An Anti-War Movement That Won’t Cave to Obama or Israel


by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

For at least two years, there has been no anti-war “movement” worthy of the term – one that calls the aggressor by his name (starts with “O”) and gives no pass to apartheid Israel. There’s good reason to believe a corner has been turned, with last weekend’s anti-war conference in Albany, New York.


An Anti-War Movement That Won’t Cave to Obama or Israel

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

U.S. aid to Israel was the most contentious issue to arise at the conference.”

A renewed anti-war movement is under construction, one that breaks decisively from the Cult of Obama, demands an end to all U.S. aid to the Israeli “apartheid regime,” and calls for “immediate, total and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. troops, mercenaries and contractors from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, and the immediate closing of all U.S. bases in those countries.”

Nearly 600 delegates – twice the initial expectations – took part in the United National Anti-War Conference, held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Albany, New York, July 23 through 25. The mission: to rescue the anti-war movement from the rubble of its collapse with the ascent of Black Democrat Barack Obama to the presidency.

As George Bush exited the White House, the phony anti-war forces – people and groups that only oppose Republican wars – exited the movement. Activist and author David Swanson’s list of those that have made their peace with Obama’s wars include: Campaign for America's Future, the Center for American Progress, DailyKos, Democracy for America,, National Organization for Women, Open Left, the Out of Iraq Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, the Network of Spiritual Progressives, Talking Points Memo, True Majority.

Black America, historically the most anti-war of all major U.S. demographic groups, remains emotionally invested in the First Black President – if not in his foreign and domestic policies. The great confusion in African American ranks over the true nature of Obama’s policies represents a huge problem for the Left – especially the Black Left. Yet, that façade, too, will crumble under the weight of events.

Organized labor’s reflexive instinct is also to back the Democrat in office, even when that means backing into a knife. But the reality of Obama, Inc. is by now inescapable to every honest unionist – and the anti-war movement only has need of the honest ones.

The reality of Obama, Inc. is by now inescapable to every honest unionist.”

The conference voted to support the October 2 March for Jobs in Washington, DC, sponsored by the NAACP and both feuding wings of organized labor, as well as Rev. Jesse Jackson’s joint venture with the United Auto Workers for an August 28 mobilization in Detroit.

This writer pressed union-affiliated attendees on whether, in the end, labor and the NAACP will turn the October 2 march into a “rah-rah” session for Obama and the Democrats? “Not this time,” said a Black labor activist from upstate New York.

We shall see. Conference organizers were determined that there be a large and vocal anti-war contingent to the October 2 action. Leaders of the Black is Back Coalition say they intend to take part, as well, unless march organizers impose political conditions that make it impossible.

In the longer run, a “bi-coastal mass spring mobilization” is planned for New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles on April 9, 2011. Organizers envision actions in the interim that build momentum to the big events, when once again the anti-war movement might put many thousands of peaceful “boots on the ground.” To accomplish this, the scope of organizing must be widened. “A prime component of these mobilizations will be major efforts to include broad new forces from youth to veterans to trade unionists to civil and human rights groups to the Arab, Muslim and other oppressed communities to environmental organizations, social justice and faith-based groups.”

In addition to the demand for unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, the Conference called for:

The allocation of the trillions spent on wars and corporate bailouts to massive programs for jobs, education, health care, housing and the environment. Compensation to be paid to the peoples whose countries the U.S. attacked and occupied for the loss of lives and massive destruction they suffered,” and

Reverse and end all foreclosures. Stop the government attacks on trade unions, civil and democratic rights, and immigrant communities.”

Conferees endorsed a flurry of other “action plans,” from opposition to U.S. military intervention in Africa, to “no war or sanctions against Iran,” to the “immediate freedom” of imprisoned human rights lawyer Lynn Stewart.

Conference organizers were determined that there be a large and vocal anti-war contingent to the October 2 action.”

U.S. aid to Israel was the most contentious issue to arise at the conference. Israel supporters employed delaying tactics in an attempt to derail the Palestine Solidarity Caucus’s proposal for an “end to U.S. aid to Israel – military, economic, and diplomatic. End U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the blockade of Gaza.” Opponents claimed inclusion of the resolution would make it impossible for them to recruit labor activists into anti-war ranks – as if Zionists rule everywhere in the House of Labor. After a series of dilatory maneuvers by the pro-Israel faction, the Conference overwhelming endorsed the Palestine Solidarity Caucus position.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the weekend came when Ralph Poynter read a letter from his companion in struggle for nearly fifty years, Lynne Stewart, who had been part of the conference steering committee. “I have been out of the steering apparatus due to my unavailability,” she wrote. “Serve the people with honesty, kindness and respect. Love the struggle.”

