Americans Are Deeply Involved In Afghan Drug Trade

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The U.S. set the stage for the Afghan (and Pakistan) war eight years ago, when it handed out drug dealing franchises to warlords on Washington's payroll. Now the Americans, acting as Boss of All Bosses, have drawn up hit lists of rival, “Taliban” drug lords. “It is a gangster occupation, in which U.S.-allied drug dealers are put in charge of the police and border patrol.”

American Are Deeply Involved In Afghan Drug Trade 
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
U.S.-allied drug dealers are put in charge of the police and border patrol, while their rivals are placed on American hit lists.”
If you’re looking for the chief kingpin in the Afghanistan heroin trade, it’s the United States. The American mission has devolved to a Mafiosi-style arrangement that poisons every military and political alliance entered into by the U.S. and its puppet government in Kabul. It is a gangster occupation, in which U.S.-allied drug dealers are put in charge of the police and border patrol, while their rivals are placed on American hit lists, marked for death or capture. As a result, Afghanistan has been transformed into an opium plantation that supplies 90 percent of the world’s heroin.
An article in the current issue of Harper’s magazine explores the inner workings of the drug-infested U.S. occupation, it’s near-total dependence on alliances forged with players in the heroin trade. The story centers on the town of Spin Boldak, on the southeastern border with Pakistan, gateway to the opium fields of Kandahar and Helmand provinces. The chief Afghan drug lord is also the head of the border patrol and the local militia. The author is an undercover U.S.-based journalist who was befriended by the drug lord’s top operatives and met with the U.S. and Canadian officers that collaborate with the drug dealer on a daily basis.
The alliance was forged by American forces during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and has endured and grown ever since. The drug lord, and others like him throughout the country, is not only immune to serious American interference, he has been empowered through U.S. money and arms to consolidate his drug business at the expense of drug-dealing rivals in other tribes, forcing some of them into alliance with the Taliban. On the ground in Pashtun-speaking Afghanistan, the war is largely between armies run by heroin merchants, some aligned with the Americans, others with the Taliban. The Taliban appear to be gaining the upper hand in this Mafiosa gang war, the origins of which are directly rooted in U.S. policy.
It is a war whose order of battle is largely defined by the drug trade.”
Is it any wonder, then, that the United States so often launches air strikes against civilian wedding parties, wiping out the greater part of bride and groom's extended families? America’s drug-dealing allies have been dropping dimes on rival clans and tribes, using the Americans as high-tech muscle in their deadly feuds. Now the Americans and their European occupation partners have institutionalized the rules of gangster warfare with official hit lists of drug dealers to be killed or captured on sight – lists drawn up by other drug lords affiliated with the occupation forces.
This is the “war of necessity” that President Barack Obama has embraced as his own. It is a war whose order of battle is largely defined by the drug trade. Obama's generals call for tens of thousands of new U.S. troops in hopes of lessening their dependency on the militias and police forces currently controlled by American-allied drug dealers. But of course, that will only push America's Afghan partners in the drug trade into the arms of the Taliban, who will cut a better deal. Then the generals were argue that they need even more U.S. troops.
The Americans created this drug-saturated hell, and their occupation is now doomed by it. Unfortunately, they have also doomed millions of Afghans in the process.
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Force Factor

our gov't likes to impose double standards on everyone, that's why the USA is the most hated country on the face of the earth. USA says all must follow Geneva convention, but says f**k it during Abu Ghraib. USA says Canada and Mexico must follow free trade,
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Just some excerpt from a convo... I don't know if this is true..

Let's just reflect on an interview with film maker Aaron Russo when he talked about his friendship with Nick Rockefeller. Aaron was running for Governor of Nevada at the time when he was approached by a female attorney who said that one of the Rockefeller's would like to meet him.

What Russo learned after this initial meeting blew him away.

Rockefeller told him 11 months before 9/11 that there was going to be an event and after that event the US was going to invade Afghanistan and that they would run pipelines from the Caspian Sea and that we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East and make it all part of the "New World Order,." and then go after Chavez in Venezuela.

Rockefeller told Aaron how he could see soldiers looking in caves for people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and all these places, and there is going to be this war on terror in which there is no real enemy, and that the whole thing is a giant hoax. This was a way for the Government to take over the American people.

He went on to say that 9/11 was done by people in our own government and our own banking system to perpetuate the fear of the American people to subordinate themselves so that the government can get them to do whatever they want them to do.

He went on to say that this was to create this endless war on terror "This whole war on terror is a fraud."

Russo went on the say that until we really discover what went on 9/11 and who was responsible for 9/11 because that's where the war on terror emanates from.

It was a fact that Rockefeller was trying to recruit him.

Their friendship became close and they used to dine together, he talked about business investments that Aaron should get involved in and was he interested in joining the Council of Foreign Relations.

Aaron once said to Rockefeller "As much as I like you Nick, your ways and my ways are the opposite side of the fence" "I don't believe in enslaving people" ......

He went on to say "What's the point of all this"? "You have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what's the point"? "What the end goal"?

Rockefeller responded by saying "The end goal is to get everyone chipped to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people controlling the world" "We have to understand and let the people understand that socialism is capitalism and that America is becoming a socialist country, it's a communist country today."

Russo said that one night Rockefeller started laughing and asked Aaron "What did you think women's liberation was about"? Aaron replied "it's about women getting work, having equal pay with men and the right to vote".....

Rockefeller started laughing "you're an idiot" and Aaron's response was "Why am I an idiot"? Rockefeller said let me tell you what that was all about "We the Rockefeller's funded that" "We got it in the newspapers and all over the television. Do you want to know why"? "For two primary reasons, one reason was we couldn't tax half the population before women's lib and the second reason was, now we get the kids at school at an early age and we can teach them how to think and this breaks up the family" "The kids look at the state as a family, as a school, and the school officials as their family and not their parents as teaching them."

Aaron was asked by the interviewer if he knew that the CIA funded "Miss Magazine with a stated goal of taxing women and breaking up a family" "Their intention was to take men away from women....

look what they did with black males....

they had only 10% of Illegitimacy and now its over 90%.....and look at welfare.....we're going to give you some money but you cannot have a man in the degrade and totally destroy and now illegitimacy is now over 50% in the general population."

New Perspective

This is an interesting new perspective on the drugs trade, you have to wonder why when so many military forces are in Afghanistan it still continues to be the number one exporter of opium!
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I returned from Afghan alive.

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Should take some positive steps

I think the US embassy should take some positive steps to investigate this drug trade. The Europeans see the Afghan conflict as a 19th-century style colonial war for regional domination and resources. a forever recovery


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The true fact

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I'm not saying this isn't

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