won the "that" battle, Dexter, Bernice, Madison Avenue, or all of the above? 


Dr. King was a "revolutionary Christian," in many ways a standard barrier for carrying on and enhancing the platform of "Liberation Theology."  Lord have mercy, we could sure use some of that today, instead we're infested with "prosperity ministerial pimps," who live the good life and seek entree into the highest corridors of power for their own self-interest.  I bet you a million dollars, this cabal of Black political chumps is keeping the Obama camp well informed of their every move.  I wouldn't be surprised if they actually seek GUIDANCE from the Obama camp in terms of what they do and say on the mall. 


Let's see how many of them speak about the crime that is billions and trillions of dollars stolen from the public coffers to finance criminal wars?  Nobody "on the planet" during his lifetime was more antiwar than Dr. King, no one more anti-imperialism. 


Neither the Tea Party nor their empty counterparts will say "boo" about War and Imperialism, both of which spawn colonialism, and oppression at home and abroad.  I thought that's what the Tea Party "Libertarians" once stood for anyway, that is their ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION that wars and imperialism robs the country of not only it's "republican/democratic" political character but saps the "capitalistic system" of needed money to drive the engines of commerce, finance and creativity.


What will be more interesting AND more EVENTFUL than what these two counterparts say on the Mall is HOW THE MEDIA WILL SPIN IT to usher in more hostility towards Blacks and more attacks on the social safety net.  If only both of these cowards were honestly, vigilantly, and vociferiously ANTIWAR.


Then, maybe then, the revolution "would" be televised.  But don't hold your breath.  "Better Dead than Read."  Brilliant summation.


Thank you for the compliments! While I am not a believer, I have always admired the genius implicit in the way in which the late Dr. Martin Luther King and many other believers in the civil rights movement were finally able to take the White man's christianity which had for so long been successfully (and deliberately) used as one of the means of suppressing Black people and twist it around to expose the oppressors to the harsh reality of their own un-Christian behavior. I believe that the simplicity and brilliance of the strategy of forcing a much more powerful adversary to to confront its own evil through its own belief system is still underated all of these years later. Having to confront both one's hypocrisy, and one's complicity in an unjust system was extremely unsettling for large segments of White America. I believe that's why, even to this day, Dr. King is much more widely respected nearly everywhere outside of the borders of the United States than he is within them. A case in point, I caught part of Glenn Beck's hatchet job, I mean, report, on liberation theology on television last week. It should come as no surprise that he failed to mention the major role that liberation theology played in the American Civil Rights movement or the fact that Dr. King was a genuine practioner of it. Mr. Beck's whole premise was that liberation theology is just a type of lazy peoples' con and a perversion of the message of the gospels. Speaking of perversions, I am still waiting for Mr. Beck to explain away the 100 or so years that his beloved Mormon church spent telling the world that Black people were cursed by god, and the collusion of nearly all the mainstream White christian chuches in a long string of atrocities ranging from slavery, colonialism, apartheid, and Jim Crow. I am not holding my breath waiting for this show.

Likely black passivity towards Beck

This seems consistent with David Roediger's general conclusion in Working Towards Whiteness: any subculture offered the opportunity for social mobility in exchange for abandoning identification with their roots, will accept this opportunity.  This is what America as a melting pot really means:  a stew of isolated individuals, striving diligently to make it as cogs in the machine, rather than as  connected citizens of a viable community.

How about this for a basic "litmus test" re "demands"

Let's so if the so-called Civil Rights leaders will agitate for Obummer to rectify Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  It's pretty well established that gross disparities exists, whether by mainstream judges or the Federal Sentencing Commission.  So, in effect, this "plea" would not amount to any thing politcally demanding, or so it shouldn't?  Let's see if the "preachers" are concerned about injustice in federal sentencing that has incarcerated hundreds of thousands of African American men and women on "conspiracy" and "money laundering charges" related to drugs, even though we all know Whites are the largest drug consumers.  Is it not true that these "leaders" know that these laws reeked havoc on the stability of the Black family?  And that the affects of incarceration are deeply residual and lasting on any given community whose members are disproportionately receivng harsh sentences??


Let's see if the Tea Party will demand an audit of the Federal Reserve.  Liberals and Conservatives alike believe the FED should be audited, they believe that the wealth transfers should be scrutinized and rectified.  They abhor the banksters strangle hold on the economy and politics.  And how it operates in virtual secrecy.  This should not be politically explosive, should it?


If these two groups can petition, advocate, and press for JUST THESE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS, then they have relevancy.  But if it's going to turn into a shoutfest of whether whites are wrongfully attacking Obummer, or Obummer is so "misunderstood," or  Obummer is "hamstrung" by reactionary forces?...or if the Tea Party conversely drone on that Obummer is bending over backwards to "take our $$" and give it to the poor and Blacks (which in their minds is one and the same), or that Government is "too big" but say nothing of Civil Liberty erosions, then we know we will have witnessed one of the most well-dressed, well-rehearsed 2 ring circus events since Ringling Bros.'s big top came to a city near you.


Like I (we) said:  Policy proscriptions, honesty, speak truth to power, or STFU.  My bet is that we won't see relevancy, we'll see "made for tee vee bullshit."  The pundit and opinion-maker's wet dreams.  I'm so sick of this shit. 