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at [email protected].


The "peace movement" might be spelled "R"

The greatest antiwar force yet, just might be the recession. Because as long as Americans can twitter, do their facey-book thing, go to Wal-Mart, gas up their cars, watch Snookie and J-Woww, and get on-demand porn, it's all good. As the recession continues however, the linkage between Imperialism Abroad and Poverty/Economic Hardship at Home will sharpen. We'll see how long folks tolerate "nation-building" abroad but not at home as the recession depends?? On the flip side, I wouldn't be surprised if the populace accepted an unprovoked US nuke attack on another country under the illusion they'll get to keep those things I mentioned. Either way, the rubber will soon meet the road.

Btw, American Exceptionalism makes me puke

Interesting how the "liberal" warmongers complain about how corrupt Afghanistan is, have these bastards looked into the mirror lately? Second time since the war started that BILLIONS in Iraq missing and unaccounted for, its 2007 and all over again. And like the last time, don't expect any investigation or accountability.

The truth of the matter is that the CIA is managing the drug trade,(as it does the world over) it increased 10 fold AFTER the American invasion, and the NGOs and private companies are reaping all of the so-called "aid." Wachovia and the other big banks no doubt assisting in the opium cash washing. This country has sunk so morally low, is so hypocritical and unprincipled the only direction it can head is downward. Thanks to the Nobel War Prize winner's acts which supersede his silvery tongue,--Afghanistan escalation, drone attack escalation, military exercise near China, ignoring it's own NIE and recent Iran "spy" regarding Iran's nuclear weapon's intentions, militarizing Columbia, sending marines and warships into Costa Rica-- no one outside the confines of the sheeple in the US believe one word he says.

It's absolutely surreal and lends credence to any "conspiracy" theory that Obama is a handpicked puppet, handpicked as President and hand-picked to win the Nobel Prize (which shall be FOREVER, rightfully, tarnished) in order to put a pretty face on US Imperialism.

Pentagon Can’t Account for $8.7 Billion in Iraqi Reconstruction Funds
Inspector Determines Most Money Gone Without Documentation
by Jason Ditz, July 27, 2010

A U.S. court charged three Army Reserve officers and two civilians with using millions of dollars of Iraq reconstruction money for personal gain.

The five are accused of channeling at least $8m to a construction company run by a U.S. businessman in return for cash, cars, jewelry, computers, business class airline tickets, alcohol and promises of employment.

The officers were responsible for supervising how some $26bn was spent on reconstruction projects in Iraq.

They are alleged to have run the scam for two years, from December 2003 when Iraq was governed by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

"This indictment alleges that the defendants flagrantly enriched themselves at the expense of the Iraqi people - the very people they were there to help," said Deputy Attorney General Paul J McNulty.

These "connected," fucking crooks are robbing the taxpayers blind: missing billions, no bid contracts and the creation of a parallel security apparatus in the billions to supplement the trillion dollar government one. A bunch of fucking whacked out, greedy white boys, who, like Mr. Reed said below, couldn't fight the Taliban mano a mano if they wanted too. We've spent over a trillion dollars and hired death squads and we still can't defeat the Taliban. What a fucking joke, too bad, it's on us. The rub is that there is no intention to defeat the Taliban even if that were possible, the intent is "creative destruction and shock doctrine economics," aided and abetted by fomenting ethnic,religious and racial divisions across the world.

Liberal b.s.: "The corruption of the Karzai government..." You lying, duplicitous sacks of shit, Karzai only wishes he could steal and rob as much as the Americans. Funny, everybody's a potential war criminal except for Americans.


The "loss" of billions of dollars in the Iraq/Afghanistan fiasco was completely predictable. The moment an armed conflict becomes a business opportunity for the best connected non-bidders and private contractors(Remember the no-bid contracts awarded to friends of the Bush Administration?), every form of corruption and every type of grand larcenery is inevitable. The only unpredictable factors are the actual scale of the graft and theft.

In ancient Rome, war was a profitable enterprise, and from the time of Caesar onwards, the Roman state and its military were actually the property of a handful of powerful men and their families and allies, who used these institutions to enrich and to empower themselves beyond imagination. The American Empire Inc. looks like and functions like its Roman prototype more and more every day. While I am not certain that some day, some American president will openly declare himself or herself to be a god, I am certain that, even as the empire slowly loses its grip over much of humanity, they will continue to act as if they are.

The amazing thing is that there is still so much (manufactured?) outrage in the Western media about the billions that the long defunct regime of Saddam Hussein allegedly skimmed off of the so-called "oil for food" program to buy weapons and/or luxury goods for friends, family and upper echelon members of the Baath party. Let's see if the so-called free press expresses a similar degree of outrage over the Pentagon's "sloppy record keeping," and if a genuine investigation follows. I am certain that you already have a pretty good sense of what my predictions are.


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Unions, Je$$e & NAACP

“The reality of Obama, Inc. is by now inescapable to every honest unionist.”

The sad truth is we also have Union Leadership Inc. Many unions, especially the mega ones, stopped representing members interests decades ago; they are basically dues collection agencies. For example, new hires at GM make nearly 50% less at $14 per hr; elected UAW officers recently got a pay raise.

Its difficult for me support any anti war conference that embraces directly or indirectly the likes of Je$$e, NAACP and a corrupt mega union.


I thought that I was the only one referring to "unions" (specifically those in the airline industry) as "dues collection agencies". In the aviation industry, they also often act like an additional layer of management in their zeal to appease the airline bosses by embracing nearly every authoritariarin idea, impulse, or fad which comes down from mahagoney row. As a result of this behavior, we have lost our pensions, and we haven't had a real increase in wages or benefits in nearly 20 years. We do have tiered pay scales at nearly every airline, which often never converge with the higher pay of older workers, reduced health care which is delivered at greater individual costs, mandatory random drug and alcohol testing (which, by the way, initially didn't apply to management and still is not done at any overseas repair stations), license pay which is only paid at the descretion of the employer, severance packages are a sick joke, usually adding up to a few months of pay after taxes, etc., etc, etc, ...Not surprisingly, over the same timespan, the compensation of both the airline bosses and of their union cronies has gone up, often exponentially. On the average, aviation techs now make far less than people such as cops, fireman, nurses, and transit drivers, all of whom used to be compensated at similar levels to aviation workers. Since 1978, the real costs of so-called deregulation have been paid almost exclusively by the airline workers.

I blame a great deal of this on the mentality of the average union worker. Their love of people such as Ronaald Reagan and others who are anti worker and anti working class to the core is an on-going act of political suicide. These people have always been quick to mock the much more militant behavior of their union counter parts in Europe
and extremely reluctant to defend their own rights in the United States with even mild job actions. Many so-called unionists in America have never learned that the capitalist leaders are not their friends, and that if they had their way, everyone would either work for Chinese or African wages, or go to jail or starve. All too many workers in this country do not understand that they only have their so-called middle class status because in the past, workers organized and fought to bring change and improvements to their lives. Once one stops fighting, the capitalist system will always attempt to reimpose some form of chattel labor, because its basic nature, its desire to dominate, control, and to subjugate is not changed either by the passage of time or by the addition of new technologies.


How well you have summarized the mentality of Americans, as I've attempted to assert many times: Every dickweed in America wants to be a "middle manager," and they believe that they are deserving of a middle class lifestyle, the McMansion in the bland suburbs, the Harley or jet skis and a large flat screen t.v. They want to sit on their asses and tell other workers what to do, and ply their pettiness and emotional immaturity on the workplace, they want to personalize the workplace to insure that all are "good fits." Oh, and they want their kids to attend a charter or private school. Ha, these are likely Obama's "Independent Voters." LOL

Socialism will never take root in America, not even hints or tidbits of it as in the area of health care. By winter there will be a frontal assault on social security, not just reducing payments but "freeing up" heretofore soundly invested pension funds to Wall St. banksters gambling habits.

Oh, its' morning in America, wake up. LOL

Shit might yet hit the fan in a way the MSM can't censor

Remember that Assange "allegedly" has leaks of DIPLOMATIC CABLES/COMMUNICATIONS.

Obama and the MSM might try to manage the message by saying, "Move along, nothing to see here," and the blood thirsty sheeple in America are self-brainwashed to believe "our boys" won't kill for fun, sport and porn.