The Jig is up: Tea Party = GOP Remix

Ain't no Party like a Republican Party.  "Cooption?"  That's being charitable, better stated, Tea Party is organized and initiated by Rethugs.  "Anti-incumbancy, "mavericks," "going against the grain," "independent," NOT!!!!  Just a bunch of warmed over and repackaged Rethuglicans.  HA  I bet you they are part of "Bush's Base,"  looks like Carl Rove never retired and went away, huh?




The scads of media coverage about the burgeoning "tea party" effort has focused heavily on the idea that those who identify themselves as part of the movement are political free agents -- dismissive of both parties and Washington in general.

New data out of Gallup suggests that premise isn't right, as nearly seven in 10 tea party supporters describe themselves as "conservative Republicans."

All told, nearly 80 percent of tea party supporters describe themselves as Republicans, while 15 percent say they are Democrats and just six percent are, in their own minds, "pure independents."


If only the "Tea Party" was like "Michael Steel's Party," the party that goes against the grain.  "Political free agents."  Sorry, more like GOP bench warmers.  Let's see how the MSM spins this one.  I guarantee you 2 months from now, Candy Crowley and other hacks on CNN and elsewhere will be claiming that the Tea Party is a buch of "mavericks,"  about as maverick as John Boy McCain.




Here's the money quote from a WaPo blogger, worth repeating in whole.  The Tea Party "patriots" what a load:


"Want to see Teabagger 'principles' in action?"

Candidate Rand Paul "pledged not to accept contributions from any senator who voted for a federal bailout of the banking industry." So of course, shortly after winning the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, Paul jetted off to Washington to attend a $1000 a-plate fundraiser hosted by Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Senators who ... you guessed it ... all voted for the bank bailout.

So Teabag nation must be outraged, right?

"David Roos, a retired minister in Murray who has been active in the Tea Party movement, said it didn't escape notice in his circle that Paul had, as he put it, "capitulated to the establishment ... But Roos said the incident isn't enough to drive conservative voters away from Paul ..."

"Others ... argued that Paul has not turned his back on his principles, but rather is doing what is necessary to win so he can put those principles to work in office ..."

"That doesn't mean that once you get into the game, you can't try to change the system for the better," Witten said. "He's just playing the very few parts of the game that he has to to get in ..."

"If Paul thought he could win without McConnell's fund-raising, he probably would, but he will need that help against Conway, who is wealthy enough to give his campaign a big financial boost, Witten said ..."


"In other words, inside Washington, politics as usual doesn't bother the Teabaggers ... and why should it? After all, they're just the fringe Republican base nuts masquerading as Tea Bags."


Posted by: DrainYou | July 7, 2010 2:18 AM

Uhbumma's playing to GE, not Conservatives

The GOP mutts that came out against Steele include Lindsay Graham who also opposes the Tea Party.  The GOP still has some middle-of-the-road hold outs that we're trying to chase off.


Afghanistan is indeed Obama's war.  He gets the funding from his buddies, Reid and Pelosi, he hand picked his own commander and he alone has the authority to shut down operations and bring our kids home.  I'm no fan of Steele's but, when he's right, he's right.  Afghanista may have nukes but 2 out of 10 Afghanis can't even read.  Who are they a threat to, Pakistan?  So they nuke the 12 goats in Pakistan and move in with 12 Afghani goats?  So What?!


The reason Obama's killing our kids is the Middle East is because he owes GE big time.  At least 6 hours of each day, MSNBC effectively runs a pro-Obama infomercial.  GE owns MSNBC and also has about a billion dollars in defense contracts.  You either have to believe that these characters are playing different sides of the same cards or that they're giving something for nothing.  You figure it out.  I'm gone.


We will have a Tea Party candidate in the White House in 2013.  Maybe then we can straighten up this nonsense.

Do as I say, not as I do



Slightly off topic, but very relevant.  On behalf of the nations top 500 corporations I want to thank you all for you generous tax donations to our collective balance sheets.  I know credit is tight, I know your credit scores are to shitty to get a loan (even one at 25% interest rates), but THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, because we are sitting on $1.8 TRILLION IN CASH!!!!  Suckers!!! (I wispered that, btw, you were'nt suppose to hear that).


Despite your crumbling financial fortunes, the kids moving back home, job furloughs, kids either not going to college or dropping out,  no equity in the crib, we are imploring you all to "spend Baby spend."  We need your dollars to get the econmy flowing again.  It's your patriotic duty to spend your dimes and pennies, it can't be that you are "too broke to fail.". We appreciate the support of you morons er.. customers.




Top 500 Corporations in America


p.s.  Let's see what the respective circuses on the mall have to say about big biz hoarding a shit load of cash.  Didn't Obama say something about we needed a bailout of the banksters to loosen up the credit markets??




Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, speaking earlier today in London, warned that the stimulus plan being proposed by Obama won’t be enough to sustain a long-lasting economic recovery. The government also must take “strong measures” to strengthen the financial system, he said. That may include buying or guaranteeing the tainted assets of banks to open up credit markets.

The Fed’s vice chairman, Donald Kohn, told a House Financial Service Committee hearing that the second half of the $700 billion financial-rescue fund should be used to reduce foreclosures, help restart credit markets and continue direct aid to banks.

Restoring Credit Flow

“The remaining TARP funds will play an essential role in further strengthening the financial system and restoring normal credit flows,” Kohn said."


"Restoring normal credit flows."  What a crock of shit!!  The American public has been fucked, AGAIN, in broad daylight.