But I can't wait to see the firestorm when unvarnished, words of our "Smart Power" LOL diplomats are posted by wikileaks. I believe that's what is scaring the elites shitless. Who knows whats in those cables? If might be something that will drive the CIA to put a "hit" on Assange, because those cables MIGHT, just MIGHT show US duplicity with the "enemy" it might show that the US is just as complicit as Pakistan (whom we always knew) in supporting either the Taliban or so-called "terrorists." There might be information leaked that identifies "diplomats" discussing targeted assassinations or death squads, or "framing" other countries for misdeeds occuring in Afghanistan.

It brings me back to Chris Floyd's award winnng piece, "The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism." Assange might just stick a fork into American Exceptionalism, stay tuned it could get interesting and ugly both. The plot indeed thickens. Maybe we ain't seen nothing yet?




Certainly BAR owes you an explanation.  But maybe, just maybe, they are being hacked, and maybe someone other than BAR doesn't want you posting because you make too much "sense" and certain elements are hostile to sentient Blacks and Whites discoursing, know what I mean?  I'm just saying... anything's possible.  But if you feel you deserve an explanation from BAR my hope is that you receive it, I for one enjoyed your comments and observations.  It helped move dialogue along or at least stretched it out.


Chris Floyd, Empire, has went through a hacking ordeal more than once, it's his experiences that I'm drawing on, albeit speculatively.  It doesn't make sense that they post your "demand for an explanation," but not your post itself, does it?  Especially when you haven't said any thing more radical than say.. Howard Zinn or Chris Floyd, Empire Burlesque, or Arthur Silber. That's all I'm saying, and a few things more. (Or anything more radical than the posters at Raw Story, Common Dreams, Truthdig to name a few blogs). 


The Wikileaks saga, and the Oligarchs and Crooked Politicans response to it, demonstrates, without a doubt, that the Internet is a battle ground.  A VIRTUAL WAR ZONE.  Prediction:  I bet you a tie for Xmas that the oligarchs and the crooked politicians behind them gut net neutrality.  They'll use Wikileaks as an excuse, "it's national security."  Blah Blah Blah.


p.s.  God I can't wait until they leak the "Diplomatic Cables it's been alleged Wikileaks posess, bet you cheap cufflinks (that's all I can afford) to go with the cheap tie that those "Diplomatic Cables" might show there's more than the Pakistan ISI supporting the Taliban and A.Q.  LOL  They are SHITTING BULLETS over the prospect of those "Smart Power Diplomat's" cables showing that they are really dumb as shit.  That the Harvard-centric Ivy Leaguers are getting pimped by the "illiterate" guys with Soviet-era weapons, Sandals and Turbans with no masters in International Studies from Johns Hopkins, no CFR or "Think Tank Geniuses" to rely on, in addition to getting a hand job from Pakistan's ISI, OR that the US is collaborating with the Talibs, or maybe selling a little dope like Pookie from Bed Sty???    HA HA HA


When Wikileaks drops the next bomb, bye bye Net Neutrality, hello Giganticus Police State.  If Wikileaks drops the "bomb" you can stick a fork in "American Exceptionalism" the only people who'll buy the "spreading democracy" bullshit then, will be fucking brain dead sheep, or "Bush's Base," or what Altemeyer called, "The Authoritarians."  Or all of the above.  LOL

"Oh Snap!!!" Shits getting deep

No sooner than I leave BAR to check out RAW STORY, this shit is posted:

Buried in the 92,000 pages of documents released by the Web site Wikileaks is evidence that show the German government abetted a secret program to kill or capture Taliban leaders. The German government has already been helping the US generate a "hit list" through NATO, but this list went a step farther, bypassing transparency and judicial process.


Wow!!  These mother fuckers, starting with the Nobel War Prize Winner, who has the ACLU in federal court AS WE SPEAK, fighting Obama's right to ASSASSINATE US CITIZENS W/O DUE PROCESS, and the Treasury Dept. denying the same US CITIZEN the right to a lawyer, claim they have the right to kill any motherfucker on the planet.  That includes me and you btw.


Now do you MoFos understand the concept of a "slippery slope??"  Harvard Educated Constitutional Law Scholar "my ass."

Actually, that IS the explanation...

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Demands sound good. Poynter eloquent.

First, as Ralph Poynter said in his stirring interview on a recent "Where We Live " (last Thurs. 8pm on WBAI -archived for 90 days; I support, the resentencing of his wife, Lynne Stewart to 10 years "ignited a firestorm".  He urged people write to Lynne Stewart (see

If I can physically get there on April 9, I'll be in at least part of the permitting, for me and "he who pushes my wheelchair".